Holiday Weekend Forecast

The holiday weekend is here and if I had the power to change the forecast I would.  It will not be a sunny and hot Fourth of July, but at least it starts clear.

If will be a great Friday night, with clear skies.  Temperatures will fall into the middle 50s, for a mild start to Saturday.  If you have outdoor plans on Saturday, the weather will cooperate.  There will be some sun and some clouds, with highs 75-80 degrees.


We are tracking a developing weather system that will bring the threat for heavy rain to Indiana.  You may need to change your outdoor plans to indoor plans on Sunday.  Here is the timeline for a soggy Sunday.


Rainfall potential of 1-3 inches is possible, with the heaviest rain falling Sunday night into Monday morning.  We will keep you updated in the timing and exacting where the heaviest rain will fall, as we get new information.

It does look like the rain will move out in time for some Fourth of July fun later Monday.  Highs will be near 80 on Monday.  90 degree heat is back by Wednesday.


Beautiful Afternoon

The rain has moved out of Central Indiana, and now we’re setting up for a beautiful afternoon.

Highs will reach the upper 70s and low 80s today with skies continuing to clear.

friday today

Tonight will be comfortable with skies clearing and temps falling into the 60s by late tonight.

friday tonight

We’ll have a cool and comfortable start tomorrow morning with lows falling into the mid 50s.  Tomorrow afternoon we’ll have a great day with partly cloudy skies and highs in the upper 70s and low 80s.

friday saturday

Sunday our forecast will be changing with scattered showers and thunderstorms moving in.  As of right now, it appears the heaviest rain will be Sunday night into Monday morning, with off and on showers and storms Monday too.

friday 11amfriday 6am

Stay tuned for changes to the track of this system, if it changes at all, and, it probably will, our forecast will be updated with new rain totals.  The highest rain totals will be south of I-70 with the latest look.

friday rain

Check back with us often this weekend as we continue to update the forecast and pinpoint the timing and rain totals as we get closer to the showers and storms moving our way.

friday 7 day forecast

Rain Chances Return

Rain chances are back in the forecast for late Thursday night and early Friday morning.  The best chance will be from about midnight to noon Friday.  Here is the timeline with FutureTrak13.


Friday will start with rain chances and temperatures in the 60s.  The skies will start to clear Friday afternoon.  This will mean a clear start to the long holiday weekend Friday afternoon and evening.  Highs on Friday are forecast in the upper 70s and lower 80s.


Right now we have Saturday and some of Sunday dry, before the threat for heavy rain arrives.  This is a still developing storm system and there will be changes to the timing and where the heaviest rain will fall.  Based on the latest information, the heavy rain arrives early Sunday across SW Indiana.  As the storm moves east, the shield of heavy rain will lift north and cover the southern half of Indiana later Sunday into early Monday.  Rainfall potential is 1-3 inches.  We will keep you updated on timing, how much rain and where the heaviest will fall.  If this timing verifies, there will be some dry time later on the 4th of July for outdoor activities.  We are forecasting highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s this weekend.  Keep in mind, where the heavy rain arrives first temperatures will be much cooler.  Stay tuned for updates.


Dry Today, Chance of Rain Tonight & for the Weekend

This afternoon will be another dry comfortable day across Central Indiana as temperatures warm into the low 80s with partly cloudy skies.

thursday today

This evening will be pleasant as well, but you’ll notice an increase in cloud cover.

thursday tonight

After midnight into tomorrow morning a few showers and even a rumble of thunder will be possible.

thursday friday 3amthursday friday planner

We are expecting to see dry weather as we move into the afternoon and highs reach the low 80s.

thursday friday

Saturday will be dry with highs in the low 80s again.

Sunday we will be watching a storm system to the west.  We are still monitoring the track, but it could make for scattered showers and storms late Sunday and even into Monday, with heavy rain at times.  This is something we will continue to monitor, and keep you posted on.

thursday sunday

The heat builds into the upper 80s and low 90s starting Tuesday into Wednesday.

thursday 7 day


Another Cool Night and a Tricky Holiday Weekend Forecast

It will be cool and clear overnight, with lows in the 50s for the second night in a row.  Thursday will be mostly sunny and a bit warmer, with highs in the lower 80s.


We are still tracking a fast moving weather system for Thursday night and early Friday.  Right now we are forecasting a few showers and maybe a rumble of thunder early Friday morning.  The rest of Friday will be dry and warm, with highs in the lower 80s.  This is great news for Friday night plans, as you start your long holiday weekend.


The end of the holiday weekend forecast is tricky.  We are tracking a developing weather system that will bring heavy rain to Kansas, Missouri and Illinois this holiday weekend.  Part of that weather system will impact Indiana.  There is still some degree of uncertainty to timing and how much rain.  As you make your outdoor plans for later Sunday and Monday, check back with us.  This is the timeframe for the better chance for rain.  Here is the an early look at the development of that storm system out to our west through Saturday afternoon.


I mentioned the uncertainty in timing and rainfall potential.  Here is a look at the GFS and the Euro…just 2 of the longer range models that help us forecast the weather.  You can see the GFS has higher totals for the northern part of the state and the Euro has the higher totals south.  This system is still developing and we will keep you updated on timing to help you make your holiday plans.


90 degree heat is still in the forecast for the middle part of next week.



Beautiful Afternoon Ahead

It was a cool start in Central Indiana this morning with temps in the 40s and 50s!

wednesday am lows

We will remain dry for the rest of the day and into tonight with low humidity.  Highs will reach the upper 70s to low 80s today.

wednesday todaywednesday evening

Overnight temps will fall into the mid to upper 50s, it will be a very nice start tomorrow morning, but not as cool as what we woke up to this morning.  Highs on Thursday will warm into the low 80s as we start a warm up closer to our average high of 85.

Thursday will be another dry day, with rain chances moving in for early Friday morning.  As of right now, rain looks to be around for the morning commute Friday, then we’ll have a dry afternoon.

wednesday friday am

Saturday will be dry, with rain chances returning late Sunday into Monday for the 4th of july.  We’ll be watching the holiday weekend forecast closely as you plan your outdoor activities and fireworks watching.  Right now it looks like we could see some heavy rain, but it’s too early to say exactly where that will be in our area.

wednesday 7 day

Fantastic Change

Welcome to a brief and early glimpse at fall. It’s a cool morning and we are on the way to a marvelous Wednesday, a day that will be sunny and mild, with a high around 78 degrees.


We will gradually warm back into the lower and middle 80s for the end of the week and the Independence Day weekend.  The average high is 85 and will be back to average by Sunday and Monday.

What about rain? Scattered showers look likely Friday morning during the morning rush hour. At this time, we’re looking at a system on the Fourth Of July that could stay south of us, but we’re leaving the chance for showers in during Monday. 90 degree heat returns next week.



1929: Indianapolis…the highest wind gust in city history is measured at 111 mph.


A Milder Change

Temperatures on Tuesday afternoon were running 10-15 cooler than Monday afternoon.  This milder change will last through Thursday.  We are forecasting morning temperatures in the 50s Wednesday and Thursday.  Here are the numbers for tonight.


There will be some sun on Wednesday, with highs 75-80 degrees.


We warm back into the lower and middle 80s by Thursday and stay there through the holiday weekend.  This is close to where we should be for the first of July.  The average high is near 85 degrees.

We will also be tracking a chance for rain.  Right now it looks like the best chance for scattered showers and storms will be on Friday.  As long as this weather system moves south, we will be dry and warm for the 4th of July weekend.


We will keep you update on any changes, but for now we have highs in the lower and middle 80s Saturday through Monday and dry weather.  90 degree heat returns next week.


Beautiful Week Ahead

Want cooler temperatures with lower humidity?  That’s what is in the forecast this week for Central Indiana, starting with today.

Highs will reach the upper 70s to low 80s today with a few clouds.  We will remain dry with very comfortable conditions.

tuesday afternoon

Tonight temps remain nice as skies start to clear and we fall into the low 70s and upper 60s for any evening plans you may have.

tuesday indians

Tomorrow morning we’ll be waking up with temps in the 50s!

tuesday tonight

Wednesday high temps will warm into the upper 70s, and we’ll be back in the 80s by Thursday.

As of now, we’re dry through Thursday with a chance of showers and storms Friday.

tuesday 7 day

A Break from the Heat

Monday was the 8th day this month at or above 90 degrees.  90 degree heat not in the forecast, as we track a weather pattern change.

We will start to feel it overnight, as temperatures fall in to the 60s.  Watch for a few patches of fog early Tuesday morning.  There will be a mix of sun and clouds on Tuesday, with afternoon temperatures 75-80 degrees.


We will have a couple of mornings in the 50s (Wednesday and Thursday) and highs Tuesday through Thursday will be cooler than the average high of 85 degrees.


There will be a weather system to watch to our northwest later this week.  Right now we have a chance for a few storms in the Saturday forecast.  We will keep you updated, as we get closer to the holiday weekend.  It does look like we get more dry weather than wet weather and highs in the 80s for the long holiday weekend.