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Bennett addresses wife’s connection to charter schools organization

By · February 14, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Some WTHR viewers have pointed out a connection between the wife of Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett and the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association.

When asked if she were employed by the organization, Bennett responded, “No, she’s not. My wife served as a consultant for the Indiana Public Charter Schools Association. She separated herself from her contract as a consultant a week ago last Thursday.”

Bennett went on to say, “I wonder how many of our organizations who feel that that’s a valid attack would also attack the members of our General Assembly – who, by the way, vote on legislation and I don’t – who are employed by our state’s higher ed institutions, who receive money from the General Assembly, or who are public school teachers whose corporations receive money, have they accused them of engaging in some type of conflict of interest?”

Watch our complete interview here (this question is addressed in the final minute of the interview.)



BOOM! Roasted! You tell it how it really is Tony.


Yes, tell it like it is. She seperated herself a week ago after all the heat that he is taking for supporting charter schools. If he can’t see that is a conflict of interest, then he is delusional. He bashes public education, pushes charter schools and his wife benefits.


What keeps Tony Bennett’s wife from resuming her association with the charter school organization after these laws are enacted.


I don’t care who it is male or female, black or white what gives any of you the right to play russin roulette with our children’s lives and education you all should be a shame of yourself and its even sadder that the parents are allowing you all to use our children as pawns.

It’s time for the people of Indianapolis to stand up and say hell no no more and fight back we pay your salary and we have more power than given and its time to take it back. We have all been sold out by our govenment the rich get richer and the poor get poor and they get it from our sweat. If we don’t do anything stand up for our children so that they can again respect us for who we are suppose to be the leaders in our communities and parents so that they too can hold there heads up. You laugh but now but I pray that when it all comes out you end up in jail.

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