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Heat, Humidity & Storms

Posted By · August 27, 2014 at 3:22 am

Good morning!  We’re off to another mild and muggy start with partly cloudy skies to kick off your Wednesday morning.  Temps across Central Indiana are in the 60s and 70s, and with dew points around 70 degrees, the heavy sticky air will continue today.  The latest satellite radar shows a few clouds across our area, but we’re dry.  Patchy fog is possible this morning, especially in areas that received heavy rain Tuesday afternoon.  For the past two days we’ve hit 90 degrees, today we should only top out in the mid 80s with afternoon showers and storms developing.

wednesday planner

wednesday recap

Pollen levels remain high today and through the weekend.

wednesday allergies

If you have plans this afternoon or tonight, scattered showers and storms will be possible, very similar to what we’ve seen the last couple of days.  Just like the last few days not everyone will see rain.  Some storms that develop may be strong/severe, but widespread severe weather is not expected.

Tonight temps fall into the 60s and 70s with an isolated shower or storm.

wednesday lows tonight

Tomorrow afternoon storm chances will develop again as temps stay in the mid 80s.

More heat and humidity is ahead in the 7 day.  A daily chance for showers and storms will stick with us as our summer patter holds through next week.

wednesday 7 day

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Isolated Heavy Showers Today with More on the Way

Posted By · August 16, 2014 at 10:34 am

Not everyone is seeing rain, but those who are, could see heavy downpours at times today.

Showers and an isolated storm will be possible today as temps reach the mid 70s.  A few spots that don’t see rain could pop into the upper 70s, but with lack of sunshine we won’t be warming up much.

new saturday today

It’s not a washout of the evening, but keep the rain gear handy.  The roof to Lucas Oil Stadium will more than likely be closed for tonight’s game.

saturday evening planner

Sunday, more scattered showers and storms are possible, adding up today’s rain through Monday night at 6pm up to 1/2″ or even up to 1″ of rain will be possible.

We have more rain chances through next week when temps top out in the upper 80s!

new saturday 7 day

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We’ll be watching the radar today as isolated showers and storms try to make their way into Central Indiana.  The day will be mainly dry with just spotty activity possible through the early afternoon.

saturday planner

This evening rain chances go up, and this is just the start of a soggy period for the area.

saturday evening planner

You can see on FutureTrak13 that the day isn’t a washout, but the showers become more widespread as we head into tonight.

saturday futuretrak 4pm

saturday futuretrak 9pm

Overnight scattered showers and storms are likely with temps only falling into the upper 60s.

Sunday we should start out mainly dry, but more scattered showers and storms will likely develop for the afternoon.

saturday sunday forecast

At this time we are not looking at the potential for severe weather, however, lightning is a danger in any storm.

saturday sunday futuretrak

We need the rain.  I know some spots have picked up a great amount of rain, but Indianapolis is running 1.23″ below normal for this time this month.

saturday rain

We’ll have a chance to make some of that up over the next week with a daily chance of showers and storms.

This is a look at the potential rain amounts from now through Monday evening.

saturday potential rain

In the 7 day forecast more hot and humid air returns… it will finally feel like summer.

saturday 7 day

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Scattered Showers & Storms Today

Posted By · August 11, 2014 at 3:38 am

We’re watching the radar this morning as scattered showers and storms are lifting north of I-70.  We are not seeing severe storms, however, heavy downpours are possible, and as always lightning is a danger in any storm.

Current temps are mild and in the 70s, with patchy fog across the viewing area, especially areas that saw heavy rain overnight.

Highs today will reach the upper 70s with scattered showers and storms.

monday today

Hour by hour on FutureTrak13 you can see that isolated shower and storm chances remain this morning, with more developing for the afternoon and evening.

monday 1pmmonday 5pm

Tonight temps only fall to the mid 60s but for the most part we should dry out.

There’s an isolated chance for a shower or storm overnight, as patchy fog develops.  Tuesday morning should start our mainly dry, with scattered showers and storms again developing for the afternoon/evening.  Highs tomorrow only reach the mid 70s.

In the 7 day forecast we dry out Wednesday with temps running well below our normal high of 84.  Cool nights are ahead too.

monday 7 day

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Friday Afternoon Weather Update

Posted By · August 8, 2014 at 11:00 am

Happy Friday!

Scattered showers are around Central Indiana right now.  Areas along and south of I-70 are seeing the most steady light rain.  The movement of the rain is generally from west to east.  We will continue to see that pattern into this afternoon with showers diminishing as we go into the evening.

Today’s high of 73 is below our normal high of 84, and 2 degrees warmer than our “cold record” high of 81 set back in 1884.

friday afternoon

We will start to dry out as we head into the early evening.  However, I won’t rule out a spotty shower as temps fall into the mid 60s tonight.

Tomorrow isolated showers are possible in the morning but will become more likely during the heat of the day in the afternoon as highs warm into the upper 70s.

friday saturday planner

Futuretrak13 on both Saturday and Sunday shows a few showers and thunderstorms from this slow moving system.

friday saturday futuretrak

In the 7 day forecast temps stay below our normal high of 84 as temps in the 70s with sunshine make a return next week.

friday 7 day

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Chilly Start in July

Posted By · July 29, 2014 at 3:44 am

Good morning!  We’re on record watch in central Indiana.  Temps are currently in the 40s and 50s across the area.  If Indianapolis falls to 51 we tie a record low from 1881, if we drop to 50 we’ll break that 100 year + record!  As of right now Indianapolis is on pace to have the coolest July on record.  That’s when we add the high temp the low temp and average it out for the month.  We’ll keep you posted as wrap up July on Thursday.  Temps across the area are running about 10 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago.

Clouds increase as we go into the afternoon with a slight chance for a shower or storm as temps top out in the mid 70s.  Don’t cancel outdoor plans, it’s just an isolated chance.

tuesday planner

Tonight it will not be as cool as this morning, be we still drop below our normal low of 66.  Tonight’s low is expected to be 57.

Wednesday we’ll add a few degrees on to the temp for a high of 78, but we leave that slight chance for a shower or storm in the forecast.  By this weekend the 80s could return as we kick off the first weekend of August.

tuesday 7 day

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Below Normal Temps this Week

Posted By · July 28, 2014 at 3:45 am

Today temps reach the low 70s with a slight chance of a shower or storm.  Winds will gust up to 25mph out of the northwest.

monday today


You’ll notice the rain chances hour by hour on FutureTrak13.  We won’t see a washout, just isolated activity.

monday futuretrak

I’m forecasting a high of 73 today, look how close that is to the record cold high of 72 set back in 1928.  Tonight we could be close to a record low.  I’m forecasting a low of 52, our record low is 51 set back in 1881.

monday records

Tomorrow highs will reach the mid 70s, again we have a slight chance of an afternoon shower or storm.

In the 7 day forecast we stay cool and below our normal high of 85.  Rain chances become more likely starting Thursday, but at this point we aren’t looking at a washout heading through the weekend.

monday 7 day

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After a stormy night across Central Indiana, more scattered showers and storms are in the forecast today.

This morning patchy fog will be likely as the mild and humid air sticks with us for one more day.  Highs will reach the mid 80s today with scattered showers and storms. 

sunday day planner

Some storms may be strong to severe as portions of Central Indiana are under a “slight” risk for severe weather. Damaging wind is the main concern along with heavy rain and lightning.  When thunder roars, go indoors. 

sunday severe wx

Isolated showers and storms are possible this morning, with scattered activity developing after noon today. 

futuretrak13 noon

Hour by hour at the track this morning and afternoon we have to include a chance for a shower or storm.  It will not rain every minute of the day but showers and storms are possible. 

futuretrak13 4pm

futuretrak14 5pm

The stormy weather will be followed by much drier air and cooler temps after the front moves through.  Tonight temps fall into the low 60s and tomorrow highs will be in the 70s.  In the 7 day we stay in the 70s for most of the week with more storm chances coming our way.

sunday 7DAY


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