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Daniels appearance at Hudson Institute creates buzz

By · October 19, 2010 at 6:00 pm

David Broder writes about a talk at the Hudson Institute by Gov. Mitch Daniels which has people buzzing – yet again – about a possible 2012 run.



Mitch Daniels for president, no way America can make a mistake like that. Mitch Daniels has outsourced everything he can get his hands on in Indiana. He has made many foreign trips to bring jobs to Indiana and those warehouses remain empty to this day. All documents remain sealed and Mitch Daniels continues to hide under the radar by swindling the people of Indiana, by telling them that the Democrats prevented him from making good of all his promises. If he was to become president, the United States would be ran like a business and outsourced to anyone that is willing to invest. The United States could possibly be owned by another country by 2014.

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