Warming up for the Weekend

Get ready for a temperature roller coaster Central Indiana!

Get ready for a temperature roller coaster Central Indiana!

Highs will reach the upper 80s today with mostly sunny skies.  The normal high this time of year is 84.  Today will be our 19th day without rain in Indianapolis.

Sunday, the 90s return.  So far this year we’ve had 10 days of 90 degree or warmer heat!  The low 90s are expected Sunday, and late in the afternoon into the evening and overnight there’s a 30% chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm.  We’ll keep close tabs on this rain chance.  So far this month Indy has only picked up .05″ of rain.  The driest June on record was back in 1988 when only .36″ of rain fell for the entire month!

Temps crash on Monday with a cool down into the upper 70s for highs.

The 80s return Tuesday, then it’s back to the 90s by Thursday.

Our next chance for showers and storms appears in the forecast next Friday and Saturday.

Not as Hot and Not as Humid

After a high of 93 yesterday (our 10th day of 90+ heat this year), we’re getting a bit of a break today and tomorrow with highs in the mid to upper 80s. The other big change: our humidity is much lower making for a comfortable feel for any outdoor plans, whether you’re heading to the Indianapolis Air Show, the Indians Games, Fishers Freedom Festival, Marion County Fair, Dave Matthews Concerts or any of the many outdoor events taking place this weekend. Sunday turns hot again with a chance of isolated storms. Right now, Sunday’s rain potential looks highest north and west of Indy (30% or better) and lowest south and east of Indy (10% or less). Rain amounts may average only around 1/10″ or less. Timing on Sunday’s rain chance looks most likely late day/night.

Were you lucky enough to get rain yesterday? Indianapolis officially (at the airport) recorded NO rain, so our dry streak goes to 18 days at the end of today. Some areas from Crawfordsville to Lafayette to Kokomo did get some much-needed rainfall according to Doppler Radar estimates.

Since Indy did not officially get any rain yesterday, our 0.05″ for the month so far continues as the least rain for the first 21 days of June since 1988! More here from the National Weather Service: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/news/display_cmsstory.php?wfo=ind&storyid=84481&source=0 We could be on our way to the driest June on record! The current record is .36″ in 1988.

Last week, 88% of the state was in a drought. That number has now increased to 100% with an “Extreme Drought” (the worst in the state) for Southwestern Indiana. The Indy Metro has been put in a Moderate Drought (last week we were in the initial drought stages). If we don’t get significant rain soon, the drought will continue to worsen.

What’s ahead in your WTHR-TV 7-day? Much cooler air arrives to start next week, then a warming trend late week. There could be some isolated rain arriving Thursday and Friday of next week.

Finally, your WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon. This gorgeous photo is even prettier thanks to the raindrops on the flower! Lebanon got rain yesterday to help perk up the plants. Thanks to Angie Ranney for the pic! Submit your pic on WTHR’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WTHR13

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Media Summit proved a mini-internship

I keep forgetting that I’m receiving class credit for my work with BSU at the Games. In the spring, the other students and I spent our class time preparing for London and building content. But since the start of summer, this experience has felt more like a dream job than a class.

Emily Thompson
Emily Thompson

I keep forgetting that I’m receiving class credit for my work with BSU at the Games. In the spring, the other students and I spent our class time preparing for London and building content. But since the start of summer, this experience has felt more like a dream job than a class.

In May, two professors, four other students and I traveled to Dallas for the 2012 Team USA Media Summit. Media professionals from all over the country gathered at the Hilton Anatole downtown to interview Olympic hopefuls. Not only was I able to interview dozens of athletes, but I also had the opportunity to network with professionals from The New York Times, Twitter, WTHR-TV (Indianapolis) and more. And that’s not to mention the fact that I attended press conferences for Michelle Obama and Michael Phelps.

When we first arrived, I’ll admit that I wasn’t sure how I was going to pull this off. Working next to media professionals who have “been in the biz” for years is incredibly intimidating. But I caught on quickly, and I was able to pull from my knowledge and practice from these last three years at Ball State. My time in Dallas felt like an entire internship’s worth of experience crammed into three days. And I loved every second of it.

I also learned quite a bit about myself at the Media Summit. Generally speaking, I work well under pressure. (I guess procrastination isn’t always a bad thing.) It turns out that I’m also very capable of stepping outside of my comfort zone, which proved to be essential in such a competitive environment.

Finally, my experience in Dallas reinforced my dreams and ambitions. As a soon-to-be graduate, it’s hard not to get bogged down by all the negative realities of the job market. But this trip was a reminder that I’m doing what I love and that it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears. I can only imagine what my adventures in London will bring.

Back to Sunshine

The rain is gone, and now we’re back to sunshine in Central Indiana.

The rain is gone, and now we’re back to sunshine in Central Indiana.

We’ll start the morning with fog, but end with mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid 80s.

Saturday and Sunday will be dry as temps reach the mid to upper 80s.  Late Sunday night, a chance for a few scattered showers comes back into the forecast.

More clear skies will come our way Monday as temps fall below average and top out in the upper 70s.

The normal high this time of year is 84.

A moderate drought has been declared for the Indy metro, with no drought busting rain in the forecast.

Rain Chance Going up Today

It’s been 16 days with nearly no measurable rain in Indianapolis, today, a chance will finally move in!

It’s been 16 days with nearly no measurable rain in Indianapolis, today, a chance will finally move in!

Highs will reach the low 90s today with showers and thunderstorms expected to develop after noon.  Widespread severe weather is not expected, but an isolated severe storm cannot be ruled out.  Less than .25″ of rain is expected as the rain moves out by late evening.

Tonight the state dries out as temps drop to the low 60s.

Friday highs will hit the mid 80s with mostly sunny skies.

Dry weather sticks around Saturday, with a very slight chance for rain moving in late Sunday.

Early next week much cooler temps move in with highs in the 70s!

No significant rain is in the 7 day forecast as we look ahead to next week.

More 90 Degree Heat & Rain Chances

Today could be the hottest day of 2012 so far, with a high of 94!

Today could be the hottest day of 2012 so far, with a high of 94!

We’ll see temps shoot into the mid 90s with mostly sunny skies.  It’s felt like summer for a while around Central Indiana, but we “officially” usher in summer at 7:09pm.  Today will be the ninth time this year that we hit at the 90 degree mark.

Tonight skies remain clear with temps dropping to around 70.

Thursday scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon.  Less than .25″ of rain is possible.  A few storms may be strong to severe, but widespread severe weather is not likely.  Damaging wind is the strongest threat.

Friday temps drop back into the 80s and it will be cooler with partly cloudy skies.

Saturday looks dry with a 20% chance for a shower or storm at night, possibly hanging around Sunday morning.

Ready to cool off?  Check out the highs early next week in the low 80s!

Beating the Heat

This will be our 8th day of 90-degree heat this year. The average? 18 days each year. We won’t quite get to record territory, but we will be 10 degrees above average with a high of 93. If you want to beat the heat, seek shade or air conditioning, because Mother Nature won’t be doing us any favors.

Today is also the 15th straight day officially for Indy without any measurable rain. We’re now around 2 1/2″ below average for the month and nearly 5″ below average for the year. We need rain!

Our next chance of rain comes Thursday. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good chance. Look for about a 60% chance of rain north and west of Lafayette with up to 1/2″ possible. From Indy points north and west to Lafayette, I’m expecting about a 30% chance of showers and storms with maybe up to 1/4″ of rain. South and east of Indy, the front looks like it really falls apart – meaning rain chances drop to around 20% and rain totals may only be up to 1/10″.

Behind the front, Friday will bring slightly cooler air in the 80s. We could see a shower or storm Saturday night to Sunday morning (again with very little rain expected), but it does look like a little heat relief to start next week with mid 80s in your WTHR-TV 7-day.

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon: Guiness the dog knows how to beat the heat! He spends time in the pool! Great pic from Amanda Kilgore of the BAM Chase Team. Submit your pic! Just post it on WTHR’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/WTHR13

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The Heat is On!

We hit 86 degrees at noon in Indianapolis and should easily warm into the low 90s for highs with mostly sunny skies. It will be a breezy afternoon with winds gusting over 20 mph. Get used the the heat…it’s not going anywhere.

While we’d love to see some rain, it won’t happen for the next few days. So if you want to beat the heat, you may want to head to your neighborhood pool. Highs today will be close to but won’t quite reach the record. 92 is my forecast this afternoon and the record is 96 set in 1994.

If you are out and about, don’t forget the shades and sunscreen! Today’s UV Index is a 9 – Very High. You could burn in 15 minutes or less.

Looking ahead in your WTHR-TV 7-Day, you won’t find much heat or rain relief. Our next chance (only a chance) arrives Thursday. Right now it looks like about a 30-50% chance of rain north and west of Indianapolis but only a 20% chance of rain south and east of Indy. Unfortunately, even if we do get rain, it looks like less than 1/4″ possible. There’s another slight chance of rain early Sunday morning – mainly for the northeastern third of the state.

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon. The Harvey Family submitted their Father’s Day sign: “I love my Dad because…” So cute! Submit your pic on WTHR’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WTHR13

Take Care!

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Hot and Dry Weather Returns

Only a couple lonely spots reaped the benefits of rain on Father’s Day. Storms in Illinois died and dissipated before reaching Indy Sunday morning, then very isolated showers developed east of Indy during the evening. The result: 13 straight days with no measurable precipitation at Indianapolis International Airport.

24-hour rainfall estimates were highest north and west of Lafayette with about a third of an inch. But most spots were like Indy: dry.

Extra clouds held the temperatures down a bit on Sunday. Our high was 88 (still above the average of 83). Starting Monday, we’ll see 90s return as a warm front lifts northward through the state. Along the way, there’s a very small chance of a shower Monday morning mainly north/east of Indy. The majority of us will yet again be dry and that dry streak may not end until Thursday. Late Thursday and early Friday, we’ll have a shot at some rain, but most computer models bring very little in the way of totals for us…which means even if we do get rain, it won’t even make a dent in our worsening drought. Though 90s will be the rule for much of your WTHR-TV 7-Day, we won’t be in record territory. Records are in the mid 90s to 100 this upcoming week. The Summer Solstice arrives at 7:09 pm Wednesday – and we’ll definitely be feeling the summer swelter with the hottest day of the year possible.

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Scattered Showers and Storms for Father’s Day

While some parts of Indiana did receive some much-needed rain Saturday, most of the Hoosier State remained hot and dry. But there’s the chance of some scattered showers and t-storms overnight (mainly after 2am) and again on Father’s Day from morning to afternoon. If you’re lucky, you might get around 1/2″ of rain (more in any slow-moving downpours). There will also be plenty of dry time for any outdoor Father’s Day plans.

So who got the rain Saturday? Parts of Warren county got an estimated 6″ of rain prompting flood warnings. More than 3″ of rain fell in parts of Fountain County per radar estimates. And more than 2″ in parts of Montgomery. Heavy rain also fell in East-Central Indiana from Wayne County to Jay County. But remained bone dry in the Indy Metro.

Here’s a closer look at some of the heavy rain from radar estimates. We did receive a report from a weather spotter in Rob Roy (Fountain County) who measured 4.12″ of rain there and reported some small hail and minor wind damage.

We hit 93 on Saturday – the hottest since September 3rd and just 3 degrees shy of a record! It was our 6th day this year of 90+ heat. Father’s Day will bring a bit of heat relief. The added clouds and better rain chances should hold high temps in the 80s.

The cool-down won’t last long! By Monday we’re back in the 90s through most of the week. Our next chance of rain after Father’s Day arrives Thursday to Friday in your WTHR-TV 7-Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

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