Friday Afternoon Update

At 2pm, temperatures were in the 60s across central Indiana, with some sunshine.  The exception was far eastern Indiana.  There were a few more clouds and only 59 degrees in Richmond.


We won’t get to 59 degrees anywhere across central Indiana on Saturday.  Yes, it is going to be cold this weekend.

A cold front arrives overnight, bringing rain chances and the cold air for the weekend.  We are timing the best chance for rain from about 11pm Friday through 7am Saturday.  A few showers may linger across NE Indiana on Saturday.  The rest of central Indiana will be mostly cloudy, chilly and breezy on Saturday.  Highs will only be in the lower 50s and winds are forecast WNW near 20mph.  Here is the timeline for rain Friday night and early Saturday with FutureTrak13.



Sunny Friday Chilly Weekend

We are 12 days into the month of May and we have had rain on 11 of those 12 days.  Are you ready for sunshine and 70?  We have it in the forecast for Friday.  The day will start in the upper 40s and lower 50s, but warm to near 70 degrees Friday afternoon.  Your outdoor plans are a go for Friday.


A cold front arrives Friday night, bringing rain and colder air.  The rain chances arrive after 9pm Friday and will last through about 7am Saturday.


The bigger story will be the chill this weekend.  We are forecasting highs in the 50s on Saturday and Sunday.  Keep in mind the average low for this time of year is near 52 degrees.  Our highs will be close to that average low number and about 20 degrees colder than average.  Despite the chill, we hope to see you at Kids Day and the Rookie Run on Saturday on Monument Circle.  You will need to dress for the chill for any of your outdoor plans.


One of the bigger outdoor plans is the Angie’s List Grand Prix on Saturday.  You will need the coat.


Sunday will be dry, with highs 55-60 degrees.  Right now next week looks cooler than average, with rain chances returning late Monday.  We will keep you updated.


7pm Thursday Update

Pockets of heavy rain and lightning continue to move across central Indiana.  The heaviest rain will be across the eastern half of Indiana between 7pm and 9pm.  The rain will leave the state by 11pm


Friday will be dry, with sunshine and highs near 70 degrees.  Qualifying for the Angie’s List Grand Prix takes place at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday.


It will be much colder this weekend.  A cold front arrives Friday night bringing another round of rain.  Behind the front, temperatures are forecast in the 50s for highs Saturday and Sunday.  These numbers are closer to the average low for the middle of May.

3pm Thursday Update

Hopefully you took advantage of the dry hours earlier today.  Rain and storms are back.  Here is what Live Doppler 13 Radar looked like at 3pm.  Rain and storms developing across western Indiana.


This latest round of wet weather will move from west to east late this afternoon and this evening.  The best chance for rain will be from 3pm to 10pm.  Here is the timeline with FutureTrak13.  If you have outdoor evening plans west of Indianapolis, you might get a few of those in.  The complex of rain and storms moves into the eastern half of the state by 7pm and leaves the state by 11pm.


We can say sunny and near 70 for Friday.

Wednesday Night Update

Thunderstorms with heavy rain, lightning, small hail and gusty winds impacted central Indiana Wednesday evening.  Another round of rain and some thunder is possible early Thursday morning.  We are already tracking more storms developing across Illinois and we will watch closely how they hold together.  FutureTrak13 hints at that round arriving in western Indiana around 1am and weakening by the Thursday morning drive.


Keep the umbrellas handy for Thursday.  There will be some dry hours and it doesn’t look like a washout for practice at IMS.  Here is your planner for Thursday.  There will be a few showers and storms possible and a few dry hours in between, with highs in the 70s.


We finally get a break from the rain with some sunshine and near 70 on Friday.  Rain returns late Friday night, but will move out for the weekend.  It is cold air that moves in for the weekend.  Highs will be in the 50s.


Some Dry Hours Wednesday

Tuesday was another rainy/stormy day for central Indiana.  The chance for scattered showers and storms will last through about 11pm Tuesday.


There were a few dry hours on Tuesday and there will be more on Wednesday.  There is a weather concern for Wednesday morning and that is fog.  Watch for patchy dense fog Wednesday morning, with temperatures in the lower 60s.  Wednesday will be warm, with highs in the lower 80s.  There is just a slight chance for a stray storm.


More showers and storms return on Thursday, with highs in the 70s.  We get a dry day Friday, with highs in the 60s.

There will be a few showers possible to start the weekend on Saturday.  Saturday will be cool too.  Highs are only forecast in the range of 55-60 degrees.  These numbers are 10 to 15 degrees colder than average.  We end the weekend with some sun, but it will still be cool.  Highs on Sunday only reach the lower and middle 60s and still cooler than that average high of 71 degrees.  In fact, there are more days cooler than average than warmer than average in the 7 day forecast.


Weekend Forecast

If you are running, walking or volunteering in the Mini Marathon in Indianapolis Saturday morning, it will be dry and mild at the start.  We are forecasting a quick warm up into the middle 70s by noon, but the race will start with temperatures in the middle 50s.  Good Luck.


High temperatures are interesting on Saturday.  We will be as cool as 70 degrees across NW Indiana and as warm as the lower 80s south.  Most of central Indiana will be in the range of 75-80 degrees Saturday afternoon.


It is a cold front that is separating these 2 different air masses.  The front will be the trigger few a few showers and storms on Saturday.  1 or 2 may develop as early as late morning north of Indianapolis, but the better chance for storms will develop in the afternoon hours and linger into Saturday evening.  Remember not everyone will have rain and storms.  If you have outdoor plans, you can check Live Doppler 13 Radar from your phone with the SkyTrak13 Weather App.  It can be very helpful during times of scattered storms.  Here is the timeline for storm chances.


The cold front sinks into southern Indiana for Mother’s Day.  It will be cooler with highs 65-70 degrees.  A few showers will be possible along the front on Sunday and mainly across the southern part of the state.  Our weather pattern stays active with daily storm chances through next week.


Big Temperature Changes

The chance for a couple of showers will linger into Thursday, but overall there will be more dry hours than wet hours.  It will still be cool.  We start the day in the lower 40s and highs are only forecast in the lower 60s.


Sunshine and 72…that’s on the way for Friday.


It will be even warmer to start the weekend.  We will start the weekend with the Mini Marathon Saturday morning.  If you are running, walking or volunteering be prepared for a fast warm up.  Temperatures will be in the 50s to start the race, but warm into the middle 60s by 9am and into the middle 70s by noon.  Highs on Saturday will reach the lower 80s.


There will be a chance for rain and storms later in the day Saturday.  Right now there is just a slight chance for a stray shower on Mother’s Day, but most of Sunday looks dry and mild, with highs near 70 degrees.


Cool With a Few Showers

It has been a chilly day across central Indiana and it will be chilly for your Wednesday evening plans.  There will still be a few showers and the chance for a stray storm.  Any storm that does develop may contain lightning and small hail.


The chance for a couple of showers will linger into Thursday, but overall there will be more dry hours than wet hours.  It will still be cool.  We start the day in the lower 40s and highs are only forecast in the lower 60s.


Sunshine and 72…that’s on the way for Friday.

From A Stormy Wednesday to Patchy Frost then 80 Degrees

Wow, our weather pattern will make some big changes over the next couple of days.  Our first concern is Wednesday.  A developing cold front will quickly move into central Indiana early Wednesday morning.  Rain and storms are in the Wednesday forecast.

The best chance for steady rain will be from about 5am to 11am Wednesday, with the cold front.  Watch for some wet roads during the Wednesday morning drive.


The will be enough cold air and enough instability Wednesday afternoon for hail producing thunderstorms and cold air funnels.  We will keep you updated, as these storms develop.


We will dry out for the end of the week.  There will be a mix of sun and clouds on Thursday, with only a slight chance for a stray shower.  It will be chilly, with lows in the 30s and highs in the 50s.  Sunshine is in the Friday forecast, with highs near 70 degrees.

The Mini Marathon is Saturday morning.  We are forecasting a start temperature in the lower 50s, but it will warm up quickly.  We will jump about 20 degrees and into the middle 70s by noon.  The high on Saturday will be near 80 degrees.


We are tracking a chance for storms Saturday evening.  Right now we have Mother’s Day dry and mild, with highs near 70 degrees.