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Baron Hill to hold public forums on health care

By · August 20, 2009 at 8:47 pm

Rep. Baron Hill says he plans to hold some public forums in the final weeks of August. Details to come.

He released the following statement today: 

“I truly believe these forums will provide for a productive back-and-forth discussion,” Hill said.  “I look forward to hearing the comments, concerns and suggestions from the participants.  Holding these events during this week, I believe, will allow for a better- informed debate as folks have had time to decipher what is fact and fiction about the health care reform legislation, and will allow for me to take their concerns directly back to Washington.  In my smaller meetings with hospital leaders, doctors, nurses, small business owners and an array of other folks, I have gotten some excellent legislative suggestions.  I’m encouraged this bigger forum will have the same results on a larger scale.”

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