Stuck inside!

I’ve been stuck at home, but never stuck INSIDE. Wednesday morning, I came all too close.

I’ve been stuck at home, but never stuck INSIDE. Wednesday morning, I came all too close.

My dogs wanted out in the backyard, but the back door wouldn’t budge. It was iced in. I tried pushing to no avail. I went to the front door and same thing. Stuck. Not good.

How about the garage? A neighbor advised me to leave it open a couple of inches to prevent freezing… thank goodness I listened. It opened and was able to get outside…but the dogs wanted out back.

I grabbed a hoe and clumsily climbed a back fence, nearly falling flat on my face. After 15 minutes of chopping, I had cleared enough to let my two lab mixes squeeze through the back door (without even a doggy kiss of thanks.)

I left for work thinking… wow, could have been a much longer morning. I wondered how many other people faced the same thing? It didn’t take long to find out. We quickly found one man who couldn’t get out the front door, but managed to get out the back. And soon we found Stacy – who found both of her doors iced shut. Stacy had moved to Indianapolis from Florida last summer, a chilly welcome. She said preparing for the storm was like preparing for a hurricane except she went out of her way to find firewood. Luckily, she still had power and several days worth of food. When asked if we could do anything, she said she’d be fine. She had no plans to go anywhere the rest of the day and her computer was on… she was connected to the outside world.

We found another woman who had just finished digging out. She said she had to remove the storm door window and salt the front, hacking away at the ice with a shovel until the door moved. It made shovelling six inches of snow look like scooping up cotton balls.

Everyone we encountered was good-natured. Misery loves company and yes, it could have been worse. It could always be worse. But this was winter, and like every other winter, this one would soon melt into spring…but I don’t think too many people would mind if the big thaw got an early start.

– Mary Milz