The new TV is here! The new TV is here!

Dozens of new shows are filling the primetime line-up this season, but only one has a huge shadow to live up to…these are their stories.

After the usual eternity that is the summer TV season, new shows are starting to pop back up in primetime. While it’s good to see the old standbys return, this year, I’m focusing most of my attention on Wednesday night’s premier of “Law & Order: Los Angeles.”

I was late to the original L&O party, picking up the show in cable reruns more than 11 seasons into its historic run, but it was quickly added to the watch list. The spin-offs never much appealed to me, aside from one episode of “Criminal Intent” that featured a bit part by a friend of a friend.

So as a new run of NBC’s standby gets ready to begin, I’m intrigued, excited and terrified about the new endeavor. My biggest hope is that it’s the same show with a new cast and a new city. Maybe that will be enough to breathe new life into the show, although maybe it will be the same show with a horrific new cast and all that will be moot. Likewise, my biggest fear is that the producers will abandon the formula that made them successful for 20 years and chase the “crime drama” format that’s been done to death all across the 9pm-11pm time slot.

I guess we’ll find out Wednesday night at 10 pm. Chung-chung.