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Severe Storms Possible Saturday

Posted By · August 6, 2011 at 5:36 am

A new record stands in Indianapolis.  Friday was the 20th consecutive day Indy hit at least 90 degrees, breaking the previous record of 19 set back in 1936.  Today, we could add another day to that as temps come close to the 90 degree mark.  Today heat indices will push close to 100.

Today we are watching the radar closely as strong to severe thunderstorms are possible late this morning through the afternoon and early evening.  The main threats from any strong to severe thunderstorm will be damaging wind, and flash flooding.

Overnight, temps drop to the low 70s, patchy fog is possible where rain falls during the day.

Sunday looks mainly dry during most of the day as highs hit the low 90s again.  Late afternoon into evening, scattered showers and thunderstorms will likely devlop.  The day is not expected to be a washout.

Monday we get a break from the heat, and less humidity moves in too.  The mid 80s never looked so good!

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Indiana State Fair Forecast

Posted By · August 5, 2011 at 4:53 am

Today is opening day at the Indiana State Fair!  So… what’s the forecast hold?  It looks pretty good!

Highs today will reach the upper 80s to around 90 degrees.  If we hit 90, we would break the record for consecutive 90+ days!  So far we’ve hat 19, that ties the record from 1936.  Will we make it number 20 today?  There’s a 30% chance for an isolated shower or thunderstorm late this afternoon, but not everyone will be lucky enough to get rain.  A mix of sun and clouds will be found around the state today.

If you have early evening plans, there’s a slight chance for an isolated shower or storm, but that will quickly diminish.

Saturday, a 40% chance for showers and storms as highs hit the upper 80s.  Saturday appears to be the best chance for rain!

Sunday, we keep rain chances in the forecast, but reduce them to 30%.  With more sunshine expected, I think highs will reach 90 again.

Check out the 7 day forecast… all the way at the end… a little relief!

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Record Tying Day Thursday?

Posted By · August 4, 2011 at 4:18 am

Today’s the day… if we hit 90 degrees we tie the record set back in 1936 of the most 90+ days in a row, 19!

It’s going to be close.  Today’s high is expected to hit the upper 80s to around 90 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  It won’t feel as humid with a light breeze out of the Northeast.

Overnight, the skies remain mostly clear and temps drop to the upper 60s.

Friday, highs hit the mid to upper 80s with partly cloudy skies.  There’s a 30% chance for showers and storms the later we head into the afternoon and evening.

The 30% chance for rain remains in the forecast Saturday and Sunday, but a washout doesn’t look like it’s developing.  Highs will again reach the upper 80s.

Some weather models are hinting at a cool down next week… a little relief from the heat may be settling in!  Stay tuned!

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Not as Hot… but still in the 90s!

Posted By · August 3, 2011 at 8:15 am

After a night of scattered showers and thunderstorms, temps will rebound to the low 90s this afternoon.

Here are a few rain totals from weather spotters across the state.  Feel free to leave your rainfall totals in the comments section!

Frankton:  1.08″

Tipton:  .81″

Kokomo:  .78″

Russiaville:  .64″

Fishers:  .25″

Carmel:  .19″

Shelbyville:  .17″

Lebanon:  .11″

Indianapolis:  .06″ (spotter total, not the official airport total)

Zionsville:  .04″

Downtown Indianapolis:  .02″

The cloud cover will break and more sunshine will be found the later we head into the day.

Overnight, mostly clear skies are expected with temps dropping into the 60s.

Thursday looks dry with a high around 90 degrees.  If we hit 90, that will tie the record of 19 conescutive 90 degree days from 1936.

Friday, a 30% chance of showers and storms moves in, as highs again look to hit 90 degrees.

The weekend doesn’t look like a washout, but you’ll need to watch the radar with a 30% chance of scattered showers and storms.  We look to break the 90 degree broken record forecast with temps in the upper 80s!

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Near Record Heat Tuesday

Posted By · August 2, 2011 at 5:19 am

Near record heat is possible around Central Indiana today… add to that a Heat Advisory, and a Knozone Action Day, and we have a lot to talk about!

The forecast high today is 97, the record is 98 set back in 1888.  It’s going to be a day to sweat it out.  A Heat Advisory is in effect for all of Central Indiana, it will feel more like 107 this afternoon.  A Knozone Action Day is in effect for entire Indy metro area.  Today will be the 17th day in a row we hit the 90 degree mark.  The record is 19 back in 1936, we look to at least tie that!

Overnight isolated thunderstorms are possible.  Some storms may be strong to severe North of I-70.  Damaging wind is the main concern.  Very heavy rain is also possible in any t-storm that pops up.  We need it, so keep your eyes to the sky as temps tonight drop to the mid 70s.

Wednesday, isolated thunderstorms are possible in the morning, but we’ll clear out to partly cloudy skies as temps hit 90.

Our next best chance of rain comes Friday for the opening of the Indiana State Fair, as temps hit around 90 degrees.  There’s only a 30% shot at showers or t-storms Friday.


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July 2011 Weather Recap

Posted By · August 2, 2011 at 5:04 am
July 2011 was the driest on record, and the second hottest in Indianapolis history!  The numbers were crunched by the Indy NWS, click here for the original link.
July 2011 will go down in history at Indianapolis as the hottest month in 75 years since July of 1936 and the 2nd hottest since weather records began in 1871. During the summer of 1936, the Midwest and much of the nation was in the middle of the epic Dust Bowl. A persistent upper level ridge of high pressure is to blame for the prolonged period of heat this July. Nearly every day of the month was at or above normal. Much of the second half of the month was near 10 degrees above normal, when the most intense heat waves impacted the area. Combined with relatively high amounts of moisture in the air, conditions became dangerous and posed a clear threat for those exposed to the excessive heat.  Heat index values consistently ranged from the 100s to 110s across central Indiana during several periods in the second half of the month.
Several locations broke into the triple digits on the 21st. Indianapolis reached 100 on this day, which was the first time since August of 1988 (102 degrees). Many locations had impressive strings of consecutive days with maximum temperatures at least 90 degrees. Shelbyville and Eagle Creek both finished the month with 16 straight days of highs at or above 90 degrees, and Indianapolis had 15. Temperatures look to continue such a trend into early August, which would give Indianapolis a good chance of coming close to the record of 19 straight days set back in August of 1936.
July 2011 Avg Temp
July 2011 Difference from Normal
Lowest Temperature
100 on 21
63 on 5
101 on 21
59 on 5
97 on 21
57 on 14
Terre Haute
99 on 21
60 on 5
96 on 21
59 on 15
97 on 21 and 20
60 on 14
Indy – Eagle Crk.
98 on 21
63 on 14
At Indianapolis, all 31 days had above normal average temperatures.
July 2011 was the 2nd warmest in the Indianapolis area since 1871.

The persistent upper ridge of high pressure that prevailed over the central United States for the vast majority of the month not only contributed to above normal temperatures, but it has also deflected storms from much of central Indiana. Any chances for precipitation usually accompanied a weak frontal passage or stationary front, and any development typically was not widespread across the area. With generally weak wind shear in place, there were not many opportunities for storms to become well-organized or longer-lived. As a result of the lack of widespread shower and thunderstorm development, the monthly total precipitation across central Indiana included some notable variation. While most locations were below normal, including much of the central and eastern portions having less than half an inch, some areas to the west and southwest had 5 to 8 inches.
July 2011 Precipitation
July 2011 Difference from Normal
Wettest Day
Longest Dry Stretch
0.22 on 24
15 days 9-23
2.01 on 2
10 days 13-22
1.07 on 7
10 days 12-21
Terre Haute
1.36 on 29
6 days 13-18
1.46 on 3
15 days 9-23
0.03 on 8
7 days 9-15
Indy – Eagle Crk.
0.23 on 30
12 days 12-23
July 2011 was the driest in the Indianapolis area since weather records began in 1871.


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August Kicks Off on a Hot Note

Posted By · August 1, 2011 at 6:46 am

Broken record again… no rain… 90s… it’s a new month… but the forecast is stuck on repeat.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 90s with mostly sunny skies.

Overnight, the low 70s return, and under mostly clear skies patchy fog is possible.

Tuesday will be a scorcher.  Highs look to hit the mid to upper 90s with mostly sunny skies, and again, no rain.  It will feel up to 107 with the humidity.

Wednesday we drop to the low 90s, and by Thursday night a few showers and thunderstorms could roll through the state. 

If we hit at least 90 everyday including Thursday, we’ll tie the record of consecutive 90 degree days from 1936 of 19!  It looks like we will tie it, we’d have to hit 90 on Friday to break it, and as of right now, the upper 80s look like a safe bet.

Friday through the rest of the 7 day forecast the upper 80s look likely.  We’ll keep a close eye on the temp and our chance to tie and/or break another record!

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