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Pence gets into political dustup with Daniels

By · September 20, 2010 at 6:34 pm

A political dust-up between two of Indiana’s top Republican leaders.

Remarks made over the weekend by Congressman Mike Pence may indicate a rift within the Indiana Republican party between Pence and Gov. Mitch Daniels.

Over the summer, Daniels remarked that the next president “would have to call a truce on the so-called social issues. We’re going to just have to agree to get along for a little while” so the nation can resolve economic issues.

This weekend, speaking to conservative group, Mike Pence said, “Those who would have us ignore the battle being fought over life, marriage and religious liberty have forgotten the lessons of history. [The nation’s] darkest moments have come when economic argument trumped moral principles.”

Pence’s office, meantime, says he is campaigning for congressional candidates but I am not sure I know what a presidential straw poll has to do with that. He may still be eyeing the Indiana governor’s race. That would be interesting.

Both Sen. Evan Bayh and Congressman Pence have an interest in running for president and both believe you can best do that as governor, but Pence did finish first in the VP straw poll as well so that is another avenue.

 On the difference between the governor and the congressman: Gov. Daniels is about setting goals and achieving them administratively and Rep. Pence at this point seems to be positioning himself politically within the national Republican party.

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