Adding Up The Snow

If feels like we’ve been digging out for months, but, most of our winter snow fell in one month!

I know, you’re sick of shoveling, sick of the snow, sick of the cold!

So far this winter we’ve received 33.0″ of snow.  That’s 9.5″ above normal.

Keep in mind that during the month of February, we received the bulk of that total, picking up 17.5″ of snow.  That makes February 2010 the 6th snowiest on record!  The snowiest?  21.7″ back in 2003.

Top Six February Snow’s:

2003:  21.7″

1910:  21.0″

1914:  20.1″

2007:  18.2″

1979:  18.0″

2010:  17.5″