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Novels for the Twitter generation

By · December 30, 2009 at 7:28 pm

Imagine that, a website for one-sentence stories. Some of them – the ones that aren’t run-on sentences – are short enough to Twitter.  Who says the novel is dead? Maybe it’s just evolving…into noncommittal fragmented chunks of meaningless prose. Heh.

I can’t call these excerpts because they’re the whole shebang:


I wasn’t exactly sure how to take the news that my son was in a championship beer pong tournament.


Standing on the steps of the church where they’d just gotten married, my grandparents first heard that Pearl Harbor had been bombed and realized that they would soon be separated.

If you’re looking for something with staying power, check out Tweet Book – an entire novel written on Twitter.

Update: Here’s a better example from Peter Urpeth. (Thanks for the rec, Rod!)

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