Nice Weather Change


Yes, it’s warm and muggy out there today and we will have fog this morning, but we are still looking at a great weather pattern this week. Muggy conditions this morning give way to a hot day but drier air punches in later this afternoon with a high of 90.


The Indianapolis Indians game will be warm tonight, but not as humid as over the weekend. Most cities in Indiana remain dry as a big ridge of high pressure covers not just Indiana but the entire Midwest.


We’re staring down a pleasant stretch of days Tuesday into Friday with comfortable lows the 50s and 60s with seasonably mild highs near 80 degrees for a few days. You’ll be able to mow your yard or wash your car as we aren’t expecting any more rain until the upcoming weekend.


Stormy Sunday Evening

No way around it… it’s hot and humid in Central Indiana.  Heat indices near 100 degrees and highs near 90 make for uncomfortable conditions.  We’re going to have sweat through very muggy conditions until Monday afternoon when less humid air arrives.



Between now and the we’ll see storms increasing along a cold front this evening with lightning and downpours being the main threats of any storms.  Widespread severe weather isn’t expected, but a local severe wind gust is possible.

These storms may impact concerts at The Lawn in White River State Park and Klipsch Music Center.  Please have a way to keep tabs on weather conditions this evening.


A line of heavy storms shows up on FutureTrak 13 by 7pm and likely impacts areas along and north of I-70.  Storms this evening will be moving east around 30mph.


Activity decreases overnight with areas of haze and fog likely Monday morning as humid conditions linger tonight.


Muggy conditions Monday morning give way to hot, but less humid air to finish the day.  We’ll keep in a slight storm chance for areas south of I-70 tomorrow… but most cities remain dry.


We’re staring down a pleasant stretch of days Tuesday into Friday with comfortable lows the 50s and 60s with seasonably mild highs near 80 degrees for a few days.  Be safe this evening – Sean Ash

Storm Chances Today

We’re gearing up for a hot day with the potential for showers and thunderstorms today and it will be so hot that a heat advisory has been issued for areas from Peru and Marion north. Look for a high of 92 with scattered thunderstorms and a slight risk of severe weather both later today and tonight. Add high humidity to that 90 degree heat, heat index values will be in the range of 95-100 degrees.   We will keep you updated on the timing, but right now you can plan some outdoor activities for some of the day.  Just be prepared for the heat and pop up thunderstorms.


We stay hot through Monday, with highs 85-90 degrees.  Milder air arrives on Tuesday.  We are forecasting a couple of mild days in row, with highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s Tuesday and Wednesday. The upcoming week doesn’t look as hot as last week in Central Indiana.



Sunday Heat and Storm Chances

The weekend will end with heat and storm chances.  Sunday will very warm from start to finish.  8am temperatures will be in the middle 70s.  We will be in the middle and upper 80s by noon, with highs forecast in the lower 90s.  With high humidity too, heat index values will be in the range of 95-100.


A stray storm is possible on Sunday.  We are timing the best chance for a line of rain and storms from about 4pm to 11pm.  We will keep you updated on any changes to the timing, as you make your outdoor plans.


There is some milder air behind this weather system, but we won’t feel it until Tuesday of next week.  We still have near 90 degrees in the forecast for Monday.  Milder air arrives Monday night and will last through mid-week.  We may have a couple of mornings in the 50s next week.


Weekend Forecast

Heat is in the weekend forecast.  We have had 6 90 degree days this year and we should add a couple more this weekend.  We average about 15 90 degree days each year.

It will be a mild and clear Friday night with lows in the 60s.  A few upper 50s are possible in eastern Indiana overnight.  From a mild start, it will be a quick warm-up into the lower 80s by noon.  Highs will be near 90 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.


Our Indianapolis Indians are in town all weekend.  It will be warm for the 7:05pm Saturday game and the 1:35pm Sunday game, with temperatures in the upper 80s to near 90 degrees.  There is a chance for a few storms on Sunday.  Here is the timing with FutureTrak13.  The best chance for storms on Sunday will be late afternoon and early evening.


The heat will last through Monday.  We expect milder air to return the middle of next week.


90s Return for the Weekend

After a foggy start across Central Indiana, we will see a brighter afternoon with highs in the mid 80s.  The humidity will continue to drop, and will be more comfortable the later we go into the day.

friday today

It will be a great evening to be outside as temps remain warm into the early evening.

friday indians

So far this year, we’ve hit the 90 degree mark six times.  This weekend we’ll hit the 90 degree mark again.  Saturday will be dry, and it’s a Knozone Action day.  Sunday will not be a washout, however, scattered showers and storms are expected for the afternoon into the early evening.  If you have outdoor plans, download our free SkyTrak13 weather app so you can track the approaching weather.

friday weekendfriday sunday

In the 7 day forecast temps will fall into the mid 80s by Tuesday.  That’s closer to our average high for this time of year.

friday 7 day

Friday Forecast

Today we’ll see a mix of sun and clouds as the humidity starts to drop and temperatures reach a high in the mid 80s.

friday today

If you’re heading to the Indians game tonight, it will be a perfect evening at Victory Field.

friday indians

The heat is back to kick off Saturday with highs in the low 90s.

Sunday will be hot and muggy with temps reaching the low 90s, and scattered showers and storms in the forecast. The day will not be a washout, but you’ll need to plan around activity on the radar.

friday sunday

Another warm day comes our way Monday with highs in the 90s, but by Tuesday we drop to the mid 80s, and get a little cooler from there into Wednesday and Thursday.

friday 7 day

Friday Forecast and Weekend Heat

It was a hot and very humid Thursday, as central Indiana cleans up from severe storms.  These storms impacted areas north of Indianapolis with destructive winds.  From the storm reports, you can see how many people were affected by the severe weather Wednesday night and early Thursday.  Locally there were dozens of damaging wind reports.


There will be a couple of storms possible mainly south of Indianapolis Thursday evening.  We get a bit of relief from the high heat and high humidity on Friday, with highs in the middle 80s.


Heat is back for the weekend, with highs near 90 on Saturday and Sunday.  There is a chance for a couple of storms on Sunday and Monday, but heat will be in the bigger story through the weekend.  It breaks by Tuesday and we get a few days in the 80s next week.


Warm & Muggy Today

After overnight showers and thunderstorms produced extremely heavy rain and damaging winds across Central Indiana, we are drying out across the area right now.

Check out the 48 hour estimated rain totals across the area.  Some counties received between 2-4″ in a very short amount of time just from this morning.

thursday rain reports

Damaging wind gusts between 60 and 100 mph hit some communities north of I-70.  You can see the storm reports here.

thursday storm reports

This afternoon there’s a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm in our southern viewing area, but for the most part it will just be warm and muggy with highs reaching the upper 80s.

thursday todaythursday tonight

Tonight temps will drop to the mid 60s, and we’ll be less humid tomorrow with highs in the mid 80s.

We’ll warm up for the weekend with the 90s making a return and a chance for late day storms on Sunday.

If you’re looking for a cool down, and temps a little closer to the average high of 84 degrees, that will come our way next Tuesday and Wednesday.

thursday 7 day


Wednesday Evening Update

The threat for severe weather continues and storms are starting to develop.  Any individual storm that develops will contain the threat for tornadoes.  Have a way to get watches and warnings this evening and overnight.  Keep you television on and your cell phone charged.

In addition to individual storms that develop, we are tracking the potential for a line of storms with the threat for damaging winds over 70mph and flash flooding.  Here is the timeline for the line of storms.