Afternoon Sun Followed By Another Foggy Night

The gloomy start in central Indiana continues to improve, but there remains a large contrast in sky conditions around the region.  Notice in the images below it goes from overcast at Purdue University to mostly sunny in Crawfordsville.


Where clouds linger afternoon highs will be a few degrees cooler, but most backyards will climb into the 70s today.

highs_today plannerpm_2 EVENING_2

With a relatively moist boundary layer (dewpoints at/above 60 degrees), and a saturated ground from rain Sunday… fog will become an issued again overnight.  It’s very possible there could be more school delays Tuesday morning.  We’ll monitor the progress of visibilities this evening.


Any fog/stratus layer that develops will dissipate in a similar manner as today.  So don’t let gray get you down Tuesday morning, with ample sun to push highs to near 80 degrees.

RPM_2 highs_tomorrow

This is part of warm spell that will send highs into the mid 80s for several days later this week… preceding a potent weather system heading into the weekend.


Exact details/timing are very uncertain this far out… but computer modeling continues to show strong enough atmospheric dynamics that warrants the mention of strong/severe storms some time Friday or Saturday.  “If’ the anticipated cold front is slow to arrive then temperatures Saturday will be significantly warmer.


Stay tuned for an updated 7 day forecast later this afternoon after we analyze the latest data sets.  Thanks for reading the blog and have a great afternoon – Sean Ash