Below Normal Temps Kick Off Spring Wednesday

Craving 80+ degree temps? Last year on March 20th we set a record high… this year we will struggle to hit the freezing mark as we welcome spring.

Warmth is nowhere to be found in this forecast.  In fact, near record lows are possible, and hitting 32 degrees will be a struggle.

Tonight skies remain clear to partly cloudy and temps fall below freezing by midnight.


We’ll start Wednesday morning off with temps in the low 20s, and only make it to a high of 30 degrees!  A few flurries may be possible.


Wednesday is the first day of spring.  The normal high for March 20th is 53 degrees.  Last year we set a record by topping out at 83!


Thursday morning we will start off very cold in the teens, the record low is 11, and I’m forecasting 11.

We stay dry through the first half of the weekend.  Starting Sunday a wintry mix is possible, and that could change to light snow by Monday.  We’re watching the forecast very closely.

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