More Records In Jeopardy, More Chances of Much-Needed Rain

We did it again! Another record high. This time, we tied the record of 97 set in 1933 and 1913. That’s in addition to record highs we set on Thursday (104) and Friday (103).

More records are in jeopardy – especially on Sunday. If we reach 97, that will tie the record dating back to 1970. We’ll be close to record territory both Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, we SET the record for driest June with just .09″ in June of 2012. That beats .36″ in the Great Drought of 1988.

Will there be a turn-around for July? According to the Climate Prediction Center: NO. Our July outlook is for below average precipitation and above average temperatures. In fact, the long range Drought Outlook through September predicts that our drought will either Persist or Intensify!

Our heatwave will continue for at least another week with mid to upper 90s expected each day. The Heat Advisory continue for Indy points north and Excessive Heat Warning for areas to the south until 8pm Sunday.

Sunday will also feature the chance of scattered showers and storms – and a slight risk of severe (wind/hail the biggest threats). Some spots could get up to 1/4″ of rain…many may once again miss out.

Looking ahead in your WTHR-TV 7-day…there’s not much change. Hot weather continues.

Our Hoosier Pic at 6 was submitted by Angie Kerr of Ingalls after welcome rain visited Friday, prompting a rain party!

And our Hoosier Pic at 11 was submitted by Rick Warboys who captured a shot of the waxing gibbous moon Friday night. Submit your pic here: or here:

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Record Heat Possible, Along With More Storm Chances

Yesterday’s wind and rain were caused by a derecho that caused widespread damage across several states. What’a a derecho?

Early this morning, more rain and storms rolled through, giving some much-needed rain to areas from Indy points north. Spotters reported .72″ in Meridian Hills and 1.15 near Sheridan. WeatherBug morning rain reports included .45″ in Carmel.

This afternoon, we could see some additional storms develop. There’s a slight risk of severe storms (wind and hail the biggest threats). Areas north of Indy look most likely for storms with lesser chances to the south.

We’ll also be under a slight risk of severe for tomorrow. Not everyone will get rain this weekend, but some lucky crops and lawns will get the much-needed moisture.

Our dry streak officially broke yesterday when we got 0.04″ of rain at Indianapolis International Airport.  We picked up a trace of rain officially early this morning. That brings our monthly total to 0.09″ which will set a record for driest June unless we pick up another 0.27″ before midnight. The current driest June record is 0.36″ in 1988.

Heat will continue this weekend as well. A Heat Advisory covers Indy points north and an Excessive Heat Advisory covers areas to the south. Heat Indices will soar past 105 and temps will top out in the upper 90s Indy to triple digits south.

The week ahead looks continued hot!  We’ve now had 14 days of 90+ heat this year and the next 7-days will add to that total.  We only average 18 90+ highs a year!  Scattered rain chances today and tomorrow will give way to isolated chances Monday before a mainly dry stretch (again) moves in.

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Record Heat Today… Heat Wave Rolls On

Record heat is expected across Central Indiana today.

Record heat is expected across Central Indiana today.

Highs will top out above 10o degrees today.  The record for today is 101 set back in 1934, and we’ll either tie or break that as we head into this afternoon.  A Red Flag Warning is in effect today.  With wind gusts up to 30mph, and low humidity, fire danger is increased.  An Excessive Heat Warning is also in effect today and tomorrow.  Use care when you’re out an about.  It sounds simple, but stay cool, wear light clothing, and drink plenty of water.

Tonight temps only drop to the mid 70s.

Friday, we’ll introduce a 20% chance of isolated storms.  Most spots won’t see a drop of rain.  Highs Friday will top out near 100 degrees!  The record for Friday is 100 set back in 1934.

Saturday, another 20% chance of isolated storms, and another near record!  Saturday’s record is 97 set back in 1933.

In the 7 day forecast, we never get rid of the 90 degree temps, and we don’t have a very good chance of rain either.

Stay safe!

Here Comes the Heat

Get ready, triple digit heat is on the way to Central Indiana.

Get ready, triple digit heat is on the way to Central Indiana.

Highs will reach the low 90s today, with low humidity.  Today is the 23rd day in a row that we’ve had no measurable rain in Indianapolis.  The fact that we have low humidity will contribute to the fire danger as we go through the Fourth of July holiday.

Thursday, a Heat Advisory and Fire Weather Watch is in effect for all of Central Indiana.  Winds will gust out of the west up to 30mph, and with low humidity, fire danger is high.  Thursday’s high looks to hit at least 100 degrees!  The record is 101 from 1934. 

Another triple digit day is possible Friday, the record for that day is 100 from 1934.

Overnight lows “cool” to the low 70s… but even after the triple digit heat… the 90s stay in the 7 day forecast.

As for rain chances, there’s a 20% chance of a thunderstorm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The normal high this time of year is 85.


Hottest in Nearly 25 Years Possible

Tuesday was gorgeous and pleasant here in Indy with a high of only 83, but look and the heat that’s lurking to our west! Those 90s and 100s are heading our way and we could tie some records in the process!

We’ll make it into the low 90s on Wednesday, hot, but not record hot. Thursday and Friday that could change with triple digits possible both days. If we make it to 101 Thursday and 100 Friday we will tie records dating back to 1934!

So just how long has it been? The last time we hit 100 was just last year in September, but you have to go all the way back to 1988 for the last 101 and 102 degree highs! That’s nearly a quarter of a century! In case you’re wondering, the all-time hottest ever for Indy is 106 – most recently on July 14, 1936.

Along with the heat comes another concern: High Wildfire Danger. A FIRE WEATHER WATCH has been hoisted for Thursday for most of the state due to the combination of heat around 100, winds gusting to 25 mph, and humidity as low as 20%!

What we need is some rain to help cool us down and lessen the drought. Our chances are not looking very good at this point. There’s a 30% chance of showers/storms late Friday (mainly north/east of Indy), then a 20% chance on Saturday and Sunday. Translation: most areas will likely stay dry. And though the heat will ease a bit after Friday, we’re still looking at mid 90s from the weekend through the 4th of July.

Finally, our Hoosier Pic of the Day from Teresa Zimmerman in New Palestine. She shared this photo of a little “Thriller!” I’m guessing he can do a mean moonwalk! Submit your pic here: or here:

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New book focuses on Gov. Daniels’ achievements

As the race for Indiana’s next governor heats up, a new book released this week takes a step back to reflect on the past.

Lauren Casey/WTHR intern

As the race for Indiana’s next governor heats up, a new book released this week takes a step back to reflect on the past.

Republican Chairman Eric Holcomb authored a book titled “Leading the Revolution” that takes a look at Gov. Mitch Daniels and his time as the leader of Indiana. On the cover is a picture of Daniels riding his motorcycle, which Holcomb says represents Daniels’ bold leadership style that changed the culture of the state in his first term.

Daniels “was change before change was cool,” said Holcomb.  “Mitch ushered in big change for four years and did not back down.  Because of that, we saw positive results.”

Democrats have so far declined to comment on the book, as did a spokesman for John Gregg, the party’s nominee for governor.

Holcomb said Daniels created an atmosphere that attracted outside businesses to our state.

“I think overall he has changed the reputation of the state,” said Holcomb. “Mitch has proven that if we are going to be a leader we cannot be a follower and wait for everyone else.”

The goal of the book in part, he said, is to provide a manual for Indiana’s next governor, to reflect on what worked and what did not.

Holcomb also intends for the book to reach Hoosiers across the state from both parties and has received interested from people outside Indiana’s borders.  He hopes Daniels’ story will inspire people to run for public office and get more involved in their local communities.

“We need a diverse group of people running for office,” he said. “Their voice needs to be a part of the conversation.”

First Record Dry, Then Record Heat

Our dry streak of 21 days officially without measurable precipitation has now set a record for the month of June. Our streak could climb for days to come. There are only two small chances of rain in the next week: 20% late Friday and 20% on Saturday. The all-time record dry streak is 39 days set in 1908.

If we don’t get more than .31″ of rain by the end of the month, we’ll also set a record for driest June. The current record: .36″ set in 1988. So far this month, we’ve only had .05″ officially. Check out some of the other monthly rain totals across Central Indiana from our SkyTrak13 WeatherBug Network.

We saw a brief cool-down to start the week, if you want to call mid 80s “cool!” We’ll have highs in the 80s for one more day before a huge heat wave builds in. That heat is currently over the Southern Plains and expanding our way…with triple digit temps possible.

Here’s the temperature trend over the next few days. A warm front surges in midweek getting us back to 90 degrees Wednesday, then we see our heat peak on Thursday. If we hit 101, it will tie the daily record set in 1934 and will also be our first time to 101 since July 8, 1988! The all-time hottest temperature for the month of June is 102 set in 1988 and 1954.

While we don’t really get any significant heat or rain relief, we will see small rain chances late Friday and Saturday. Added clouds may cool our temps from triple digits into 90s, but when the average high is 85, that just isn’t saying much. With a big ridge of high pressure blocking precip chances and cutting us off from moisture, we just don’t have any big pattern changes on the horizon.

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic of the day from Terrah Dawn of Marion. She rescued this turtle from the middle of the street and shared this pic with us. Submit your pic here or here

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Big Temperature Swings

We don’t have any significant rain relief expected anytime soon. That’s after 20 straight days officially with no measurable rain in Indy. That number will continue to grow with only an isolated rain/storm chance Friday/Saturday. One computer model is forecasting just .84″ of rain between now and July 10th! Unless something changes dramatically, we are likely to break the record for driest June. 0.36″ in 1988 is the current record.

While our lack of precipitation stays the same, our temperatures will swing all over the place this upcoming week. After hitting 92 Sunday, we’ll have highs only around 81 for Monday and Tuesday as cooler, drier, less humid air drops in for a visit behind a cold front that moves through overnight.

Don’t get used to the cool-down, though. A strong warm front lifts through the Hoosier State later this week surging temperatures to the highest levels since last year! We could get very close to triple digits and records. The last time we hit 100 was September 3rd. The record high for Thursday is 101 and the record high for Friday is 100. Heat index values late week could hit 100-110, which is high enough for a heat advisory which could be issued in the coming days.

As for Tropical Storm Debby in the Gulf, her track has shifted dramatically! 24 hours ago, it looked like Debby would push due west toward Texas. Now many of the computer models are sending Debby toward a Florida landfall. While we can’t buy a drop of rain, Florida could get 10″+ and some areas are already experiencing significant flooding. Latest track info:

Finally, our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at 6 from Matt Fearnow who shared this pic of his girls enjoying Saturday night’s Indians game. Submit your pic here: or on WTHR’s Facebook page

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90 Degree Heat Returns & Isolated Storm Chances

A big temperature swing is setting up to move into the Hoosier state.

A big temperature swing is setting up to move into the Hoosier state.

Highs will reach the low 90s today with increasing clouds.  There’s a 10% chance for an isolated shower or storm this afternoon.  Saturday marked 19 days with no rain in Indianapolis.

Tonight, isolated storms are possible as a cold front moves through Indiana.  The best time to see the chance of activity will be from 5pm to 1am.  An isolated storm may be strong to severe with damaging wind, and large hail.  Not everyone will get rain, and it doesn’t look like widespread storms are likely at this point.  Temps will fall into the mid 60s tonight.

Monday we’ll get relief from the heat as highs top out in the upper 70s and low 80s.

A big warm up is coming our way, by Thursday the hottest air of 2012 could settle in.  Highs look to hit the mid 90s, with an isolated storm Friday, and a 30% chance of scattered storms Saturday and Sunday. 

So far Indy has picked up .05″ of rain this month.  The driest June on record was in 1988 when just .36″ of rain fell. 

We’re watching any chance of rain closely, but it looks like the majority of this week will be dry.

Hot End to the Weekend…Slim Rain Chances

Did you see the sun halo Saturday afternoon? Lots of people including viewer Tim Sturgeon saw it, snapped pics, and shared them with us here at WTHR. A gorgeous sight, sun halos occur when the sun’s rays pass through high thin cirrus clouds (made of ice crystals) at just the right angle. More:

We’ll see temperatures nudge up a bit to end the weekend. We hit 88 today and could reach low 90s tomorrow with more cloud cover (mainly high clouds) through the day. Tomorrow’s high of 91 should make day number 11 this year of 90+ heat.

It should stay dry until nighttime when we’ll watch a cold front push through. Ahead of that front, there’s a chance (albeit a small one) of showers and storms – around 20% at best. Some areas that do manage a storm could see a strong or severe storm, so we are in a “Slight Risk” of severe for Sunday night/early Monday. I don’t expect much out of the chance. As for rain, most areas could see only up to 1/10″ if any at all. We’ve now gone 19 straight days officially at the Indianapolis International Airport without measurable rain.

Next week, we’ll have some big temperature swings. We could be hard-pressed to get out of the 70s Monday (I’m calling for a high of 80 – barely!) but as a strong warm front lifts through mid to late week, we could see the hottest air of the year arrive Thursday and Friday. Mid to upper 90s look possible! As for rain chances in your WTHR-TV 7-day… the majority of the week looks dry until an isolated shower/storm chance Friday or Saturday.

Saturday afternoon, Tropical Storm Debby formed in the Gulf of Mexico and could bring very heavy rain to the Gulf Coast. For updated track information:

Finally, our Hoosier Pic at 6. Brad Brown shot this flyover from his house as the planes were headed to the Indy Air Show. It’s a really busy weekend with all kinds of outdoor events – from the Air Show to the Fishers Freedom Festival to the Marion County Fair to the Indians. Snap a pic and share it on Facebook: or

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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