Monday Evening Storms Update

We continue to track a line of storms moving across the northern third of Indiana.  The storms have reached severe limits, with several reports of trees down near Brookston.  Winds were estimated near 60mph.  If the line of storms holds together, it is forecast to be near Indianapolis by 8pm.  We will keep you updated at the progress of the line of storms this evening.


A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 11pm for most of central Indiana.


Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 11pm

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for the northern half of Indiana until 11pm Monday.  This does include most of central Indiana.


Storms developed across northern Indiana Monday afternoon.  This line is forecast to move south over the next few hours.  Damaging winds and heavy rain will be the biggest threats.  Here is the latest timeline with FutureTrak13.


The storms are developing along a cold front.  That front will be south of central Indiana on Tuesday.  Most of the day will be dry and it won’t be as hot.  Highs are forecast in the middle 80s on Tuesday.


The front lifts back north for Wednesday.  There will be several complexes of storms possible Wednesday through early Thursday.  We are also again under the threat for severe weather.


We will keep you updated on that risk for severe weather and the timing of those complexes of storms.  Heat will be the story for the end of the week and the weekend.


Weekend Heat

The hottest air of the year arrives this weekend.  We are forecasting highs 90-95 degrees and at times it will feel like 95 to 100.

Saturday morning temperatures will jump quickly into the lower 80s by 10am.  We will be in the upper 80s by noon, with highs 90-95 degrees.


There is a slight chance for a storm later Saturday and again later Sunday.  We will be watching a few complexes of storms that will move around the edge of the heat.  We are close enough to that edge, so we will include a slight storm chance this weekend.  Heat will be the bigger story, with highs 90-95 degrees on Sunday too.


The heat will last through Tuesday.  A few storms are possible on Tuesday.  The heat will break on Wednesday and our weather pattern turns stormy.


Update on Timing for Friday Morning Storms

There is another round of rain and storms developing across northern Illinois late Thursday night.  This is forecast to hold together and move toward central Indiana early Friday morning.  Here is the latest timing for Friday morning rain and storm chances.


We will keep you updated on the progress of the storms, as they move our way.  Right now we have the best chance for storms before noon on Friday.  We will finish the day with heat.  It will be our first 90 degree day of the year.



90 Degree Heat Arrives Friday

Friday will start with storm chances and end near 90 degrees.

We have most of Thursday night dry, with the best chance for rain and storms after midnight.  The latest timing has rain and storms arriving across northern Indiana around 2am and lasting through about 8am.  The best chance for rain and storms will be from Indianapolis north and east.  Here is the timeline with FutureTrak13.


The rest of Friday will be hot, as we forecast 80s by lunch and near 90 degrees for a high temperature.


It will be a hot weekend too, with highs 90 to 95 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.  With this much heat and humidity, a couple of storms will be possible, but the next best chance for widespread rain and storms will be in the middle part of next week.  That is when the heat will break too.


Heat and Storms in the Forecast

For the second day in a row, high temperatures were in the 70s.  This milder weather pattern will come to an end later this week.

It will be clear and mild Wednesday night, with lows in the 50s.  Morning sunshine on Thursday will give way to some afternoon clouds.  Highs will be in the lower 80s.  This is just the beginning of a warming trend that will last through the weekend.


There is a chance for a few showers and storms on Thursday too.  Right now the best chance will be across the northern half of the state.  On the 1-5 scale for severe weather, we are at a 1.  A bigger cluster of storms will be possible later Thursday night into early Friday.


We will be tracking several clusters of storms developing and moving around the edge of the heat into the weekend.  Heat will be our bigger story for Friday and the weekend, as we forecast highs 90-95 degrees.

These complexes of storms will be difficult to time.  We will keep you updated on when they do develop and where they will go.  Be prepared for the heat this weekend and slight storm chances.


Wednesday 3pm Update

We have sunshine and 70s across central Indiana this afternoon.


It will be clear and mild this evening too.  Temperatures will be in the 70s through about sunset.  Enjoy this mild weather because we turn the heat on for the rest of the week and into the weekend.


80s are back with storm chances on Thursday.  We get the first 90 degree days of the year later this week.

Cool Tuesday Night and 90s in the 7 Day Forecast

Skies will be mostly clear Tuesday night and it will be cool, with lows in the lower and middle 50s.


The Wednesday forecast will be sunny and mild, with highs in the lower and middle 70s.


After a couple of mild days in the 70s, we will heat back close to 80 degrees on Thursday.  Notice the 90 degree heat to our west.  That heat will get here for Friday and the weekend.  This hot dome of air is the key to our forecast.  There will be complexes of storms that develop and ride along the edge of this hot dome of air.  We will be in that path on Thursday afternoon.  We include the chance for rain later Thursday into early Friday.


That dome of hot air slides east for Friday and the weekend.  This will mean a mainly dry weather pattern and the first 90 degrees days of the summer.  Will be near 90 on Friday and in the lower 90s on Saturday and Sunday.

When this dome of hot air shifts back west or starts to break down, the storm chances will return.  Right now there is that chance later Sunday.  We will keep you updated on the heat and storm chances as we get closer to the weekend.


Tuesday Evening Forecast

The cooler air is here and it will last through Wednesday.  There will be a few clouds Tuesday evening and the slight chance for a stray shower.  Evening temperatures will be in the 60s.  Skies will be clear overnight, with lows in the 50s.  Sunshine and 70s are in the Wednesday forecast.


Temperature Swings This Week

Our temperatures will swing down as low as the lower 50s and as high as the lower 90s in the 7 day forecast.  We cool down first.  A few showers and storms are possible across the northern  and eastern parts of the state this evening.  The storms will be developing along a cold front.  Any storms that develop may reach strong/severe limits.  It will be cooler on Tuesday and there will be mostly cloudy skies and a few pop-up showers possible.  Highs will only be in the upper 60s and lower 70s.


There will also be some dry hours on Tuesday and it will be breezy with winds NW 10-20mph.  That NW wind is a cooler flow of air.  We will feel the effects of that cooler air through Wednesday, with highs in the 70s.


Our temperatures begin to swing back in the warmer direction by the end of the week.  Notice the 80s out to our west on Wednesday, that air mass will get here for Thursday.  We near 80 with some sun on Thursday.  We near 90 degrees with a chance for storms on Friday.  90 degree heat is on the way for the weekend.