Near Record Heat

Near record heat is moving into Central Indiana, but it won’t last long, so enjoy it while it’s here!

Near record heat is moving into Central Indiana, but it won’t last long, so enjoy it while it’s here!

Highs will reach about 80 degrees in Central Indiana today.

This is close to a record of 81 set back in 1963.  Thursday’s record is 82 from 1963.

We stay dry through tomorrow afternoon, with rain likely by Friday.

Here’s a look at monthly rain totals from our SkyTrak Weather Bug Network.

We’re still running below normal for the year, but have picked up significant rainfall of more than ten inches since September first.

More rain is likely Friday into early Saturday, but the temperature will have you talking.  Highs fall into the 50s by Friday and Saturday, with temps near freezing Sunday morning.

Rain Along and North of I-70, Gradually Tapers This Afternoon

Unfortunately, rain forced the cancellation of today’s Indiana Fever victory parade. The festivities moved indoors to Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

The rain set up along and north of I-70, dropping more than 3/4″ on Lucas Oil Stadium Downtown and more than 1″ at Purdue.

In sharp contrast, rain amounts south and east of I-70 have been much lighter.

Temperatures at noon tell the story as well. Rain-cooled air kept it in the 50s in Kokomo, but sunshine and dry weather pushed it to 71 at the lunch hour in Bloomington.

This afternoon, we’ll see the rain gradually taper and temperatures should rebound into the 70s by late afternoon.

Tomorrow, we’re still on track for a high around 80 tomorrow with lots of sunshine. The record for tomorrow is 81 set in 1963.

Thursday will be our last warm day (also close to a record) before a strong front drops us to below average highs Friday into next week. For now, I’ve got the high at 60 on Friday, but some computer model data suggests we may be stuck in the 50s with rain still likely.

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Highs Soar into the 70s Despite Scattered Showers & Storms

Around 7am, we had some scattered showers and storms on Live Doppler 13 Radar across Central Indiana, but even with the rain, morning temps were in the mid to upper 60s! That’s warmer than our average high this time of year: 63. Here’s a link to radar at so you can see where the storms are now:

Rain is most likely morning through early afternoon. That means if you’re heading to the Indiana Fever victory parade, plan on mostly cloudy skies with the chance of  rain. Temperatures at noon should be in mid 60s.

Later today, despite the clouds and showers, we  may still manage highs in the mid to upper 70s, around 15 degrees above average.

Tomorrow, we’ll take the rain chances out and bring in more sunshine. That means temperatures could get even warmer and approach record territory. The record for tomorrow is 81 set in 1963. Thursday could be a near-record day as well. I’m forecasting 81 and the record is 82 set in 1963.

Our Indian Summer comes to an abrupt end late Thursday night into Friday morning with a strong cold front bringing a major cool-down along with rain and thunderstorms. We could get up to 1/2″ of rain Friday with highs struggling to reach 60. Saturday may start with a shower and highs may only reach 50s. Then Sunday into next week, our highs may only manage 40s with lows in the 30s. As for Halloween Wednesday, for now, I’m leaning mostly cloudy and low 50s, but we’ll have to watch carefully the possibility of what could turn into a hurricane on the East Coast. Depending on its track, our Halloween weather could be more pessimistic.

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Storm Chances Increase for This Afternoon, Already in the Mid 70s

A line of storms continues to march east-northeastward out of Illinois and it has expanded far enough south that it now looks like the Indy Metro will be in line for afternoon showers/storms, though the heaviest will still likely be in Northwest Indiana. The storms were moving 40-50 mph.

Meanwhile, temperatures continue to soar! We hit 74 at 1pm and could easily warm into the upper 70s to 80 degrees before the rain arrives despite increasing cloud cover.

Our Indian Summer warmth rolls on until a strong cold front moves through late Thursday/early Friday bringing rain and much colder temps.

And check out our Hoosier Pic at noon from Carrie Black – cute “peek-a-boo” shot of Fall in Brownsburg. Share your pic here: or here:

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Summer-like Warmth and Isolated Rain Chances

Get ready for Indian Summer! Mild temperatures this morning will give way to 70s to low 80s later this afternoon. Our average high is just 63. Pull out the shorts! Though most areas from Indy point south and east will probably stay dry today, we can’t rule out an isolated shower or storm pushing through areas north and west of the city. The most likely spots to get wet from this afternoon through tomorrow morning will be Terre Haute to Crawfordsville to Frankfort to Kokomo to Fort Wayne points north and west with possibly between 1/10″ to 1/4″ of rain. Farther south and east (including the Indy Metro) rain chances go way down. We might get a trace to at most 1/10″ if any of the rain sneaks toward us.

Look for a high of 78 in Indy with 80 possible in both Bloomington and Terre Haute!

Tomorrow as the WNBA Champion Indiana Fever celebrate victory with a parade Downtown at noon, we’re hoping for dry weather. There’s a chance of showers/isolated storms mainly north and west in the morning, but a shower could try to sneak into Indy, so keep that in mind. Temps will yet again be unseasonably warm in the upper 70s.

Our warmth builds even more with dry weather Wednesday and Thursday. We could hit low 80s and get close to records. The record high Wednesday is 81 set in 1963. The record high Thursday is 82 set in 1963. But a strong cold front brings our Indian Summer to an abrupt end as we hit Friday. Highs may only manage 60s with rain likely.

That paves the way for a chilly and raw (and possibly damp) weekend ahead. The Irvington Halloween Parade may require some extra layers if this forecast holds. We’ll have 50s and wind on Saturday (maybe some showers) and chilly 40s on Sunday (can’t rule out a shower).

Have a great day and a terrific week!

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Indian Summer Arrives This Week

The much advertised warm up started Sunday.  Sunshine and southerly wind produced highs of 65°-70° across Central Indiana…which was a good 15°-20° warmer than Saturday.

This is merely an appetizer to the main course of warmth that’s lurking downstream.  Highs in southwest Indiana and back through the Central US topped-out in the upper 70s & 80s.  This air mass is on the move and will claim real estate in the viewing area by Monday afternoon.

This will lead to a warmer start Monday morning in the mid 50s.  Though kids at the bus stop will need a light coat, they’ll be shedding layers quickly tomorrow with the arrival of Indian Summer conditions.

This stretch of much warmer than normal days will be considered an Indian Summer…since most of the state has had a heavy frost and first freeze (Indianapolis’ occurred on Oct. 8th – 31°).  Average high is 64° and this warm spell produces temperatures 15° to nearly 20° above normal.

The warmth should peak-out on Wednesday and Thursday…when the record highs of 81° and 82° respectively will be challenged.  I was always told never to forecast a record high that far out, but it’s hard to ignore that model guidance actually suggests mid 80s for both days.  Stay tuned.  You’ll notice we’re back to reality next weekend, with all eyes on a potential tropical system impacting the eastern seaboard… and possibly interacting with a strong cold front diving southward into the Midwest.  MUCH can change between now and then.  But I have a hunch this becomes a big weather story as the week plays.

The image above is from the 12z (7am) Sunday run of the trusted ECMWF (European) model.  That bulls eye in the northeast might become Tropical/Hurricane Sandy this week.  If this model verifies I’d anticipate BIG travel problems in Megalopolis.  But again it’s way too far out to put much stock into this output.  Definitely stay on top of the forecast if you have travel plans in that direction.

With or without a possible Sandy… ALL long-range guidance suggest large temperature anomalies building across the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and southeastern US late next weekend and into the first week of November.  If accurate, this would suggest a rather chilly Halloween.  But plenty of time to iron-out details.

Have a great evening and even better work week!

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From Sweaters to Shorts

From sweaters to shorts… our Central Indiana weather is warming up!

From sweaters to shorts… our Central Indiana weather is warming up!

Highs will reach the upper 60s today with sunny skies.  Patching morning fog will give way to sunshine and a south breeze up to 10 mph.

Tonight clouds will be on the increase, and a spotty sprinkle is possible.  Overnight lows drop into the 40s and 50s, making for a mild morning at the bus stop Monday morning.

Monday mild temps return to Central Indiana.  Highs will top out in the upper 70s!  There’s a chance for a few spotty showers or thunderstorms, but not everyone will see rain.

Speaking of rain, Indianapolis is only running 1.29″ below our yearly average for rain.  Since September first, we’ve picked up 10.72″ of rain at the airport.

The 70s stick around through Thursday, until showers and storms move in Friday.  By Saturday highs will only reach the 50s!  Our “normal” high this time of year is 64.

Orionid Meteor Shower and Soaring into the 70s

Tonight skies are clearing and though it will turn chilly (upper 30s to low 40s by morning), you might want to set your alarm a little early to check out the night sky. The annual Orionid Meteor Shower should be a good one with clear skies and no moonlight to pollute the view of what could be up to 25 meteors per hour. The best time for viewing will be between 5am and 7am. For more on the Orionids, check out this video from NASA:

Sunday is going to be a beauty of a day! We hit 57 today, but could soar to 70 tomorrow!

We’ll build on that warmth for the workweek with highs in the mid to upper 70s. There’s a slight chance of showers and storms Monday and Tuesday – mainly for areas north and west of Indy.

Enjoy our Indian Summer warmth while you can! A strong cold front will bring us a reality check by the end of the week. A front that looked like it would move through late Thursday night into Friday now looks like it may arrive a day later (late Friday into early Saturday) bringing with it scattered showers and storms. Behind that front, highs may only manage 50s Saturday. And though it’s not on your WTHR-TV 7-Day…computer models are showing even colder air ahead for Sunday the 28th. Lows in the 30s and highs in the 40s along with cold wind and possibly some precip may be possible by then. We’ll have to watch that in the coming days…

It’s a great time to go leaf peeping! Our Hoosier Pic at 7 was from Jeff Arsenault who took this shot in Brown County.

And if you love foliage and festivals, head to Brown County’s Foxfire Park Fine Arts Festival. It continues tomorrow. Thanks to Kim Woods-Owens from for sharing this pic, our Hoosier Pic at 11. We’d love to see your photos. Post here: or here:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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The Wait For Sun Will Be Worth It

Welcome to the weekend!  It’s certainly been a wet 24 hours over Central Indiana, and with another decent burst of rain early this morning.  The upper level storm responsible for the raw, damp conditions is gradually pulling away…and weather will improve in its wake.

A narrow band of showers, rotating around the center of that storm, will impact areas south of I-70 early today.  A healthy cloud deck will linger into late morning, before gradual clearing allows some sun to appear later today.  Cooler than highs in the mid 50s for one more day.

Without the blanket of clouds tonight/early Sunday morning, temperatures will be colder in the upper 30s.

It’s all uphill after the chilly start Sunday.  Plenty of sunshine and a southwest wind will push daytime highs into the mid/upper 60s… marking the beginning of a substantial warm up for next week.

Long-range guidance has been steadfast on a prolonged stretch of unseasonably warm air…and highs will flirt with 80° several days next week.

The warmth should last Monday through Thursday, before our next cold front brings a return to fall-like conditions Friday.  Though a few showers are possible in the warm air regime…it shouldn’t be anything widespread.  Have a great day and even better weekend!

Sean Ash

Out With the Rain, In With the Warmth

It’s been a cool, wet and dreary Friday with rain totals through 6pm from our SkyTrak13 WeatherBug Network ranging from 1/10″ to 1/3″ across Central Indiana. Though our steady afternoon rain has moved out, we’ll still have occasional showers along with areas of mist and drizzle through tonight. By morning, clouds will be the rule (can’t rule out some patchy fog) with wake-up temps around 40-42 degrees.

Drier air filters in through the day tomorrow, so though we’ll start out cloudy and cool, the clouds will gradually decrease. Temperatures will stay on the cool side in the mid to upper 50s, but once we get into the full sunshine on Sunday, temps will soar. We could near 70 to end the weekend!

Tail-gating on Sunday? The forecast is looking fantastic. We’ll likely have wall-to-wall sunshine with temps warming from the 40s to the 60s. It might be nice enough for the roof and window to be open.

If you want a taste of Indian Summer, next week is your week. We could soar into the 70s Monday through Thursday!

Finally, a super cute WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic of the Day from Amber Forrest. Her kids are ready for Halloween! Share your pic here: or here:

Have a great weekend!
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