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Whatever the Weather Brings…

Posted By · January 17, 2012 at 11:45 am

On this strange, stormy day, many of us in the newsroom pondered the question many probably considered 19 days before Super Bowl XLVI:  what will the weather bring, and are we prepared?

The Indy Super Bowl committee assures us they are ready for every scenario.  (Let’s hope they won’t be put to the test).

But what about the station bringing you the big game? 

We have some big plans when it comes to our coverage, including nightly specials the week leading up to the Super Bowl; a Super Saturday show; and a special Sunrise show Super Bowl Sunday.  Much of our live coverage out in the elements where the action is (think zipline!), including at the Super Bowl Village, outside Lucas Oil Stadium, and inside the NFL Experience. 

As our anchors and reporters prepare by learning as much as we can about each event surrounding the Super Bowl and how to get you there, our amazing production and engineering teams work to make sure we’re comfortable doing it.

Production manager Randy White–a most organized and thoughtful person–offered this plan:

We have infra red heaters at our Georgia Street location.    We’ll have  foot heaters as well  (they’re actually heating pads for pets–what I consider an ingenious idea!)  We also have the production truck there as a warming station for our crew.

We'll use heating pads like this for anchors to stand on to keep feet warm!

 At our other outdoor location, the Domestic Compound at the Stadium, we will be quite exposed to weather as the platform is not heated or covered. We will have access to the NBC NewsChannel trailer located nearby to take breaks from the cold if necessary. Otherwise, we are out in it!

 Our NFL Experience stage inside the convention center is our indoor fallback location. If we had weather like (Tuesday) morning with lightning and warnings and such, we would take it all inside.

By the way, I should mention, while you see the anchors and reporters (what we very loosely call ‘talent’)  it takes a village to raise a broadcast.  There will be about 15 members of the crew (production and engineering) behind the cameras each day making sure it all works like clockwork rain or shine…or snow.

So here’s to whatever the weather brings…and hopefully coverage you won’t soon forget.

Kris Kirschner

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Heavy Rain to Snow

Posted By · January 17, 2012 at 7:09 am

Get ready for our mild weather to take a very cold turn!

Temps are in the 50s this morning, but will fall into the 30s by the drive home.  Showers and thunderstorms are likely through midday.  Some storms may contain small hail, very gusty winds, and heavy rain.  As we head into the afternoon, the rain should taper off, and change to very light snow with wind gusts up to 35mph.  Little to no snow accumulation is expected.

Overnight, temps drop to the upper teens under partly cloudy skies with wind gusts up to 30mph.

Wednesday will be chilly with highs only making it into the upper 20s and low 30s with partly cloudy skies.

Thursday, light snow is possible as temps only reach the mid 20s.

If you want warmer weather… you just have to wait until Sunday… the 50s are set to return!

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Warmth: Our daytime high was 50, but temperatures have been rising tonight (up to 56 as of 11pm) ahead of a warm front that will precede the Arctic cold front on the way.    We could hit upper 50s to around 60 the way it’s looking before sunrise!  The cold front gets here after dawn and before lunchtime, so plan on mild rain for the first half of the day…then falling temps and a transition to very light mix or snow for the second half.


Rain: Looks like ½” to 1” possible…t-storms not expected to turn severe


Snow: Too little too late…going with a “trace” at most (far Northern Indiana could get a coating)  Another quick-mover could bring light snow (esp. Northern Indiana) Thursday, with a rain/snow mix possible Friday PM through Saturday AM.


Cold: Down into the teens by Wednesday morning with highs only around 30!  (Average high is 35)


More Crazy Swings: 50s + once again possible Sunday & Monday!

Chikage Windler



twitter: https://twitter.com/ChikageWTHR
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Warmer start to the week

Posted By · January 16, 2012 at 12:45 pm

I know this is not good news for those who supplement income by clearing snow, but it is going to be much warmer than average Monday.

Look for highs in the mid 40s today, rain late today, tonight and tomorrow and just a little bit of wet snow late in the day Tuesday.

I don’t know about you, but I really, really, like this weather. To show you how unusual these days are, the average high is 35 , the average low is 20 and back in 1977 we dropped down to -20 on this date! Yes, I will take this type of weather any day.

Look for a high of  just 30 Wednesday but we will slowly warm back up to the mid 50s by Sunday.

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Super Bowl Accessible…

Posted By · January 16, 2012 at 9:25 am

With the Super Bowl now less than three weeks  away (since we’re the Super Bowl station it’s our obligation to remind you as often as humanly possible) those of us covering the event are anxiously, and yes, excitedly wondering what our assignments will be.

Yes we work in the media.  And yes that  affords us access to newsmaking events, people, and places that often make friends and family envious.

However, major events–covered by worldwide media– are sometimes a different animal.

When I covered the Olympics for Channel 13 (both in Salt Lake city and Torino, Italy) the question most often asked of me:  “Did you get to see the events?”  Or rather , “It must have been great to see the events in person!”. 

I saw no events in Salt Lake city–except on the television in my modest hotel room.  I did catch an ice skating event in Torino–but only because  I bought tickets.  There are so many media outlets covering the events; and not everyone can get equal access.  Besides, we’re too busy working to really “enjoy” what we’re covering ( the way a spectator would enjoy it).

I assumed the Super Bowl would be a similar case.  Afterall, there are more than 5000 credentials approved by the NFL–90 of those go to WTHR staff.

Based on newsroom intel, however, I”m finding our access will indeed be pretty impressive.

Reporter Rich Van Wyk, (who covered Super Bowl XLV in Dallas as well as the Colts appearance in Miami) ,  offered that access to the stadium–will be limited even to media covering the event.  The NFL controls the access during this time.  Reporters will receive 2 credentials–1 for the week leading up to the game; 1 for game day itself (although not necessarily for the stadium).   (see below)

Rich Van Wyk's credential for Super Bowl XLV


Most credentials will offer access to the NFL Experience, training facilities, players, and media center.

As for the Super Bowl parties–those –he says–are “hit or miss”.  Rich says if it’s an NFL-sanctioned party then the credentials will get you in.  Private parties–may or may not allow access; and it would likely be limited at best.

That being said, as the NBC “Super Bowl station”–we will have access to coverage no other station will.

The “Jimmy Fallon Show”, which is broadcasting four shows from the Hilbert Circle Theater, is granting WTHR “behind the scenes” access .  We’ll see rehearsals for the show, and speak with Jimmy and his guests. 

Bob Kostas —the Today Show–and Brian Williams–are all bringing their shows to Indy.  As part of the NBC family, we expect to get some time with them.

I know plenty more opportunities will surface.

We’ll find out soon enough what our individual assignments will be.   

As a station, I”m happy to know,  even for the biggest sporting event in this city’s history, we’ll have the kind of access that will not only ensure we enjoy every moment–but more importantly, you do too.


Kris Kirschner

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Cold to Warm and Back Again…Plus Tracking Rain to Snow

Posted By · January 15, 2012 at 11:35 pm

Coldest Since February!  This morning we dropped to 11 degrees, the coldest low in Indy since -1 on February 10th!  It was as cold as 3 in Kokomo!!


Thawing Out: By Afternoon, we squeaked up to 33 degrees…giving us about 2 hours of thawing before temperatures began dropping again.


Milder Air Moving In: We’ll watch overnight temps  hold steady or even rise into the morning hours with 40 possible by lunchtime and mid to upper 40s possible by late afternoon!  Tuesday (at least during the morning) looks mild too….before a strong cold front moves in.


Rain then Snow: Most of MLK Day looks fairly dry – maybe a few sprinkles/a touch of drizzle here or there before sunset – but it appears the steady/heavy rain may hold off ‘til the evening/night.  Once the heavier rain gets here, there’s the possibility of some January thunderstorms! (fortunately non-severe).  The cold air funneling in Tuesday afternoon should turn the rain to snow and we could get a coating here in Central Indiana…more to the north.  Another quick-moving system pulls in Thursday bringing a shot of snow (maybe some minor accumulations?) and a 3rd system is quick on its heels late Friday with what may be more rain than snow – but for now I’m saying a rain/snow mix possible.


60?  Seriously?  Seems pretty far-fetched I know, but some of the computer models are indicating a major warm-up a week from today.  I won’t be shocked if we at least make upper 50s…and 60 is within the realm of possibilities!  The record that day is 64.  This can and likely will change…but isn’t it fun to imagine what it would be like enjoying 60-degree weather in January?

Chikage Windler

twitter: https://twitter.com/ChikageWTHR
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChikageWindlerFanPage
bio: http://www.wthr.com/story/14641239/chikage-windler

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Hoosier Pic Picks!

Posted By · January 15, 2012 at 9:43 pm

It’s always fun perusing the lastest photos posted on Facebook and submitted to our photo gallery at WTHR.com!  If you’ve missed seeing our featured Hoosier Pics on-air, here are some of our most recent selections.  Keep your pics coming!

Meteorologist and Shutterbug Chikage Windler Follow Chikage on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook


Sunday, January 15th was the coldest morning since February 10th in Central Indiana! The morning low was 11 in Indy, but as cold as 3 in Kokomo.
Here’s what the frosty morning looked like through the camera lens of Jennifer Horsley who posted this Hoosier Pic on our Facebook page. Just gorgeous!

Snow in rural county plus a rustic shed helped make Ryan Harter’s pic our Hoosier Pic at 11pm Saturday, January 14th!

Daniel Paull says this hawk in Lapel let him get really close…and here’s the Hoosier Pic to prove it! I featured it at 6pm Saturday, January 14th!

Rhonda Beagan measured the snow drifts in Cass County…and some were over 4 feet! Impressive, and worthy of being our Hoosier Pic at noon on Friday the 13th!

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Ready for a Warm Up?

Posted By · January 15, 2012 at 5:33 am

Are you ready for a warm up?  There’s a good one coming our way… but it’s not filled with sunshine!

Today our warming trend begins with highs in the low 30s.   Hey, that’s better than the teens we had on Friday, and the 20s from Saturday!  We should hit the freezing mark today with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight, clouds increase late and temps drop to the mid to upper 20s.

Monday starts off cloudy, but rain develops by mid morning, and scattered showers will be likely into the afternoon and evening as highs hit the low to mid 40s.

Monday night, the rain rolls on, and we could hear a few rumbles of thunder too! 

Tuesady we start the morning off with rain, and temps in the 40s, but temps will tumble into the afternoon, and rain will start to mix with snow. 

Wednesday is dry, but cold… and on Thursday, we could see light snow.

We’ll keep you posted on the timing of all of the wet and snowy weather! 

If you like it warm… look at next Saturday!  Highs look to hit the mid 40s, and by Sundaywe could be in the 50s!

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