80s On The Way This Week

Though rain showers will end this evening, a moisture-laden atmosphere will be spawn areas of locally dense fog overnight/early Monday morning.  This may reduce visibility enough to cause school delays in the morning…so it’s a good idea to make alternate plans for your kids just in case.  Fog and low cloud overcast should thin after 10-11am.

morningplanner LOWS_TONIGHTRPM

Though most areas remain dry Monday, there is enough weakness in the atmosphere to allow a few showers to “pop” during daytime heating.  If anything develops it will be short in nature.


The brighter finish will allow temperatures to quickly shoot into the mid 70s… marking the beginning of four day stretch of unseasonably warm days!


Highs Tuesday make a serious charge at 80° and temps should be well into the 80s Wednesday.


While I’m pumped about the impending warm up… consider me less than thrilled about pollen levels that are poised to shoot through the roof this week!  This is an unfortunate byproduct of the recent rain and rapid warm up.


We’re still monitoring trends for a potential wet set-up late week into next weekend.  Computer models continue to suggest a “cutoff” low impacting the midwest…though exact location is still uncertain and plays a major role in the outcome.  Underneath this low will be unseasonably cold air (30s/40s) and even potential for snow.  “Right now” it appears Central Indiana will be on the eastern edge of the coldest air Friday/Saturday…but possibly underneath a train of rain/storms that will be wrapping around the storm center.  If model projections verify, it could be a rather wet Saturday for the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.  Stay tuned to a very changeable forecast being this far out.SURFACE - Copy (2) SURFACE 7dayDue to this uncertainty don’t be surprised to see rather large changes made to days 5-7 in the 7 day forecast.  We’ll continue to monitor trends and make adjustments accordingly.  Have a great evening and thanks for reading the blog – Sean Ash