Autumn Arrives

The weather in central Indiana offers a perfect backdrop to the official start of fall.


If you like sunny and 70, like myself, then today was in your wheelhouse.  Despite a healthy dose of beautiful blue…daytime highs were actually running 5 to 9 degrees cooler than average.


In my book you can’t ask for a better evening.  A clear sky and pleasant temps holding in the 60s into 9pm.


The lack of an insulator (clouds), light wind and dry air allows low tempertures to tumble well into the 40s… with some 30s on the map early Monday morning.  Kids will need a jacket in the morning, but will complain about carrying off the bus in the afternoon… as highs warm into the 70s.


This rather large diurnal swing from lows to highs is indicative of dry/fall air.



Canadian high pressure is the supplier of the aformentioned air mass… centered over Ontario Monday with a steady diet of ESE flow.


This will serve as a buffer and help break down a mid-week upper level system.  Though the remnants are enough to warrant the mention of a shower chance Wednesday.


Our next “best” shot at rain/storms will be Sunday.  Between now and then temps gradually warm into the 80s, and much above normal by end of the week.  Thanks for reading the blog and have a great evening – Sean Ash