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Chilly Start… Fabulous Finish

Posted By · October 22, 2011 at 6:27 am

Central Indiana is off to a cool start, but the cold air won’t stick around long!

Highs will reach the low 60s for your Saturday with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight, a few clouds move in, and lows drop to the mid 40s, so it won’t be as cold.

Sunday, there’s a 20% chance for sprinkles, but most spots look to stay dry as highs top out in the upper 60s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Need a pick me up?  Monday and Tuesday look great! 

Rain moves back in along with cooler temps by the middle of the week, with scattered showers possible through Friday.  This next wet weather system will likely change as we head into the Wednesday, so stay tuned for the latest timing.

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Wet and Windy Thursday Ahead!

Posted By · October 20, 2011 at 4:21 am

Today may be so windy, the umbrella does you little to no good!  But the combination of wind and rain will make for a miserable day outside.  Hang in there!

*Record Rain! Yesterday’s rain total of 1.33” broke the daily precip record for Oct. 19th of 1.14 set in 1877.  Our storm total so far (as of 2am) for Indy is 1.91” and we could get another ¼-1/2” through this evening before the rain tapers

 *Wind: A Wind Advisory is in effect ‘til 6pm for all of Central Indiana.  We could see gusts out of the Northwest/West 40-45 mph

 *Cool: Today will be the 3rd straight day with highs only in the 40s.  Our average high is 64!

 *Drying Out: We should see the last showers move out tonight paving the way for a mainly dry Friday and Saturday.  Some more showers (nothing too heavy) may move in late Sunday.

 *Frost Potential:  I have a feeling the showers and clouds may not clear ‘til the wee hours tomorrow morning…that may mean temps don’t quite drop low enough tomorrow morning for a frost.  But Saturday morning, with clear skies and light winds…a FROST still looks likely.

 *Weekend: Highs in the 60s.  Dry Saturday, Showers Develop Late Sunday

 -Meteorologist Chikage Windler Follow Chikage on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook


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Rain… Cold… & Wind

Posted By · October 19, 2011 at 4:55 am

Windy, cold and rainy… that describes our Central Indiana forecast perfectly!

Highs today will struggle to reach the upper 40s with wind gusts up to 35mph.  Scattered showers are likely, and at times, rain showers will be heavy.

Overnight, more rain and more wind with with gusts up to 35mph.

Thursday looks soggy, but the rain showers become more isolated the later we head into the evening.  Wind gusts up to 40mph are likely.

Want a different forecast?  Wait until Friday and the weekend!  Temps warm up nicely, and the sunshine returns.  Late Sunday night we might see scattered showers, we’ll keep our eyes on it.  Also something to watch… temps near 70 next Tuesday… nice!

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Rain, not Snow…but Remember October 18th, 1989?

Posted By · October 18, 2011 at 10:49 pm

It was a dreary and damp and chilly day complete with thunderstorms and even some small hail…but at least it didn’t snow!






Snow:  Today is the date of Indy’s earliest measurable snow!  Oct. 18, 1989 we picked up .2” with a freak snowstorm.  The storm went on to dump 9.3” in Indy from the 18th through 20th…the heaviest October snowstorm on record.

Rain: Most spots have seen between 1/3-1/2” of rain today with more scattered showers moving in from the south.  Tomorrow, we could get up to ½” additional and possibly up to ¼” on Thursday. 

Hail/Graupel: Some of the t-storms that developed early evening included pea-sized hail and graupel (soft ice pellets).  Here’s a link to some video shot by meteorologist and weather spotter Lucas Reese in Muncie: http://www.twitvid.com/ESLAA  None of the storms were severe, but we did get several pictures on facebook showing quite a bit of hail including this from Yorktown courtesy of Mitchell Fry.








Cold: Today’s high of 47 was the coldest since 42 on March 30th!  Tomorrow and Thursday could also end up in the 40s, but I went with a high of 50 thinking we might bump up under cloudy skies if it’s not raining the entire day.  It will actually feel colder tomorrow and Thursday, however, because of strong gusty winds out of the north and northwest.

 Wind: Still expecting gusts late tomorrow out of the north 30 mph+ and gusts Thursday that could top 40 mph.

 Frost: If skies clear out early enough in the wee hours of Friday morning, we could reach mid 30s for lows.  If clouds take their time pushing out…we could be a bit warmer.  But Saturday morning, with light winds and clear skies…a frost looks likely.

 Weekend: Dry Saturday…a front approaches Sunday (with very little moisture).  I threw in a questionable chance of a late shower Sunday and early shower Monday to account for this.

Take Care and thanks for checking in!

 -Meteorologist Chikage Windler Follow Chikage on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook

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Soggy Weather Settles into Central Indiana

Posted By · October 18, 2011 at 4:53 am

Soggy weather is here to stay… at least for a few days.  Very chilly temps will stick around with the rain too!

Highs today will reach the upper 40s to low 50s with scattered showers.  Some pockets of precipitation will contain very heavy rain.

The rain continues tonight as lows drop to the low 40s.

Wednesday, more rain with temps around 50 and wind gusts up to 30mph!

Thursday… you guessed it… more rain!  By Thursday night we’ll be looking at rainfall totals of 1-2″ of rain across the state.  A few isolated areas could pick up more than two inches.

Just in time for the weekend we warm up and dry out.

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Rain Is Here and May Stick Around for Days!

Posted By · October 17, 2011 at 10:13 pm

I hope you enjoyed the sunshine today, because we’re looking at several days of rain.  Tonight is just the beginning.

Rain: It’s here now (so far about .10”) and more rain is likely all the way through Thursday! How much? We could get 1” through tomorrow, another ½” Wednesday, and possibly another ¼” Thursday. There could be some spots that get 2” between now and late Thursday If the system wraps around like I expect it will.

Cool: Highs will be hard-pressed to get out of the 40s the next few days! The last time highs were only in the 40s was 49 on March 31st. The average high is 65.

Windy: Winds will pick up with this system out of the north then northwest on Wednesday and Thursday. Gusts could be in the 30-40 mph range.

Cold & Frosty: Behind this system, skies clear out Friday & Saturday and a frost is possible each morning…possibly the first freeze in some spots!

Hang in there!

-Meteorologist Chikage Windler Follow Chikage on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook

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Dry Today… Rain Develops Tonight and Tomorrow

Posted By · October 17, 2011 at 5:00 am

Enjoy the sunshine today, because rain will be come the norm in this work week forecast!

Highs today will reach the mid 60s with increasing clouds and light winds.  Late this evening showers develop and light steady rain moves into the state as lows drop into the low 40s.

Tuesday looks soggy with showers off and on all day into the night.  Tuesday’s high will struggle to hit 50!  More cool temps and rain is likely Wednesday.  By Wednesday afternoon when everything is added up, up to one inch of rain is possible.

A few sprinkles may linger Thursday, but we start to warm up as we head into the weekend.

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Coldest Air of the Season on the Way

Posted By · October 16, 2011 at 10:15 pm

Hope you enjoyed the warmth today, because our weather will be turning progressively cooler as we head into the next couple days!

*Wind: Today’s winds gusted up to 36 mph at the airport, 39 mph at Lucas Oil Stadium!  Winds will settle down for the next couple days, but Wednesday and Thursday look to be windy (and colder!)

*Rain: We had a few sprinkles move through today, but significant rain is heading in late tomorrow night and through the day on Tuesday.  Central Indiana could pick up 1” of rain and there’s washout potential for Tuesday.

*Temps: Today we hit 75, but tomorrow we’ll be stuck in the 60s.  If the rain sticks around all day Tuesday, it’s possible our temps could be stuck in the 40s, the coolest this season!  Chilly air stays in place mid to late week with a couple frosty mornings not out of the question.

Take Care,

-Meteorologist Chikage Windler
Follow Chikage on Twitter Become a fan on Facebook

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