Results so far

Democrat Robin Winston and Republican Peter Rusthoven respond to tonight’s election results, and what it means for both parties.

From Democratic analyst Robin Winston:

“Clearly Gov. Daniels’ message worked. Now it’s time to not concentrate on control but to work and build consensus and move our state forward. There still are talented and committed Democrats who are poised and ready to help the governor create better paying jobs, improve education, make our tax system more equitable and move our state forward.”

From Republican analyst Peter Rusthoven:

“The shift of two seats to the Republicans in Indiana reflects the nationwide shift to Republicans in the US House of Representatives, an election that became a national referendum on the Obama adminitration’s priorities over the last twoyears. Locally, the shift in the Indiana House of Representatives to Republican control means that Gov. Daniels will now have an oppportunity to enact major education and governmental reforms that have been blocked by the Democratic-controlled House. It also means that the Republican party will be redrawing the congressional districts next year, which will have an impact on the Hoosier congressional delegation elected in 2012.”

“It’s a big night for Republicans, but I hope they remember that it is a mandate to do constructive things, including cutting federal spending and reversing the increasingly large role of the federal government in American life. If we don’t take the lead on these kinds of issues the voters will reject us and we will deserve to be rejected.”