Beating the Heat!

Sunshine and a spring feel in the air made for a fantastic day to get outside on the White River Canal Sunday

What a difference a day makes!  We beat the heat!!!  We savored some splendid spring weather today with sunshine, cooler temps, and dramatically lower humidity levels.  That was just what the doctor ordered for Indy after seeing June temps so far nearly 8 degrees above average.  The 2-week hot streak has officially come to an end now.

Today’s high hit 74, the coolest since May 28th…and it sure felt more like May than June!  The average high for June 12th is 82.  In contrast, the average high on May 16th is 74.  You know we’ll get back into the hot, sticky weather before too long, but if you didn’t get enough of the comfortable weather today, you can go out and enjoy more of it tomorrow.  It won’t be as sunny (I’m expecting some high clouds to drift overhead), but it will still be unseasonably cool with low humidity.  Look for a high of 77 for your Monday.

The other nice change with our weather today: we’re in a storm-free zone!  With Canadian high pressure overhead, we should fend off storms for one more day, but overnight tomorrow night into early Tuesday morning, some storms may take a run at Indiana.  The best chance looks like the southwest third of the state, but I’m going with a 30% chance even in Indy on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday brings likely storms.  For now, looks like the severe chances should be relegated to far southwest Indiana (Evansville area).

Hope you were able to enjoy the cool change!  I spent dinner break walking the White River Canal.  It’s a spot that has quickly become my favorite place in the Circle City!

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Have a great week and a “Mav-elous” Monday!
-Meteorologist Chikage Windler

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