Showers & Storms Develop Today

Central Indiana needs rain, and we’ll have a good chance at a soaking the later we head into the afternoon and evening.

Central Indiana needs rain, and we’ll have a good chance at a soaking the later we head into the afternoon and evening.

Highs will reach the low 70s today with increasing clouds.  Late this afternoon into this evening scattered showers and thunderstorms will develop.  Some storms south of Bloomington may be strong to severe, with damaging wind the biggest threat.  By Friday morning up to one inch of rain is possible.  Central Indiana needs rain.  So far this month we’ve picked up 2.56″ of rain, that’s more than two inches below normal.

Friday a spotty shower or thunderstorm isn’t out of the question as temps hit the low to mid 60s for highs!

We can’t rule out a spotty shower or thunderstorm Saturday as highs reach the upper 60s.

As of now Sunday looks dry with temps approaching 80, and our next best chance for rain sets up for Monday.

Hot, Humid Memorial Day, Storms Possible Late

We missed the record for Indy on Sunday, but areas to our north like Kokomo soared to 97 degrees! South Bend hit 97 which shattered both the daily and May record for heat. Fort Wayne hit 96, also setting a record for hottest ever in the month of May. Chicago and Rockford, Illinois set daily records, as did Paducah, Kentucky.

Our high of 91 in Indy was one degree shy of the Indy 500 record, 3 degrees away from the daily record, and 5 degrees from the all-time May record.

Memorial Day will bring more heat and humidity, with highs in the low 90s and heat index values in the mid 90s.

Late Memorial Day through early Tuesday, we could see scattered showers and storms develop. There’s a slight risk of severe storms (hail/high winds) for areas north and west of Indy.

We could use the rain. This month, we’re now about 2 and 1/4″ below average and we’ve only had 1/10″ of rain since May 10th officially! Some areas could get up to 1/2″ of rain with the Monday night/Tuesday morning system. But more rain is likely Thursday afternoon into Friday.

Temperatures will take a dramatic turn downward as you can see in your WTHR-TV 7-day. We may struggle in the 60s by Friday!

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!
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Indianapolis 500 Forecast

Record heat is expected across Central Indiana today.

Record heat is expected across Central Indiana today.

Highs will warm into the mid 90s today.  A heat advisory is in effect for all of Central Indiana until 8pm.  This afternoon it will feel closer to 100 degrees with the humidity.  A Knozone Action Day is also in effect.  Mostly sunny skies are expected, so drink plenty of water and sunscreen is a must!  A Southwest breeze up to 20mph will help keep the air moving.

The warmest Indy 500 on record was set back in 1937 with a high of 92.  The warmest day on May 27th was in 1911 when the mercury hit 94.  Today we are forecasting a high of 94 degrees, a record tying day!

Tonight skies remain clear, and muggy air sticks.  Lows drop to the low 70s.

Monday highs will reach the low 90s with isolated thunderstorms developing for the late afternoon into Tuesday morning.

Behind the rain, much cooler weather.  Highs Tuesday only reach the low 80s, and by Wednesday we’ll be in the mid 70s!

Another chance of rain with high temps in the 60s arrives late Thursday and throughout the day Friday.

Record-Setting Race Day Ahead

We hit 90 Saturday which was the hottest since 92 back on September 13th. Sunday will be even hotter as we meet or beat records!

For the record: the hottest Indy 500 was on May 31, 1937 when it hit 92. The hottest May 27th was in 1911 when it hit 94. The hottest day in the entire month of May was May 28, 1911 when it hit 96. We could contend for each of these! I’m forecasting a high of 94. If we reach 94, that will be the first time in 78 years we’ve made it to 94 or hotter during the month of May!

A Heat Advisory continues overnight and Sunday until 8pm. The combination of heat plus humidity will likely mean heat index values in the mid 90s to 100 degrees. I’m forecasting the highest heat index for Indy to top out at 99! Drink plenty of water, wear light-colored clothing, seek shade, and take care!

Sunday is also another Knozone Action Day. Elevated ozone levels will put our Air Quality Index into the Code Orange – Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups – category, which means if you’re elderly or very young or have any respiratory problems, it may be more difficult to breathe. Staying indoors will help. And for the rest of us, waiting to mow or refuel will help keep ozone levels from growing higher.

If you’re heading to the race, here’s your Hour-By-Hour Race Day Forecast. Morning temps in the 70s will pave the way for a green flag at noon with temps in the upper 80s heading to a high of 94. It will feel much hotter than that!

We’ll stay dry until Memorial Day Monday, but as a cold front approaches late Monday, we may see strong to severe storms develop, especially northwest of Indy where a slight risk of severe storms is possible. Storms will continue into Tuesday morning, the cooler air filters in. We’ve only had officially 0.1″ of rain since May 10th, so we can use the moisture!

Behind the cold front, temperatures cool-down in a big way as you can see in your 7-Day Forecast. By Friday, we might have unseasonably cool highs in the 60s!

Finally, our Hoosier Pic Saturday at 6. While most areas haven’t seen rain in days, parts of Hamilton County got storms Friday, including Arcadia where Curtis Browning shot these storm clouds through the sunshine. Submit your pic – just post it on WTHR’s Facebook Page:

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!
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Heat Advisory

Dangerous heat is expected across Central Indiana this weekend.

Dangerous record heat is expected across Central Indiana this weekend.

A Heat Advisory goes into effect at noon today and expires at 8pm Sunday.  Highs will reach the low to mid 90s today and tomorrow, but will feel more like 100 degrees with the heat index.  Drink plenty of water, and stay cool.  A Knozone Action Day has also been declared for Saturday and Sunday.

A high of 95 is expected Sunday, that would make it the warmest date on record and the warmest running of the Indy 500. The warmest Indy 500 to date was in 1937 at 92 degrees. The temperature record for May 27th is 94 from 1911.  The hottest temperature for the month of May on record is 96 back in 1911.

Memorial Day looks mainly dry with temps in the low 90s.  Late Monday into Tuesday scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected to develop.  Some storms may be strong. 

Behind the rain is much cooler temps!  Showers and storms will clear out by Tuesday afternoon with highs in the low 80s.

Wednesday we’re back to temps in the 70s, and by Thursday we’ll be tracking more rain.

By Friday, we could be talking upper 60s!

We need all the rain we can get, and there are a few chances in the 7 day forecast.  Indianapolis is running about two inches below normal for the month of May, and for the year when it comes to rain.

Getting the gold

Jaycie writes about how she overcame a loss of confidence and how her perseverance paid off in 1996 with a gold medal at the Olympics.

Jaycie Phelps with her gold medal from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

In 1993, I was a 13-year-old girl who was unsure about wanting to continue on with the sport of gymnastics. I had reached the elite level and qualified for the USA Championships for the first time as a junior. I placed 24th out of 25 girls and in my eyes, I wasn’t any good. I had lost a lot of my confidence and decided to be finished with gymnastics. After about four weeks out of the gym and many long conversations with my family, I knew that I needed and wanted gymnastics in my life.

Who would have known that in three years I would be a member of the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team?

What an experience that was. I remember very clearly the night we won the gold medal. For the July 23, 1996 team finals, there were seven girls so unique and each added something special to that team. It started in the warm-up gym where we walked across the floor and heard an arena of 40,000 people chanting “USA-USA-USA.” 

An overwhelming feeling of pride rolled through my body at that point with the realization that I was representing the USA (the best country in the world) at the Olympic Games.

The entire night was an emotional roller coaster. We started competition on bars, which meant it was the last event to be warmed up. You get two minutes per gymnast to warm up. 

There were six of us competing on bars, which means we had a total of twelve minutes for everyone to warm up. I had my warm-up routine down to where I normally hit two routines to feel really good and ready to compete. 

That day my warm-up didn’t go as planned. I actually hit zero routines and our time was up. This is where the nerves really started to kick in. However, we still got a 30-second touch on the competition equipment, so I knew I would get the chance to do another routine and hit it!  Well, turns out that didn’t happen. I was the lead-off person, first up on bars, setting the tone for the entire competition and it was all riding on what I was going to deliver when I saluted the judge. 

My teammate and the captain of our Olympic team, Amanda Borden, gave me a pep talk and reminded me of how many routines I had done for years prior to this point and I visualized myself hitting my bar routine, and prayed to God that he be with me and give me calmness and help me do what I had worked so hard to do. 

The training was done, the preparation was over and now it was time to perform. I saluted the judge, took a deep breath and YES, I hit the best bar routine of my life and stuck my dismount and started the U.S. team off with a bang. When my feet landed on that mat the biggest feeling of relief took over me. I was so glad to be finished with that routine. And the rest of the team followed with one spectacular performance after another. 

On the vault

We went to beam and then floor after that and our last event was the vault. I don’t normally pay close attention to scores at meets because there really is nothing you can do about them. You can perform to the best of your ability and then the judges decide your score. But on this particular night, at this particular meet, I was a little bit interested in where the U.S. was ranked going into the last event. It didn’t help that we marched straight towards the giant screen with the standings on it. So yes, I looked and saw the U.S. sitting in first place by about .8, which back in my day was pretty substantial. So I got really excited knowing that vault was one of our strongest events as a team. 

I am going to take you through a play-by-play of vault for those of you who have never seen the coverage. I was first up, hit my vault and stood by to watch the night play out. 

The next three vaulters went, they hit and then we had Dominique Moceanu and Kerri Strug left to go, who were our two strongest vaulters. In the two weeks that we trained together as a team leading into the Olympics, I never saw these two girls miss a vault, and they did about twenty vaults a day. 

Dominique ran down and did her first vault and was trying so hard to stick that she landed a little short and sat it down. You get two vaults, so we knew she would land the second one. She ran down and did the exact same thing on the second vault, tried so hard to stick it that she landed a little short and sat it down again. 

Out of six competitors you get to drop one score, so we are thinking we will drop that score and still have Kerri’s vault to count on. Kerri saluted the judge, ran down the runway and performed her first vault, only it looked like an exact replay of Dominique’s. She was trying so hard to stick that she landed short and sat it down. We knew she had one more vault but she was limping back and shaking out her leg. We didn’t know if she was hurt or what was going on. 

Bela was in the background yelling, “You can do it, Kerri!” and we all hugged each other as Kerri saluted and started running down and did her vault and landed it and started hopping around on one leg and immediately got carried off and taken to the back.

We were all waiting to see where the U.S. finished. The other three events were still competing so we were standing there wondering if Kerri was all right and what the outcome of the competition was going to be. After several minutes of panic, the big screen posted the final standings and the USA was in first place. 

We marched off the competition floor and into the back gym to line up for the awards presentation. We saw Kerri and got to talk to her for a brief minute and they marched us back out to the competition floor. Bela had Kerri in his arms and it wasn’t until they announced the USA as Olympic team champions and we got Kerri onto the podium that we actually got to breathe for a moment and take it all in. 

Standing on the podium with a gold medal around my neck, listening to the National Anthem play, watching the American flag raise and seeing so many fans in red, white and blue singing along with tears in their eyes, that is what it’s all about.  I have never been so proud to be an American!

That is the moment when you look back at the journey and say, “WOW, I am really glad that I never gave up!”

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Prepare for the Weekend Heat

The hottest weekend of the year so far is shaping up across Central Indiana.

The hottest weekend of the year so far is shaping up across Central Indiana.

Highs will reach the upper 80s today with a chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm.

Saturday, we’ll see sunshine and temps in the low 90s.  It will be humid, so use extra care if you have outdoor plans.  As temps rise, make sure to drink plenty of water before you head out, and also during activity.  Sunscreen will be very important too!

Sunday could be a new record for the Indianapolis 500.  We’re forecasting a high of 93 Sunday.  That would break the record for the hottest Indy 500 on record of 92 in 1937.  Plenty of sunshine will be found across the state, so we shouldn’t have any issues as the cars hit the track.  The normal high is 75, so we are well above average.

Monday temps remain in the low 90s with a chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm.

Rain and storms become more likely Tuesday.  Some storms may be strong, we’ll keep a close eye on this.  With the showers and storms much cooler air moves in, and by Wednesday temps will cool to the mid 70s.

Here Comes the Heat

Get ready for the heat and humidity to increase as we get closer to the running of the Indianapolis 500!

Get ready for the heat and humidity to increase as we get closer to the running of the Indianapolis 500!

Highs will reach the mid to upper 80s today with mostly sunny skies and wind gusts out of the south up to 25mph.  Not only is the temp increasing, but it will feel more humid outside too.

Tonight, lows drop to the mid 60s with mostly clear skies.

Friday highs reach the mid to upper 80s with a 20% chance for isolated showers or storms.  The day will not be a washout, but there is a chance for some isolated activity.

By Saturday we’re in the low 90s and for the Indy 500 Sunday, we’ll hit the low 90s with heat index values near 100!  The record high for the running of the Indianapolis 500 is 92 set back in 1937, we are looking to tie or break that record.

If you will be at the race, or are planning to enjoy time outside this weekend, remember to drink plenty of water, slather on the sunscreen, and take breaks in the shade.

The Warm Up Begins

The warm up is just starting for Central Indiana!

The warm up is just starting for Central Indiana!

Highs will reach the low 80s today with mostly sunny skies.

Tonight temps drop to the low 60s.

By Thursday, temps soar into the upper 80s with more humidity moving into the forecast.

Friday will be hot and sticky with highs in the low 90s.  There’s a 20% chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm.

Saturday looks dry with temps in the low 90s.

For the Indianapolis 500 highs push into the low 90s.  We could tie or break the all time record high for the race.  The hottest running of the Indy 500 was in 1937 when the temp hit 92.  That’s what we’re forecasting for this Sunday.  An isolated storm is not out of the question. 

Isolated storm chances are possible again Monday as temps hang out in the low 90s, but a better chance for rain and cooler temps in the low 80s move in Tuesday.

We need rain, as of today, Indianapolis is 1.42″ below normal for this time of month.

Cooler for Now…Plus Isolated Showers & Storms

After hitting 88 yesterday (warmest since September and just 2 degrees from a record), a cold front has shifted our winds to the cool northwest and dropped our temperatures significantly. Highs may only reach 60s north and west of Indy, with seasonable mid 70s in Indy and upper 70s to the south and east. Don’t get used to the cool change, it won’t last!

While we’re not expecting much rain, and isolated shower or storm may pop up this afternoon – just as these did at midday on Indy’s Northside. The best chance of rain will be Indy points south and east with disorganized showers and t-storms. Your lawn will appreciate the rain. If you don’t get wet this go-around, it could be next week before rain visits again.

Coming attractions include warming temps. We’ll be back in the 80s by Community Day Wednesday out at the Track. Humidity starts to creep in late week and we could see highs near 90 by the weekend! The hottest Indy 500 was 92 back in 1937. We could get close! And though most indications are for dry weather on Race Day Sunday, one computer model insists on isolated storms. I’ve thrown in an “isolated” with a question mark and will watch the trend closely in the days leading up to the race! It DOES look like scattered showers/storms may pop on Memorial Day Monday at this point.

By now you’ve probably seen some amazing shots of the Annular Solar Eclipse last night that was stunning from Japan to the West Coast. Most Hoosiers had no view whatsoever of the partial eclipse just before sunset yesterday, but if you look closely at our WTHR-TV Hoosier Pic at noon, Stefan Hawkins of Peru caught the VERY beginning of the eclipse before the clouds took over. It’s a gorgeous pic regardless! Submit your pic! Just post it on WTHR’s Facebook page:

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