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Senate conservative caucus formed

By · January 28, 2010 at 5:57 pm

A group of Indiana state senators have formed a conservative caucus.

These are the senators in the group:

Sen. James Buck (District 21)
Sen. Mike Delph (District 29)
Sen. Travis Holdman (District 19)
Sen. Jean Leising (District 42)
Sen. Scott Schneider (District 30)
Sen. Marlin Stutzman (District 13)
Sen. Greg Walker (District 41)
Sen. Brent Waltz (District 36)
Sen. John Waterman (District 39)
Sen. Carlin Yoder (District 12)
Sen. R. Michael Young (District 35)

This is a list of legislation they mentioned today:

Current Positions Taken by the Indiana Senate Conservative Caucus: 


SJR 1:   Circuit breakers and other property tax matters (property tax caps)

SJR 13: Definition of marriage

SJR 14: Right to opt out of the health care system

SB 25:   Firearms in locked vehicles

SB 43:   Murder sentencing and sentence enhancements for witness under 16 yrs

SB 71:   Involuntary manslaughter and pregnancy (OWI)

SB 195: Access to handgun licensing information

SB 198: Prohibits state agencies from contracting with or making grants to Planned Parenthood

SB 213: Requirements for the Dept. of Corrections concerning unauthorized aliens

SB 246: Income tax rate adjustment


SB 405: Gaming matters, riverboats, and authorizations

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