Another Round Of Heavy Rain This Weekend

Welcome to the wettest day since mid-September, with rainfall totals from this morning’s deluge over an inch in spots.

Expect a decent break from downpours between now and Saturday evening, with the focus shifting to unseasonably warm air.  Highs this afternoon will come close to 60° across central Indiana… a good 20°-25° above normal.

No doubt you can feel the difference today, but take a look at the side-by-side comparison of the Greenfield Intermediate school camera.  The snapshot from left is Monday, and right was taken from today.  The January Thaw has eaten away all of the winter storm from late December.

Saturday begins rather cloudy, but dry.  So plenty of time tomorrow to enjoy the warmth before the sky opens-up tomorrow night.

Below are a series of the latest FutureTrak13 model.  Notice the leading of the rain shield approaching by 7pm Saturday.

There is a consensus most computer models of heavy, banded precipitation setting up over the viewing area Saturday evening.  Within this band an additional 2″ of rainfall potential exists.  Localized street flooding is a real threat Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  DO NOT drive around barricades or road blocks!

You can monitor river levels and river forecast levels here via the National Weather Service Indianapolis’ hydrologic site.

Have a great weekend!

Sean Ash – Twitter and Facebook