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Rain Now, Sun Later

Posted By · April 25, 2014 at 3:13 am

Our streets remain wet for the morning rush hour, but the afternoon looks fantastic.

Look for the high to reach 68 degrees by later this afternoon. That paves the way for even warmer air Saturday and sunday

The weekend will start day and warm with highs in the 70s. It might be a few degrees cooler on Sunday, but that will depend on cloud cover.
Rain and storms are possible on Monday too, as colder air moves back into central Indiana. Lingering showers are in the Tuesday forecast, with highs only in the 50s.


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Slow Warming Will Come!

Posted By · April 23, 2014 at 3:59 am

Wow, it is cold outside this morning with many of you experiencing temps in the 30s today. Believe it or not, despite the chill, we’ll start to warm up, beginning tomorrow.

 Not quite as windy today  The average high is 66 degrees.  Look for a high of 62 today with lots of sunshine.


 Warmer air arrives tomorrow.  Highs will be in the low 70s  degrees on Thursday and Friday.  A line of showers and storms is forecast to move through central Indiana late Thursday through early Friday.  This means most of the daylight hours of both days will be dry.


On This Date in 1978

: Near Lafayette…A tornado causes extensive damage to 22 mobile homes.

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Ups And Downs This Week

Posted By · April 21, 2014 at 4:33 am


A beautiful day today but changes are on the way later this afternoon.

Clouds will increase through the afternoon with a mild south wind allowing temperatures to climb into the low 70s. There is a chance of scattered showers by afternoon and rain will be likely by evening. A few isolated thunderstorms are possible, although no severe weather is expected.

Rain will be out of Central Indiana by mid morning Tuesday. It will be cooler thanks to the cold front, with a high in the low 60s.

The skies will clear out by Tuesday evening with temperatures falling into the upper 30s. Patchy frost will be possible but a nice rebound will take place by afternoon with temperatures climbing into the low to mid 50.

The 70s return on Thursday and Friday but so does the rain. Showers and thunderstorms will be likely by Thursday night.

Cooler air returns for the weekend. Daypart

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Big Changes Coming

Posted By · April 14, 2014 at 3:23 am

We don’t want to make you feel bad, but this flirtation with summer is now, officially, over.  To refresh your memory, we hit 78 Saturday and 75 Sunday making this past weekend the warmest weekend of 2014 so far. In fact, when the Indy Eleven kicked the ball at the start of the game with Carolina, it was 73 degrees…at 7:45 in the evening!

Lots of rain falling in Central Indiana this morning but most of the severe weather is in Tennessee and Mississippi this morning. Look for occasional showers and a brief thunderstorm today as temperatures slowly fall all day. Tonight, a few snowflakes could be mixed in with rain but no accumulation will occur.

Lows Tuesday morning will be in the 20s and highs will struggle to return to the 40s. A widespread frost/freeze appears likely Wednesday morning as clouds clear and the wind diminishes.

This also marks a turning point, as the air mass quickly modifies and temperatures return to normal Thursday. The average high is 64.


2006, Severe storms in Indy produced winds of 85 mph.


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Palm Sunday Beauty, Early Week Chill!

Posted By · April 13, 2014 at 8:54 am

Good morning! It will be a beautiful Palm Sunday in Central Indiana today as temperatures will reach the upper 70s, nearly 15 degrees above average for this time of year.
In the meantime, colder weather is poised to come back. After rain and thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow a cold blast enters Indiana. Look for rain and even a few snowflakes mixed in Monday night and a cold high of just 44 on Tuesday. Back to the average high, the low 60s by Thursday.

You know, Central Indiana has seen all kinds of weather at this time of year…for instance, on this date in 1994, the Vermillion River in Vermillion County recorded a record flood, over 14 feet above flood stage.



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Rain Out, Warmth In!

Posted By · April 11, 2014 at 4:54 am

Hi everyone,

Did you enjoy the beautiful weather yesterday? It was a day when smiling faces were in abundance due to the warm southerly breeze. The roads are wet this morning, but it will get better…promise!

The rain and thunderstorms will move east this morning and leave us with a beautiful afternoon. Look for a high of 65 later today, the average high is 62. Temps jump to the mid 70s this weekend with an isolated shower tomorrow and a chance for showers possible Sunday. Temps will cool into the 50s next week. In fact, look for a significant downturn in temperatures with every single day of the week, into Friday with below average high temperatures.

By the way, temperatures in the 50s for the Race For The Cure tomorrow morning and low 70s for the start of the Indy Eleven game.



On This Day In Indiana Weather History : The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, the deadliest in state history. 10 tornadoes struck 18 counties in the north and central parts of the state. Seven of the tornadoes were killers, and between 4:45 pm to a little after 6:30 pm, they left 137 dead and 1724 injured.

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A Great Pattern

Posted By · April 10, 2014 at 5:44 am

If you like it warmer than today is your day.  Highs today reach 70 degrees for the first time since mid-October.  Much of today sunny, but an approaching cool front will trigger a line of rain and thunder tonight. 


It’s subject to change, but early call for arrival time in the Indianapolis metro is between 6pm and 8pm.  We don’t anticipate severe weather, but a rain or lightning delay is possible if you plan to attend the Indianapolis Indians home opener. Make sure you bring a raincoat with you just in case.

 Mild weather into the weekend with highs in the 70s both days.  A slower arrival time on the next front to impact the region will lead to a good portion of Sunday being dry. 

We really don’t need any more rain, we have already had nearly 3 ½ inches of rain so far this month already.

 On this day in Indiana Weather History

2001 : Bedford…Two inch diameter hail falls.

Here is a look at the forecast heading into a fantastic weekend….





                       HIGH: 70


                      LOW: 42


                              HIGH : 70


SATURDAY:   SUNNY AND PLEASANT                                          70

SUNDAY:        SUNNY ,CLOUDS, SHOWER                                   72


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Chilly Start To Wednesday

Posted By · April 8, 2014 at 10:28 pm

It will be a chilly start to Wednesday, with morning temperatures in the 30s.  As the lower atmosphere cools, the moisture left from Tuesday’s rain will condense and may form some patchy Wednesday morning fog.  Expect a mix of sun and clouds on Wednesday afternoon, with highs near 60 degrees.


It will be near 70 on Thursday.  There is a chance for rain late in the day Thursday.  We will watch this closely.  It is opening day at Victory Field for the Indianapolis Indians.  A few showers are possible on Friday and this weekend.  Right now I think there will be more dry weather than wet weather this weekend, but stay tuned for updates.  The warm-up will last through the weekend, with highs in the 60s and lower 70s.

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