Soaker Thursday!

Look for a very wet day today. As of 8 am we had picked up .40” of an inch of rain, just since midnight.

Look for a very wet day today. As of 8 am we had picked up .40” of an inch of rain, just since midnight.

Here are some more rain amounts, again, since midnight….
Fairland            .76”
Bloomington  .64”
Danville            .56”
Lucas Oil          .40”

Rain continues through the evening rush hour. Look for a little light snow and rain mix overnight. Tomorrow will be dry, but we will see a chance for light snow Friday night and early Saturday.

A cold weekend ahead with 38 for a high Saturday and 32 Sunday, but we will bounce back to the upper 40s Tuesday.

Super Bowl Bits….

As promised, Channel 13 is covering the Super Bowl from every angle–including the sure to be popular NFL Experience.

As promised, Channel 13 is covering the Super Bowl from every angle–including the sure to be popular NFL Experience. 

Our amazing engineering and production staff completed their task of setting up the timelapse camera so you can watch beam by beam the NFL Experience put together at the Convention Center–then watch the fun from the comfort of your PC!  

Check it out here

They’ve also been constructing the WTHR set where some of our newscast will be broadcast during Super Bowl week. 

Setting the stage at NFL Experience



The control room









With all the parties and events scheduled for the coming week…Hoosiers are putting on their “Super Sunday” best.  My friends at Simply Skin Med Spa in Fishers tell me they’ve been busier than usual lately.  Mostly for chemical peels–a process used to improve and smooth the texture of the face  using a chemical solution that causes the dead skin eventually peel off.(Yes it’s as unpleasant as it sounds–but the results are worth it, I’m told!)

At the Bobby Cooper Salon in Broad Ripple, stylists are excitedly preparing to primp about 30-some NFL wives  (even practicing on their day off).  All for the annual  Nfl Wives Association fashion show which will take place at Saks   Fifth Avenue February 3rd.  Open to the public, it’s a charity event where a portion of the proceeds this year goes to Peyton Manning’s Children’s Hospital at  St Vincent’s.

11 days and counting….

Kris Kirschner

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Aurora Alert Tonight…If Skies Are Clear

The largest solar radiation storm since 2003 is underway right now and that could mean a view of the Northern Lights if skies are clear enough.  The best chances are in northern latitudes, but a weaker storm back on October 24th brought Hoosiers a rare glimpse of the Aurora Borealis.  The question for tonight: will skies clear enough, and pesky clouds have been slow to clear.  But if it’s clear where you are tonight…look to the heavens!

We’ll be tracking some rain for tomorrow that could at times mix with some wet snowflakes.  For now, it looks like the rain may try to move in as early as tomorrow afternoon with the best chance tomorrow night into Thursday.  Here in Central Indiana, 1/4 to 1/2″ of rain looks possible with the heavier amounts to the south.

The rain should move out from northwest to southeast through the day Thursday.  By the time the storm moves out of Southeastern Indiana, some spots there could pick up 1 to 2″ of rain!

Our extended outlook doesn’t have any Arctic blasts or big storms, but we could see some flurries this weekend along with cool temperatures. In the next day or two, we’ll be able to provide you our first forecasts for Super Bowl Weekend!

Take Care!

Chikage Windler


Storm Recap, Winds of Change, and Falling Temps

Hope your Monday is going well!  It certainly has been windy and full of change.

This morning’s storms did bring some damage here to the Hoosier State, but farther south in Alabama, it caused deadly tornadoes.  Here’s a look at storm reports from the Storm Prediction Center including 23 tornado reports and nearly 200 severe weather reports across 8 states including here in Indiana.

The damage locally included part of the roof peeled back from Nashville Elementary School in Brown County.  This photo courtesy of Rodney Margison of

After the storms, we watched gusty winds funnel in behind a strong cold front.  Our WeatherBug Network recorded gusts as high as 54 mph in Straughn (Henry County) and 45 mph at Lucas Oil Stadium in Downtown Indy.

Those winds of change brought us falling temperatures in a hurry.  Just after midnight, we hit 54 degrees ahead of the front.  By mid-afternoon we were down to 37!  And the falling temperatures will continue through the night with lows down into the 20s.

The extended outlook doesn’t throw us too many curve balls, but you’ll want to keep an eye on Wednesday into Thursday.  We could see moisture ride in (especially the southern half of the state and including Indy) that might begin as a rain/snow mix before turning to rain and might also transition to mix during the night, so a touch of slush and slippery roads might be possible.

Here’s a look at your 7-day…after a cool-down tomorrow, we’re back in the 40s for much of the week.  The average high this time of year is still only 36.

Take Care!

Chikage Windler


Wind advisory for Monday

Look for a windy, almost April-like day in Indiana. We have a wind advisory in effect until 5 pm and gusts could reach 45 miles per hour.

Look for a windy, almost April-like day in Indiana. We have a wind advisory in effect until 5 pm and gusts could reach 45 miles per hour. Temperatures will slowly drop as we move into the afternoon.

If you woke up to the sound of storms, you weren’t alone. A squall line moved through Indiana early this morning and check out the rain amounts.

Roachdale                 1.10”

Lucas Oil Stadium   .73”

Indy Airport              .70”

Shelbyville                .41”

Even though we are going to see a couple of opportunities for rain, temperatures should be at or above average all week.

Storms Will Clear Indiana Overnight, Windy with Falling Temps Monday

We’ve had a couple warnings through the wee hours of Monday morning along with a few storm reports.  Trees were reported down in Cloverdale and Greencastle along with a garage door blown in near Gosport.  But for most areas, a period of gusty winds followed by heavy rain was enough to wake you up, but not bad enough for severe t-storm warnings.  Things will be improving as the sun rises with only a couple scattered rain showers expected in the morning (maybe a snow shower or two in the afternoon).  Rain totals of more than 1/2″ have also been accompanied by the storms.

Temperatures spiked up into the 50s ahead of the storms (impressive stat for you: we’ve now had 8 days this January with highs in the 50s!) but plan on falling temps through the day on Monday.

Another thing to keep in mind: strong gusty winds on Monday prompting a WIND ADVISORY (winds could gust to 45 mph).

The rest of the week looks fairly quiet…we might get some rain late Wednesday and early Thursday (heaviest south of Indy) and temperatures for the most part will be above average for this time of year!  We could even make another try for near 50 by Friday!

Take Care…it’s been a crazy day/night/morning!  Chuck Lofton is in with your Sunrise forecast starting at 4:30 am and I’ll see you back here for 13 Eyewitness News at noon!

Time to catch some z’s.

Chikage Windler


Rising temps Sunday; storms overnight

Can you believe this crazy winter weather we have seen?

A look at this week's forecast

Can you believe this crazy winter weather we have seen?

Fog has been sticking to bridges and overpasses so watch for slick spots this morning.

Please know that temperatures will rise into the evening and from south of Indy, a slight risk of severe weather will be in the forecast. The strongest storms will move through between 10 pm and 2 am going into Monday morning.

It looks like every day next week will be above the average high this time of year. Let’s all hope this trend stays throughout Super Bowl Week!

Melting Snow, Warming Temps, Severe Storms…A Wild Ride Ahead

Ready or not, here we go!

Severe T-Storms: The Storm Prediction Center has placed Indy points south under a “slight risk” of severe storms for Sunday night into early Monday morning including the risk of high winds, heavy rain, and isolated tornadoes.  This bears watching as a similar scenario to what played out last Monday night/Tuesday morning is setting up.  As you’ll recall that resulted in numerous severe t-storm warnings in Central Indiana and 3 tornadoes confirmed in Southern Indiana.  Timing looks like between 11pm (west) to 4am (east) for the most likely risk.  I’ll plan on staying late after our 11pm newscast to bring you weather updates via twitter, facebook, and on-air as warranted.

Wild Temperature Swings: Going with the “déjà vu all over again theme”, our temperatures may somewhat resemble what happened last week as well.  I expect you’ll wake up Sunday morning  to 20s with patchy fog (maybe even flurries or light freezing mist/drizzle), have lunch with fog/melting snow/flurries or drizzle and 30s, eat dinner with clouds/fog/drizzle and 40s, and go to bed with clouds/developing showers and around 50!  Our high will probably occur at midnight.  Then behind the storms, a cold front Monday will likely mean falling temperatures….so it may be around 50 at midnight,  40s in the morning, and 30s in the afternoon along with a few rain or snow showers possible.

Extended Outlook: We cool down briefly on Tuesday, then see a mild mid to late week. There might be a rain shower either Wednesday or Thursday, but chances are very low at this point.

Chikage Windler


Super Space for Rent…

By all estimates, the Super Bowl is a potential windfall for downtown businesses hoping to cash in on the frenzy of the 100-thousand-plus visitors.

The city itself claims it comes with an economic impact of somewhere  between $125 million and $400 million.

But there is also money to be made by the savvy Hoosier—-willing to give up hearth and  home for a little cash in hand.  In other words, renting out their homes to fans wanting a place to stay while in town for the big game.

I’ve often asked myself—-(and my husband)—-whether we could open our doors to complete strangers during Super Bowl week.   The financial benefits (up to $10-thousand a day if you believe the signs)  seemed tempting.  But could I put a pricetag on my privacy?

It was during one of these discussions my husband mentioned a nephew who would indeed be offering his very attractive (and just two miles from Lucas Oil Stadium his very convenient) home to rent for the Super Bowl.

Greg Cummins is a talented, intelligent young professional (and a really nice guy) who lives in one of the historic districts near dowtown Indy. 

He tells me it was an easy decision to rent his house for the Super Bowl—-having done business in rental properites in the past.  

 And it’s that previous experience that helped him come up with a rental agreement that also gives him peace of mind.

For instance says Greg:  ” There won’t be time to do credit  checks so I am requiring full payment, upfront via a money wire or overnight cashier’s check or money order.”

He also plans to remove anything of value.      (That was actually my biggest deterrent.  The thought of having to remove all my personal effects, including clothing–seemed too daunting a task).

And under his contract, he can make daily onsite visits.

 To start the process, Greg  tells me he did  simple searches on the Internet to see what company or companies got the most hits.  He  decided on

  “It costs only  $49 to post an ad on the site, but that is all they do.  I am still responsible for communicating with the renters, collecting money and come up with a contract which I found online and simply modified. I also decided to list it on Craig’s list.   It works in my favor that the Colts are not in it this year which means more out-of-towners looking to rent.  ”

He  took  photos of his home  and through creative writing, came up with an attractive description.   See what you think:

“My home is architecturally interesting with bamboo floors, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances and many bells and whistles like a garden tub, outdoor grill and heater. ” 

 He says you really need to emphasize the bells and whistles or you’ll “just be another home for rent.”  

 Who am I to argue?

Afterall,  shouldn’t a renter paying $2000/night with a four night minimum  feel they are getting their money’s worth?

According to this  Super opportunist,  “The Super Bowl is  cash cow and if you really put your mind to it, there are lots of ways to ake money from this event.”

So Super Bowl XLVI may indeed deliver on its promise to pay off.

At least for people like Greg:  willing to take a gamble—-banking on a big payout no matter who wins the game.


Kris Kirschner

Icy Conditions Today

The freezing rain, snow, and sleet are gone, but with temps not expected to reach the freezing mark today, slick spots will remain likely across Central Indiana.

The freezing rain, snow, and sleet are gone, but with temps not expected to reach the freezing mark today, slick spots will remain likely across Central Indiana.

Highs will only reach the mid 20s today across Central Indiana.  We’ll see a mix of sun and clouds with winds out of the northeast up to 15mph.

Overnight temps drop to the low 20s with partly cloudy skies.

Early Sunday morning, a few flurries may be possible, but most of the daytime hours look dry as temps warm into the mid to upper 40s.  Most of the snow and ice should melt.  Sunday evening, rain develops and at times will be heavy with isolated thunderstorms through Monday morning.  With the snow melt, and the rain on the way, we will be watching for the possibility of flooding.

Monday, a rain/snow mix is possible with temps in the low 40s.  The day doesn’t appear to be a washout, with most of the precip falling in the morning.

Tuesday will be dry, then Wednesday a nearly daily chance of rain moves back into the forecast.