60s & 70s To Some Snowflakes?

That is certainly a real possibility with the arrival a sharp cold front that will lead to a 30° temperature tumble.

The balmy weekend temperatures were nice while they lasted, but Monday will be a shock to the system.  Temperatures Monday afternoon will near the morning low for this time of year!  Rock bottom occurs Tuesday morning when lows sink into the mid 20s with heavy frost.

Rain moves in overnight and will set stage for raw, damp commute in the morning.  Notice how western Indiana is 10°-15° colder than areas east of Indy… due to the passage of the aforementioned cold front.

The transition to cold continues through midday.  Model guidance continues to support notion of the backside of rain mixing and/or changing to a period of sleet/snow between 8am-11am.  Don’t be surprised at all to see a quick burst before dry air advection shuts down precip shortly after noon.

Monday’s finish will be sunny, but deceivingly bright… as temperatures hover between 35°-41° under a blue sky.

Heed the warning of the hour-by-hour Monday planner.  Leave the house without an umbrella and winter coat at your own risk.  No way around it, tomorrow will be R-A-W!  The kind of cold that cuts through your bones due to the rain/winter precip and wind.

But we’re quickly back to a quiet, cool weather pattern after Monday.  In fact sunshine is the rule, and not exception, in the 7day forecast.  Tuesday morning will be the coldest, and next weekend looks to be the warmest… for now.  Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoyed the weekend.

A quick thanks and happy Veterans Day to all those who have, or are serving this great country.  We’re indebted to you all!

Sean Ash

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