Where are the Democrats?

Indiana House Democrats weren’t in the Statehouse Tuesday, and it was unclear if they planned to show up.

Strange day at the Indiana Statehouse. While hundreds of union members showed up Tuesday at the Statehouse, Democrats did not.

Two Democrats were in the chamber to announce that the minority was caucusing somewhere outside the Statehouse. When questioned about whether they would be returning Monday to conduct business, the answer was vague.

At noon, House Speaker Brian Bosma read out the roll call of representatives who were not present.

“I think this is a walkout. I can’t recall a time when we’ve come in to take attendance in the morning and the minority party has not even shown up for that,” said Bosma (R-Indianapolis).

“I am not going to tell you where they are but I can assure you that all the Democrats are working very hard. There are 27 bills and one bill alone had 44 amendments. We are reviewing those very carefully. What we are trying to do is figure out a way to save the state from this radical agenda that has been forced upon us and actually we’ve been given no chance to shape or amend,” said Rep. Terri Austin (D-Madison County).

On Monday, thousands of unionĀ  workers rallied against a bill that would prohibit union membership and fees from being a condition of employment.

8 thoughts on “Where are the Democrats?”

  1. I am so angry! We have elected these people to represent us and like it or not, they MUST show up for debate and voting. I find it ironic that this is Washington’s birthday and how disappointed he would be in our elected Democrats. I understand that 2 democrats showed up, and GOOD FOR THEM, the rest can be replaced. If I don’t agree with something going on in my office doesn’t mean I don’t show up the next day…these Democrats are acting like children that have decided to hold their breath till they get their way. The world is watching how America (supposedly the greatest nation in the world) works through their problems and this is not the example I wish to send. We are lucky enough to be free to vote and debate and they are making a mockery of us. Media rarely gets it right, mostly because of who owns them, please get this right at run a HUGE story on this and keep going for all the gory details.

  2. How much money did the union worker cost their employer’s the last two days? I am sure the union workers got paid their full wage for not being on the job. Honest workers don’t do that.

  3. I thought your station was suppose to be unbiased. And now you are calling the Right to Work bill the Anti-Union bill. How is allowing someone a choice to join or not to join the union anti-union? Joining the union should not be a condition of employment.

  4. I thought we elected adults not children. “If I don’t get my way I will take my ball and go home”. I just hope the citizens of Indiana remember this mess on election day. I also hope they do not get paid for all the days they are missing in action.

  5. It’s sad that the average american citizen does not know how to interpet the law. This is not about the unions, that a front to navigate the attention away from the real meaning of a Right To Work State. Mr. Rusthoven stated it’s about not having to pay union dues. What about when it’s time to lay off people? Guess what ur not protected, a 10 year employee can go before a 5 year employee. What happen if u r fired for no good reason? Bye, Bye cause u don’t have to be given a reason in a right to work state. Basically the power is in the hand of the employer. So don’t get on their bad side and when they say jump u say how high? OH and let us not forget that the employer will be protected by this Right To Work Bill. Think u can find a lawyer willing to take ur case in a RTW State? GOOD LUCK!! A lot of u r listening to ur employers and others who this bill will benefit. Do me and urself a favor, research what RTW State mean before u think u want to support this bill. Also, this bill does not affect federal employees because their employees don’t have to join the unions but are still allow bargining rights under the contract. Why can’t the state go that way instead of trying to take ur rights? LET EMPLOYEES DECIDE IF THEY WANT TO BE IN A UNION!!

  6. this is just another Power play by the republicans If we vote this in it will set out workforse back 70 years Most people forget that in German when the Nazi were in power they vote out union too check your history then they Put jew and christian by the thousand s to death They set the wages they decide who would be working . The union are no requiring everyone to belong to them if you dont wont to belong dont join simple as that Passing this bill will not bring jobs to Indiana Thoose jobs are lost. they are in China Korea and India and they arnt comming back . As for the Democrates in Illnoise well at least they are taking a stand aganist this Power pLay come on now use you head . Some one needs to check .if this is what they Think the people of Indiana wont then let the people vote on this not some repersantive of the republican party

  7. Why is everyone complaining about the Dems leaving. Saying they should cast their vote no if they don’t agree with the bill. Well freinds. If they cast a no vote it won’t matter they have not a majority or voice. The Repulican party can do just about anything they wish in this state and several others cause they have a large majority. And this is just the beginning. Yes the Dems are doing what they feel nessisary to keep a very bad bill from going through. Cause it’s already got enough votes to pass but can’t go further with out thier votes. So they left if they were to remain in the state the Gov. could require them to vote however if they are out of state he has no controll. This bill will hopefully be thrown out. However I’m not holding my breath. And the next thing they will more than likely attack is our equal opertunity laws for several Repulicans have already mentioned that issue. Be ware people change is coming and how. We best be praying.

  8. For those of you wondering how much money the protesters got paid to protest by the unions. Well earlier they were interviewing them not one said they were getting a dime. Most said they were actually losing money for they took off work to protest. This is without pay. It’s a constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully. And that is actually one of the things this bill will kill for people in Indiana. And other states as well. Next stop the country. The statemen are excersing the only tool they have to stop the bill. People I employ you read the bill look at it’s meanings and listen to the projected outcomes. It’s not very positive. I though we were a country for the people by the people if this Bill passes we will slowly turn to a country for the big buisness by the big buisness.

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