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Exercise really is Medicine!

Posted By · November 12, 2010 at 12:54 pm

Here is a video series I hosted for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) on how exercise can be Medicine! It also contains new guidelines for physical activity. Good stuff!

Please forward to all friends, family and loved ones who you feel could really benefit from these simple basics. http://exerciseismedicine.org/keys.htm

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American Record Holder Molly Huddle joins me this weekend!

Posted By · November 3, 2010 at 11:19 am

This week on Weekend Sunrise, professional distance runner and American record holder in the 5000 meters, Molly Huddle joins us with fitness tips on staying fit during the winter months.

She ran as a collegiate at Notre Dame and is one of the most successful American athletes you have never heard about which is a darn shame! She is an amazing competitor and she is just as humble and pleasant of a person.

Want a role model for your young, aspiring athlete?…glance over to your left at the picture of her and imprint it on your brain because she is one of the best examples you could ever hope for. Look for and support her as she aims for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Here is a great article about her.  http://www.universalsports.com/news/article/newsid=490635.html

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People Actually Listen!

Posted By · October 14, 2010 at 10:34 am

I often wonder if all of my efforts to get the word out on fitness are a waste of time but just as I think that, something always happens to prove me wrong! Earlier this week, I ran into a viewer who was sitting in front of a Kroger store eating lunch and low and behold she was eating yogurt that I had recommended on one of my segments. Her name is Ann and she said, “hey you’re that fitness guy on channel 13, look! I am eating the yogurt you recommended. I love it, it tastes great!”

She was also eating a healthy salad and was so happy to tell me that she was eating healthy and actually enjoying it. Little encounters like these are why I do what I do! Great job Ann, keep it up!


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Video: The Row Motion

Posted By · October 13, 2010 at 10:55 am

This is a great motion for strengthening your upper back muscles. This particular video demo is an example of the movement that can be done in the gym or at home! There are many variations of the motion and I encourage you to research those variations and incorporate them into your particular training format. Go Get’em!

Video Link:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dave-Patania/189171987440

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Monday Motivation

Posted By · October 11, 2010 at 1:13 pm

Fitness fads come and go yet the people who really enjoy the benefits are not those who use all the equipment on the infomercials, follow the diets with catchy names or buy the latest fit-DVD but rather those people who make exercise a part of their daily life, eat healthy and stick to it no matter what! If you can do those things on a consistent basis and prove it with years under your belt of doing so…great! However, the majority of people who exercise rarely stick to it then wonder why the health problems, added bodyfat, weight gain, aches and pains continue to add up.

I was fortunate enough to be exposed to some lifelong fitness enthusiasts at an early age who taught me that it is total immersion into a fitness lifestyle that is based on consistency and variation rather than the novelty of fads, trends, and over-marketed programs. It is almost daily that I talk to people who “used to exercise all the time” or “used to be in great shape.”  The words “used to” are irrelevant because your body only reflects and reacts to what you do now and on a consistent basis, so get off of your butt and get healthy without getting to the point to where a doctor has to tell you to do so! I have been getting a lot of clients lately who have received what I call the DU or Doctor Ultimatum. It shouldn’t come to that!

You know better than that, you know that the human body has to get exercise, you know you have to eat better foods and take better care of yourself right? So do it!

If you take the time to explore some activities or sports and find out which ones spark that passion to succeed and consistently improve upon, you will reap benefits for a lifetime. When you let go and truly immerse yourself in an activity that you truly enjoy, that victory leads to an open mind for other activities, training formats, nutrition formats and sources of fit-knowledge. All of that combined will help you take that passion and craft it into a fitness lifestyle that is based on your personal needs, pursuits and preferences rather than some fad or trend. So after the Bootcamp camp craze dies off or the Biggest Loser show finally ends…you will still be plugging away with your list of activities that you look forward to participating in and surrounded by people who look forward to them as well!  

Whatever that activity or sport may be is totally up to you but whatever it is, stick with it!

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Indy Makes Top 50 List

Posted By · October 8, 2010 at 2:32 pm

Bicycling magazine recently rated Indianapolis 45th in its top 50 cities for bicycling list which is awesome. Key factors in the selection process include: cities with populations over 100,000, support of a diverse bike culture, geographic diversity and a good amount of savvy bike shops.

The top city was believe it or not, is Minneapolis which rates in the top five of almost any list regarding health, fitness and activity, no matter which magazine it is! Beating out cities such as Portland, Boulder, and Seattle; Minneapolis is the real deal.

However, I feel that Indy can fare better next year considering its strong cycling community and countless places to ride. I would like to see Indy in the top 10-15. You can help by getting involved in your local community and requesting things such as defined bike lanes, municipal bike racks and even bicycle boulevards. Be creative and persistent because it can and is being done in other cities, so help to get it done in yours.  Ann Arbor, Michigan which is right next to where I grew up, came in at 14 and whenever I go back to visit, my bike comes with me because it is a blast riding in such a bike friendly area.

Craft your plan and decide what cool changes could be made to make your particular city rise on the top 50 list and then get involved. Any ideas? Let me know so we can get the discussion going. The better the rating, the better the riding…Lets roll

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Motivation to Move

Posted By · October 4, 2010 at 9:51 am

Well, my fitness Kings and Queens, the following article reiterates what we all have known for years…Americans are lazy, out of shape and need to get it together! Since it is Monday, why not read a little article that will restate the obvious?

 All is not lost, you can crush the trend and change things by getting fit and starting today…Go! http://www.informz.net/acsm/archives/archive_1090372.html

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Weapons for fat destruction!

Posted By · September 23, 2010 at 12:35 pm

When it comes to losing and keeping off excess bodyfat, what are your weapons? The key is to have a shortlist of activities or sports that you are passionate about and you can then add a few extras to use as variation and backup.

My favorite activities are hands down, riding BMX bikes and Snowboarding. However, I supplement my passion for those sports with weekly runs, road cycling, mountain biking and of course, weight training.

This arsenal of activity provides, strength, conditioning, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, skill training and endurance for both my muscular and cardiovascular systems. I enjoy having numerous activities to choose from that will keep my body guessing, not to mention the provision of variation to avoid boredom.  

Whether you are skinny or fat, excess bodyfat is not good for you, so get lean and if you have to….get mean! Choose activities that you enjoy, choose others that balance out your training and then consistently stay involved. Good days, bad days…we all have them so embrace that and focus on giving your body what it was designed to do…perform of physical activity!

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