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Scattered Showers and Storms Today

Posted By · March 23, 2012 at 5:08 am

Break out the rain gear, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible across central Indiana today.

Highs will reach the low 70s with off and on shower chances and isolated thunderstorms.  Some storms may strong to severe with large hail and damaging wind.  The area in yellow is under a slight risk for severe storms.

Tonight, temps drop to the mid 50s and we could still see scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Saturday won’t be a washout, but scattered showers and thunderstorms stick around.  The best chance for any precip looks to be until midday.

Sunday, sunshine returns with temps around 70, then look at the nice forecast in store for next week!  The average high this time of year is in the mid 50s, and we’ll stay well above that.

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Yet another record-breaker?

Posted By · March 21, 2012 at 8:14 am

Who would have thought?  Backyard cookouts, shorts and T-shirts….in March!

I spent Saturday with my wife and friends cruising the Chicago River on a boat. Having grown up there, I would have never thought such a thing would have ever been possible in the month of March in Chicago, much less in Indianapolis.

Today should be an outstanding, memorable and historic day in Indy. Look for highs in the mid 80s, a new daily record and if we reach 85, we will tie the all time record high for heat in Indianapolis in March. 

Look for thunderstorms to move in here late Thursday and Friday.  Take a look at the warm Extended Forecast, the average high is 54.

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Spring is Here, But it Feels Like Summer!

Posted By · March 20, 2012 at 1:07 pm

*Happy Spring: The Vernal Equinox was 1:14 this morning.  Typical high for today: 54.  Your forecast for today: 85!

*Record stretch:  We hit 74 at 11am, making this our 9th straight day of 70+ temps (the record had been 6 straight for March and we keep adding to it!)

*Daily record: As of 1pm we were at 77. It’s going to be a breeze to beat 80 (set in 1894) today.

*Monthly record: Warmest all-time for the month of March was 85 on March 31, 1981.  I think we have a shot at tying the record both today AND tomorrow!

*Hoosier Pic at Noon:  This pooch sure knows how to beat the heat!  Submitted via facebook by Amy Marschard

Our next chance of rain arrives Thursday which will cool our temps down, but we’ll still be well above the normals in the mid 50s! (And for those of you suffering from seasonal allergies, rain will help wash away the pollen that’s going sky-high!)

So how many records have we broken so far? The National Weather Service has a great summary: http://www.crh.noaa.gov/news/display_cmsstory.php?wfo=ind&storyid=80710&source=0

Enjoy this first day of Spring!

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Springing into More Record Warmth!

Posted By · March 19, 2012 at 7:30 pm

Our high hit 82 today beating the old record of 76 from
1921. We’ve now hit record highs 5 of the last 6 days
along with 8 straight highs of 70+ (a record for

More records will likely fall with a high tomorrow of
84 (record is 80 in 1894) and Wednesday with a high of
83 (record is 82 in 1907). Thursday, I’m forecasting
just shy of a record, but it could be close. I’m
forecasting 81. The record: 82 in 1907.

Late Thursday through early Sunday, we have chances of
rain and cooler temperatures…that will still be well
above the average highs this time of year in the 50s!

What a way to welcome Spring! (The Vernal Equinox
occurs at 1:14am).

And how’s this for a contrast? On March 19, 1906, we picked up 12.1″ of snow!! That’s the most in one single calendar day for Indianapolis on record!

Enjoy the weather!


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More Record Warmth!

Posted By · March 18, 2012 at 11:36 pm

Record Warmth:  We hit 80 Sunday setting another record high (old record was 76 in 1903).  We have now set record highs 4 of the last 5 days with the potential to tie or break records Monday through Wednesday!

Records: Monday 78 (1921), Tuesday 80 (1894), Wednesday 82 (1907)

Forecast: Monday 81, Tuesday 83, Wednesday 82

We also have now seen a record-setting 7 straight days with highs of 70 or warmer, beating the old record of 6 straight during the month of March (1998)


We Could Get Close to the All-Time Warmest March Temp:  Back on March 31, 1981, Indy hit 85.  We have the best shot at that on Tuesday.

Storm Chances: An isolated non-severe shower/storm could pop Monday, but most areas stay dry until late Thursday.  Showers & storms are possible late Thursday through Sunday morning.  The rain will bring us “cooler” temps, still 10 to 15 degrees above “normal” by the weekend.

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Severe Storms Possible Today

Posted By · March 18, 2012 at 1:09 pm

As the atmosphere heats up, some storms that pop this afternoon and evening may turn strong or severe.

The area shaded in yellow is under a slight risk for severe storms.  This area includes Indianapolis.

The greatest threats are damaging wind, large hail, and very heavy rain.


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Soggy Sunday with Record Highs

Posted By · March 18, 2012 at 4:50 am

Scattered showers and storms are likely across Central Indiana today, along with another chance to break the high temp record!

Highs should reach 77 today (or a few degrees higher) breaking the record of 76 set back in 1903.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be around especially for the morning and early afternoon.  Widespread severe weather is not likely, but isolated storms could contain hail and gusty winds.

Tonight, we dry out, and patchy fog is possible as temps drop to around 60 degrees.

Monday and Tuesday highs will reach the low 80s, and more records will fall.  Monday’s record high is 78 from 1921, Tuesday’s record is 80 set back in 1894.

Wednesday looks dry, but late Wednesday night scattered showers and thunderstorms will move back into the forecast.  The timing of this is still being worked out, so check back for more updates!

Cooler air will be ushered in behind the rain, with highs in the 60s as we head into next weekend.

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Warm Weekend with a Chance of Storms

Posted By · March 17, 2012 at 6:12 am

More temperature records are expected to fall across Central Indiana this weekend.

Highs will top out in the upper 70s today with a mix of sun and clouds, and a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms.  Today’s high temperature record is 76 from 1894.  Widespread severe storms are not expected, but we could see a few strong storms.  Small hail and gusty winds along with heavy downpours are possible today and tonight in thunderstorms that pop.

Tonight, temps remain mild with lows around 60 degrees, and scattered showers and thunderstorms.

Sunday, the rain and storm chances stick as highs soar into the upper 70s.  The record high for Sunday is 76 set back in 1903!

Monday through Wednesday dry weather settles in with highs around 80.  Late Wednesday night rain and storms are likely with cooler temps coming at the end of the week.

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