Cooler Temps with Rain Chances this Afternoon & Evening

After a soggy start to the morning, we’re getting a little bit of a break from the rain across Central Indiana.  Temperatures are heading to highs in the upper 60s today. 

thursday today

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop again this afternoon and evening.  An isolated strong storm isn’t out of the question. 

thursday 5pmthursday 9pm

Pollen levels are low today, but will rebound into the high category over the next few days. 

thursday pollen

Overnight temperatures fall into the mid 50s with scattered showers and thunderstorms. 

While rain chances stick around Friday with highs in the mid to upper 60s, the weekend is looking much brighter and warmer weather will be returning.  Early next week rain chances return, and we’ll continue to watch the pattern to time out those rain chances with temperatures staying above average for the 7 day forecast.

thursday 7 day



Afternoon Highs in the 80s

Our average high this time of year is 64, so we’ll be well above that today with highs in the low 80s.  We’ll be short of the record of 87 degrees set back in 1977.  Today will be the 5th day in a row of above average temps, and it’s been a slow climb into the low 80s. 

monday slow climb

Yesterday the high in Indianapolis was 80, and today we’re forecasting a high of 82. 

monday today

The pollen forecast will remain high through Wednesday.  The levels begin to drop into the moderate/high level starting Thursday. 

It will be a beautiful evening to head to Victory Field to catch the Indians take on Toledo tonight.  For the first pitch at 7:05pm temps will still be in the upper 70s this evening. 

monday indians

Tonight will be another mild evening as lows only drop to the mid to upper 50s.  Clouds will start to increase, and they will do it even more so for your Tuesday forecast. 

monday lows

Highs Tuesday will reach the mid 70s.  Rain chances will increase late Wednesday, and showers and storms will be likely Thursday.  By Friday high temperatures fall into the 60s, but start to rebound for the weekend into the 70s.

monday 7 day


Warming Up for the Weekend

Another beautiful day is ahead for Central Indiana.  Highs will reach the low 70s today with a light southeast breeze.

friday todayfriday indians

Tonight temperatures fall into the upper 40s and low 50s.

friday night

That will make for a mild start for the Race for the Cure in Indianapolis.

friday race for the cure

Saturday and Sunday more sunshine and warmth is in the forecast with highs in the mid 70s.

Our average high this time of year is 63, so we’ll be well above that most of this 7 day.

The next chance for rain will be next Thursday, but as of right now, it only looks like a slight chance.

friday 7 day

Warming Up

A Frost Advisory is in effect for North Central Indiana until 9am.

thursday frost

A beautiful day is ahead for the state.  Forecast highs are 65-70 degrees.  Our average high this time of year is 63, and our average low is 42.

thursday todaythursday pollen

We are going to get our 60 degree weather guarantee for the Indianapolis Indians home opener at Victory Field.  The first pitch is at 7:05 tonight.  We have 63 degrees in the forecast.  For fans wanting a free ticket for another April game, this isn’t good news.  It would have to be cooler than 60 degrees for that to happen.

thursday indians

Warmer weather will be coming our way for Friday, and for the weekend. Highs will reach the low to mid 70s with mostly sunny skies.

thursday friday

Remember Race for the Cure is this Saturday morning at Military Park in White River State Park.  The weather is going to be great and you register Saturday morning from 7-8:30.  You don’t want to miss the opening ceremony and the Pink Parade of survivors that starts at 7:30.  There is a kids dash at 8:30 and a 5k at 9am.

thursday race for the cure

Right now there are only slight rain chances Tuesday of next week.

Enjoy the sunshine and warmth on the way!

thursday 7 day forecast

Sunny Skies & More Warmth on the Way

Sunny skies will help warm our temp into the upper 50s and low 60s across the area.  Our average high this time of year is 63, so we will be below that today.  However, today is the “coolest” high temperature in the 7 day forecast, so we’ll see warmer weather just around the corner. 

wednesday today

Temps are going up, and so are pollen levels.  Pollen levels will remain high today through Sunday. 

This evening temps will cool into the 50s and then the 40s under clear skies.  Eventually overnight lows fall into the mid to upper 30s for most of the area. 

Thursday more sunshine is expected with highs in the mid 60s. 

wednesday thursday

The Indianapolis Indians have their home opener at Victory Field Thursday.  The first pitch is at 7:05pm and there is a 60 degree guarantee.  If it is below 60 degrees, fans will get a free ticket to another game in April.  Right now, we are forecasting 63 degrees for the first pitch.  

wednesday indians

Even warmer weather comes our way Friday with mostly sunny skies and highs around 70. 

For the Race for the Cure early Saturday morning, temps will start in the mid to upper 40s.  It will warm into the 50s by 8am and 9am.  Temps will eventually reach the low 70s for the afternoon. 

wednesday race for the cure

Our next best chance of rain arrives Tuesday. 

wednesday 7 day


Warm & Sunny Weather Ahead

We are soaking up the sunshine today.  This afternoon temperatures will hit highs in the low 50s.  Our average high this time of year is 62, so we will be below that today.

tuesday forecast

As we dry out, pollen levels are going up.  the top three pollens are maple, juniper and poplar.  Today we are at a moderate level, but by tomorrow and through the weekend the pollen index will jump to a high level.

tuesday pollen

Tonight a freeze watch goes into effect for most of the area.  Area overnight lows will fall into the low 30s with mostly clear skies.

tuesday freeze watch

Tomorrow, the sunshine will stick around with highs in the low 60s.  We get a little warmer on Thursday for the Indians home opener.  Remember it’s the 60 degree guarantee for the game!  Even warmer weather comes our way for the weekend as highs approach the low 70s!

tuesday 7 day forecast

Snow & Sunshine

Lake effect snow showers are bringing light accumulations of snow to some spots in Central Indiana, while other areas are seeing sunshine!

satuday radarsaturday sharpsvillesaturday crawfordsville

The snow will continue to wind down, and this afternoon is expected to end.  Highs will reach the upper 30s and low 40s this afternoon.  Our average low this time of year is 41.  Our average high is 61, but just wait, it gets warmer than that in the 7 day forecast!

saturday highs

If you have plans tonight, the temperature will drop quickly.

saturday evening planner

Another Freeze Warning is in effect for Central Indiana from 11pm tonight until 8am Sunday morning.

saturday tonight

We could see a wintry mix Sunday morning.  I think most areas will be dry and cloudy for the morning, however, a chance of rain moves in by the noon hour, and will become likely by the afternoon and evening.

saturday sunday plannersaturday sunday futuretrak

Scattered showers and storms will continue Monday, and by Monday night, up to 1″ of rain will be possible.

The 7 day forecast begins to warm up midweek, with highs close to 70 by Friday!

saturday 7 day

Cool Today, Rain Tomorrow

It’s a cold start around Central Indiana with temperatures below freezing and wind chills in the teens.  A Freeze Warning is in effect until 11am today. 

Skies will gradually clear today as highs only reach the upper 30s to low 40s.  Our average low this time of year is 41, our average high is 61.

saturday planner

Tonight another Freeze Warning will go into effect from 11pm to 8am Sunday morning, so make sure to cover your plants again.  Overnight lows will fall into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees.

saturday tonight

Sunday we could start off with a wintry mix.  We’ll see cloudy skies, and some dry time before showers and a few isolated thunderstorms move in for the afternoon and evening.  At times, rain will be heavy as highs warm into the upper 50s.

saturday sunday plannersaturday sunday 12pmsaturday sunday 5pm

Scattered showers and storms will continue Monday, and the two day rain total will be around .50″ to 1″ of rain.

saturday rain total

Tuesday begins a drier pattern, although temps cool into the low 50s.

We’ll begin to add a few degrees to the high Wednesday with mostly sunny skies, and highs in the mid 50s, and by Friday, we could be close to 70!

saturday 7 day


Cool & Rainy this Afternoon, Chance of Snow Tonight

It’s a cool day around Central Indiana and we won’t be warming up much today.

friday afternoon

Highs will reach the mid 40s with wind gusts up to 30 to 40mph and scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms this afternoon.

friday wind gusts

friday futuretrak 4pm

Hour by hour on Futuretrak13 you can see the showers that will continue into this evening.

friday evening futuretrak

Tonight as temperatures start to cool, snow showers will mix in with the rain, and a freeze warning goes into effect.

friday freeze warning

That could mean a dusting of snow for some areas by tomorrow morning as temperatures fall into the mid 20s.

friday lows

We will be watching the radar closely.

friday saturday snow

Saturday morning will be cold, and with the wind chill it will feel more like the teens across central Indiana until late morning.  Highs on Saturday only reach the upper 30s.  That’s well below our average high of 61 this time of year, and below our average low of 40.  We should see a mix of sun and clouds late Saturday after starting the morning off with some flurries.

friday saturday planner

Sunday will be another cold start in the 20s, but we’ll warm into the upper 50s with a chance of rain late in the day.

Showers and thunderstorms will become likely by Monday, with another temperature drop Tuesday, and more warmth by the middle of next week.

friday 7 day forecast

Rain & Snow Showers Today

A freeze warning is in effect for Central Indiana until 9am.

We’re starting our Friday off cold, and won’t warm up much, with highs in the mid to upper 40s.

friday today

Rain showers are expected to develop, and snow showers could be mixed in with that too.  Winds will gust out of the west up to 30mph today.

friday futuretrak 12pmfriday futuretrak 7pm

Tonight a freeze watch is in effect for the area as lows drop into the 20s.  A few snow showers could create a light coating of snow by Saturday morning.

friday freeze watch

Saturday will be cool with morning wind chills in the teens, and a high in the upper 30s for the afternoon.

friday saturday wind chillsfriday saturday

Sunday warms up even more with temps in the 50s, but we’ll be watching for a chance of rain, especially late in the day.

Showers and thunderstorms will be likely Monday before drier weather moves in Tuesday.

friday 7 day