Speculation builds on Daniels White House run

The speculation is building about Gov. Mitch Daniels. Will he or won’t he?

Gov. Mitch Daniels

The speculation is building about Gov. Mitch Daniels. Will he or won’t he?

When his wife Cheri spoke to Indiana Republicans last week, folks were hanging on every word waiting for some kind of a clue to her husbands political future – and not realizing that just giving that speech spoke volumes. She got up in front of a convention like crowd and succeeded in just being herself.

Fast forward to the next week. Bloggers are starting to imply Governor Daniels has made a decision. Meanwhile the Governor tells Statehouse reporters in Indianapolis Tuesday not to believe all the Twitter buzz out there.

While we wait, Romney raises ten million dollars in one day. Chuck Todd at NBC says that Daniels is probably the only player right now who could get in this month and raise more than ten million for the quarter, thanks to Bush 43’s donor list.

Meanwhile in Iowa, Newt Gingrich gets blasted by potential voter who calls him an embarrassment to the Republican party. Even though the media is in a rush to get all the players in the hunt, reality is it may be June or July before we see a complete field.

Mitch Daniels, Sarah Palin and a surprise or two could still be out there. The only thing that could move that schedule up would be impressive fund raising numbers. Romney flexed some muscle there. If in the coming days he is able to back that up with substantial numbers that could force the hands of some and cause others to fold.

Daniels told Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reporter Niki Kelly Tuesday that he is not going to take much longer with it. Good idea. One thing you don’t want to give to the competition is time to establish momentum.