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Students for Mitch Daniels

By · January 28, 2011 at 6:23 pm

A group called Students for Mitch Daniels is putting this ad on the air in Iowa during the Pro Bowl coverage this weekend:

“So I met this guy a couple of years ago. He told me he was different. He bought me a car. He even subsidized my medical insurance. Everything was perfect until I got my credit card bill. It turns out he was spending all of my money. Now there’s a new man in my life. Mitch Daniels. He doesn’t need to rely on fancy rhetoric or empty promises. You know what he’s all about? Fiscal responsbility.”

They intend to also run the ad in New Hampshire and here in Indiana. The group adds that the governor has not approved the message but the ad says, “Tell him to [approve it].”

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