Recently Featured Hoosier Pics

We love all the great photos viewers like you have been sharing with us on Facebook, on and uploading to!  If you’ve missed seeing our featured Hoosier Pics on-air, here are some of our most recent selections.  Keep your pics coming!

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Monday, January 9th at Noon: Hopefully you had a chance to see the Full Wolf Moon in the wee hours of January 9th. Here’s a great pic of the moon taken from New Castle thanks to our Facebook fan Nicole Greer.


It’s a sign of the times. Our warm weather has daffodils trying to bloom in Pamela Brearley’s yard near Martinsville! She posted this pic on our WTHR Facebook wall. Pamela’s pic was our Hoosier Pic at 6pm on Sunday, January 8th.

What a beautiful night! Here’s our Hoosier Pic from 11pm Saturday, January 7th. Chris Beatty took this picture of a lunar halo over Kokomo and shared it with us on Facebook. What’s a lunar halo? It’s a ring around the moon created when the moon’s light passes through high, thin cirrus clouds. The clouds are made of ice crystals that refract the light (kind of like a prism) and create the beautiful halo.

On Friday, January 6th When temperatures soared into the upper 50s to around 60 degrees, we enjoyed some great Hoosier Pic submissions! Here’s our Hoosier Pic from 6pm January 6th. Erin Bevers posted this cute photo of her girls riding around with the top down on their convertible!