The 90 Degree Days & The Best Chance of Rain Since May

Today will be another dry day as we add to our streak of temps hitting 90 degrees or warmer!

Today will be another dry day as we add to our streak of temps hitting 90 degrees or warmer!  Today will be the 15th day in a row of 90+!

Tonight skies will be clear and temps drop into the upper 60s.

Thursday, skies become partly cloudy with highs in the low 90s again. 

Our best chance for rain since May moves in Friday… and sticks around through Tuesday!

Friday temps will top out in the 80s with 50% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Saturday and Sunday a 40% chance for showers and storms exists.  Up to .50″ to 1″ of rain is possible.  This will not end the drought, every drop of rain will help!

We will keep a close eye on rain chances through early Tuesday with temps in the 80s.

Our 90-Degree Streak Isn’t Ready to End Yet

What do you get when you combine dry ground, high pressure, and nearly full sunshine? Answer: Another day with highs in the 90s. We’ve had 13 straight already and today will make 14 in a row – 2 weeks straight!

Our noon temperatures were already warming in a hurry with Indy up to 87 and Terre Haute already at 91!

Highs should make it into the low 90s today and we could tap low 90s tomorrow and Thursday as well. Here’s a look at your afternoon forecast.

The UV Index today is very high – at a 10. Slather on the sunscreen…unprotected skin could burn in less than 15 minutes.

What about rain? We’ll be dry today and tomorrow, but signs are now pointing to a significant change late week and into the weekend – a GOOD chance of much-needed rain! Here’s what the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center is projecting for rainfall totals…some parts of Southern and Southeastern Indiana could get 2″+ and 1″+ might be possible here in Indy. We desperately need it.

In your WTHR-TV 7-Day, here’s the timing for our rain chances. We stay dry today and tomorrow. Thursday there could be isolated storms in Southeastern Indiana. Friday scattered storms are possible (about a 30-40% chance). Saturday rain is now looking LIKELY with a 40-50% chance. Sunday and Monday and even in to Tuesday it now looks like a 20-30% chance of getting wet. Since we’re now 7.91″ below average for rainfall since January 1st and 5.87″ below since June 1st, every little bit will help!

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon. Check out the stunning sunrise shot that Richard Gentry captured yesterday morning from Jamestown in Boone County. It’s fantastic! If you have a pic you’d like to share, post it here: or here:

Have a great afternoon and keep your fingers crossed for rain later this week!

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Heat and Humidity Relief Are Here!

It hasn’t been this cool since June! Today’s high of 90 degrees will be the coolest we’ve seen since it hit only 83 back on June 26th. We’re in the middle of a 12-day 90+ streak. Today could make 13 but that’s where the streak should finally end.

Your WTHR-TV 7-Day features lots of upper 80s for highs and 60s for lows…both will feel great after the heat wave we endured. The average high this time of year is 85, the average low: 66.

We’re still searching for rain. Since June 1st, we’ve only had 0.09″ officially. Since July 1st, we’ve only had a trace! Rain chances look like little to none until late week. There’s a very slim chance at some rain in far Southeast Indiana late Thursday, the possibility of some isolated showers/storms sneaking into Central Indiana Friday, and a better chance – scattered showers/storms for the weekend. Cross your fingers!

Speaking of dry weather, today’s WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon couldn’t be more appropriate. Pamela Mcguffey of Noblesville shared this pic she snapped during the Great Drought of 1988. Look familiar? Yes, we’re suffering through a dry spell as bad if not worse than 1988. Submit your pic here: or here:

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Not as Hot, Not as Humid

Our triple digit record hot streak is over! We were still toasty today, with an official high of 96, but that’s likely to be the hottest temp we see for at least another week. A cold front worked through Central Indiana during the afternoon knocking our temps down from mid 90s to low 80s!

The front brought a couple hit and miss showers to Indy (though officially at the airport no rain was observed). I grabbed a screenshot of our WTHR-TV HD SkyCam around 4pm when a few raindrops moved across the north side of Downtown.

Our official rain tally continues to be a “trace” this month following on the heels of last month’s record-driest 0.09″. We’re now 5.41″ below average for rainfall since June 1st!

It was a different story for folks in the southern third of the state where severe storms fired up during the afternoon. We had reports of wind damage and hail plus heavy rain which prompted flood advisories in several counties including Monroe, Lawrence, Jackson, and Greene. Take a look at some of the radar-estimated rainfall totals. More than 2″ in Washington County! A spotter reported 1.25″ just southwest of Bloomington in only 20 minutes!

The week ahead will still be above average as far as temps are concerned, but no more triple digits or records! Plus, it will be considerably less humid to start the week. Our average high is 85. We should be between 85-90 during the week with low 90s possible for the weekend. As for rain, it’s not looking likely. There might be scattered showers and storms in Southern Indiana Saturday and Sunday, but chances for Central Indiana look pretty slim at this point.

Finally, our Hoosier Pic of the Day from Joanna Edwards of New Palestine. She captured these mammatus clouds over head during the late afternoon. Mammatus clouds are known for their “pouch-like” structures and are caused by sinking air in a thunderstorm. Submit your pic here: or here:

Have a great week!

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The 100s are Gone… Relief on the Way

For the last four days, temps have topped out over 100 degrees, today, we’ll see a little relief from the sweltering temps.

For the last four days, temps have topped out over 100 degrees, today, we’ll see a little relief from the sweltering temps.

Highs will reach the low to mid 90s in Central Indiana today.  We’ll still feel pretty muggy, and there’s a 30% chance for scattered storms.  Not everyone will see much needed rain.  Isolated thunderstorms could contain gusty winds and small hail.

Tonight, the skies turn partly cloudy, although areas in south central Indiana could still see isolated storms overnight as temps drop into the mid to upper 60s.

Monday… relief!  Highs will reach the upper 80s with partly cloudy skies.

We need rain, Indy is now running more than seven inches below normal, and Bloomington is running more than 13 inches below normal, but there’s not a lot to be found in the 7 day forecast.

Most of the work week is dry, with just spotty showers and storms returning Friday as temps push closer to 90 degrees.

The End of the Record Heat

On a day when Indy was hotter than Dallas, hotter than Atlanta and hotter than Miami, you might be ready to put out the surrender flag. Good news! Relief is on the way!

How hot was it? It hit 105 in Indy with heat indices even higher. This was our 4th consecutive record-setting day with triple digit temps…a feat only reached 2 other times since records have been kept in Indy: July 7-15, 1936 with a record nine consecutive days and six consecutive days from July 20-25, 1934.

105 shattered the daily record high of 101 set in 1936 and was 20 degrees above our average high.

Despite that, we still landed one degree shy of the all-time hottest temp recorded in Indy: 106 (most recently on July 14, 1936). We hit 105 at 1:46 pm, again at 3:54 pm, and at 5pm as well…but never quite nudged high enough to gain the top spot. 8 days have now hit 105 or hotter, including yesterday and today, so we’re in exceptionally rare company.

A little more perspective for you: it was hot, yes, but no where near the hottest ever on record for the state! July 14, 1936 it hit 116 in Collegeville, Indiana!

We did manage a handful of very isolated storms today, some strong enough to prompt “Strong Thunderstorm Advisories,” but none strong enough for warnings. Officially for Indy: no rain for yet another day. Our chances go up to 20-30% for tomorrow, but that’s the best chance of rain all week. Most areas will go yet another week with less than 1/4″ of rain expected.

The good news? We can put this record-setting behind us for now. Highs may only reach low 90s tomorrow and 80s for much of next week. Keep in mind the average high is 85, so we’ll still be above normal, just not outrageously hot like we have been!

Finally, our Hoosier Pics of the Day! At 6 I shared Von Biggs’ pic of where he went to beat the heat. Looks nice, doesn’t it?

And at 11, I’ll be sharing Teresa Zimmerman’s awesome shot of one of the speedboats at the Madison Regatta Race down on the Ohio River. Submit your pic here: or here:

Enjoy the heat relief!
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Record Heat Today… Relief In Sight

Another record breaking day is ahead for Central Indiana. Highs will top 100 degrees today, the record is 101 from 1936.

Another record breaking day is ahead for Central Indiana.  Highs will top 100 degrees today, the record is 101 from 1936.  It will feel like 105 to 115, so the excessive heat warning is still in effect until 8pm.

Today will be the 6th day of the year with a high of at least 100 degrees. Only 1934 with 9 days, and 1936 with 12 days of triple-digit high temperatures have seen longer streaks of intense heat.  Friday Indy hit 105, that’s the hottest day of record since July 14, 1936 when Indianapolis hit 106!

An isolated shower or storm is possible today, with the chance increasing as we go into tonight and Sunday.  Not everyone will get the much needed rain, but isolated storms are possible.

The low 90s return Sunday with a 30% chance of scattered showers and storms.  An isolated storm may be strong to severe.  Temps will top out in the 90s, but at least the triple digits will be done.  Again, not everyone will see rain.  I know we need it!

Relief from the heat comes Monday with near normal highs in the mid 80s settle in.

As we head to the end of the week, temps inch closer to the 90 degree mark, and the chance for an isolated shower or storm returns Thursday.

Highs Easily Top 100 Degrees Today

Another record setting day is ahead for Central Indiana, but relief will be coming in the 7 day forecast!

Another record setting day is coming our way. 

Highs will reach 100+ today, shattering the record of 99 from 1988.  It will feel up to 115 this afternoon.  An isolated storm is possible, but most spots stay bone dry.  Since June first we are running 4.94″ below our normal rainfall.  When you add up that too what we’ve been down since January first, we’re running 7.28″ below normal for 2012.

Tonight temps drop to the mid to upper 70s, so we won’t it will still be muggy and mild overnight.

More of the same is expected Saturday, and the excessive heat warning remains in effect until Saturday night.  An isolated storm is not out of the question, but most spots remain dry.  The record high for Saturday is 101 from 1936.  Again, because of the humidity it will feel up 105 to 115.

The low 90s return Sunday with a 30% chance of scattered showers and storms.

The chance for rain lingers Monday as temps drop to the mid 80s.  That temp is normal for this time of year.

Relief is coming in the 7 day forecast, we are done with the triple digits, and the mid to upper 80s settle in.

Record Heat & Isolated Storm Chances Thursday

Our heatwave continues, and today looks to be another record breaking day in Central Indiana.

Our heatwave continues, and today looks to be another record breaking day in Central Indiana.

Highs will reach the low 100s today with mostly sunny skies.  There’s a 20% chance for an isolated storm.  A strong to severe storm is possible, but most spots remain dry.  Today we will break a high temp record.  The record is 99 from 1936.

Tonight, temps drop to the mid 70s with mostly clear skies.

Friday, more 100 degrees temps are in the forecast.  The record is 99 from 1988.  At times it will feel up to 110!

Remember, an excessive heat warning is in effect for all of Central Indiana until Saturday at 8pm.  Drink a lot of water and try to stay cool as much as you can.

Saturday temps hit the upper 90s to low 100s again.  Saturday’s record is 101 from 1936.  Late Saturday night, an isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible.

A little relief from the heat comes Sunday with highs in the low 90s, and a 40% chance for scattered storms.

By Monday, the mid 80s are back.  That’s normal for this time of year.

Excessive Heat Warning Tomorrow through Saturday

Get ready for out heat wave to get even hotter! We may be heading for more triple digit highs plus heat indices closing in on 110 later this week. In anticipation of the dangerous heat, an Excessive Heat Warning has been issued from 11am July 4th through 8pm July 7th!

We’ll be close to triple digits for your 4th of July festivities. Look for a morning low around 74, afternoon high of 99 (not quite record territory, the record is 103 set in 1911), and fireworks temp around 89. Thought there’s a chance of an isolated storm, most spots will stay dry.

Knozone Action Days have been declared for both tomorrow and Thursday with air quality expected to reach the Code Orange – Unhealthy for Sensitive groups level.

After a few days of triple digit and record-setting temps, your 7-Day forecast shows a glimmer of hope by early next week. Though significant rain isn’t looking likely, a cold front does look likely to drop in Monday or Tuesday – dropping our highs down into the upper 80s to around 90.

Finally, here’s your WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon: a gorgeous shot of storm clouds in the distance around sunset last night taken by Pamela Brearley from Martinsville. Share your pic with us! Post it here: or here:

Stay cool if you can,
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