When opportunity knocks…

After months of joking about jockeying for position, Gov. Mitch Daniels decided not mount up at all.

Gov. Mitch Daniels

I am trying to think of how many times I have seen opportunity knock only to have someone refuse to answer. Nationwide Republicans have moved on. They are already talking about Pawlenty or longing for Palin.

Locally Republicans have enjoyed having one of their own touted as the candidate on the white horse who was going to ride in and save the day but all that ended Sunday. After months of joking about jockeying for position, Governor Mitch Daniels decided not mount up at all. He said the five girls in his house have veto power and so it is over.

Now what?

Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Gregg joked that he hoped Mitch Daniels ran for president and took a lot of young Indiana Republican talent with him to Iowa and New Hampshire. He didn’t stop there. If you are a Republican and going to write one check, he said, write it to Mitch Daniels.

Well, now the state’s popular governor will be staying home, focusing on Indiana issues and Indiana campaigns. He will be able to raise money for GOP candidates in the state and work to solidify the changes he has implemented. That may not be good news for Indiana Democrats.

On the other hand some Democrats will tell you that may not be all bad. Many believe Mitch Daniels stirred up a hornet’s nest in the last general assembly, motivating the unions, teachers and women’s groups to get politically involved. He put together the perfect resume to run for president but left an agitated electorate behind. Minority Leader Pat Bauer said he was getting more calls from angry Democrats wanting to get involved during the legislative session than he has even seen before.

I read a long time ago that we are not always responsible for the situations in which we find ourselves but we are responsible for how we react to them. This will be interesting to watch. The man who wanted to be president elected not to answer when opportunity knocked. Now it will be interesting to see how he reacts to it.

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  1. Daniel’s decision not to run is disappointing. He has done so much for Indiana, and it is tempting to think he could turn the country around in the same way, particularly regarding fiscal responsibility. But the presidency does make tremendous demands on the person and family of a U. S. President! In many ways, it is a wonder anyone would run for the spot.

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