Another Record for Indy

We reached 91 degrees today in Indianapolis, making this our 26th day of the month with a high of 90 or hotter.
That beats the old record of 25 days in July of 1901. More heat records are likely as highs in the 90s should continue for another week at least.

Through Saturday, our average temp this month was 84.4 degrees. We still have a couple days to go, but it’s looking like we’ll beat July 1936 as the warmest month on record. That monthly average temp was 82.8 degrees.

We reached another milestone today as well, unfortunately. Our rainfall deficit for the year has now hit 10 inches! (I rounded up from 9.97″) With so many people wondering what it will take to climb out of the drought, we would need around 1″ of rain weekly for several months. But climatologically, we’re actually going into a drier period when the average rainfall per week is more like 1/2″ to 3/4″. Our best hope of breaking the drought is hoping for something in the tropics to spin up in the Gulf and spread a swath of moisture into the Midwest. Right now, that is not looking likely.

What is likely is more 90+ heat in your WTHR-TV 7-day. Also, based on the latest computer models, it’s looking LESS likely for rain Monday and Tuesday. I’ve trimmed back from 30% chances (scattered showers/storms) to 20% (isolated showers/storms). Our best bet for rain now appears to be Friday and Saturday (fingers crossed).

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at 6 from Taylor Spear who shot this awesome panorama from the Brickyard 400 race! Share your pic here: or here:

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