Storms Pound Central Indiana with Heavy Rain

Photo: Courtesy Debra May via Facebook
Photo: Courtesy Kyle Giltner via Facebook

Images like this were flooding in to WTHR this morning, as heavy rain turned creeks into rivers and roads into danger zones.  Central Indiana picked up widespread amounts from 1 to as much as 4 1/2″ of rain!  Here’s a listing of some rainfall reports via the National Weather Service and WeatherBug.  Some rain amounts may be preliminary totals, but either way, they were very impressive!  Multiple reports in the same cities may reflect observations taken in different spots by different weather observers.

4.59″ Fairland (Shelby County)
4.26″ Castleton (Marion County)
4.03″ Beech Grove (Marion County)
4.00″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)
3.46″ NW Indianapolis (Marion County)
3.50″ Mccordsville (Hancock County)
3.46″ Carmel (Hamilton County)
3.41″ Fairland (Shelby County)
3.29″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Clinton Young Elementary School)
3.03″ Waldron (Shelby County)
3.00″ Carmel (Hamilton County)
2.97″ Indianapolis (Marion County – St. Jude Catholic School)
2.94″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Perry Meridian High School)
2.83″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)
2.81″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)
2.63″ N Indinapolis (Marion County)
2.50″ Fairland (Shelby County)
2.44″ Cumberland (Hancock County)
2.40″ W. Carmel (Hamilton County)
2.34″ Mccordsville (Hancock County)
2.33″ Greenwood (Johnson County)
2.32″ E Carmel (Hamilton County)
2.25″ Westfield (Hamilton County)
2.21″ NE Indianapolis (Marion County)
2.21″ Lafayette (Tippecanoe County)
2.05″ Frankfort (Clinton County)
2.03″ Indianapolis International Airport (Marion County)
1.95″ Zionsville (Boone County)
1.83″ Rossville (Clinton County)
1.82″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Pike High School)
1.65″ Monticello (White County)
1.56″ SE Indianapolis (Marion County)
1.52″ Mitchell (Lawrence County)
1.43″ SW Indianapolis (Marion County)
1.37″ Manilla (Rush County)
1.33″ Tipton (Tipton County)
1.32″ Lawrence (Marion County)
1.29″ Franklin  (Johnson County)
1.17″ New Salem (Rush County)
1.07″ Sharpsville (Tipton County)
1.05″ Morristown (Shelby County)
1.00″ Greenfield (Hancock County)

Why so much?  A warm front hovering over Central Indiana along with a strong low-level jet stream triggered storms that “trained” over the area.  Imagine a train rolling over the same set of tracks over and over again.  That’s what the slow-moving storms did as the warm front was very slow to lift northeast. 

Courtesy National Weather Service

While the majority of the problems this morning were flood-related, there were also a handful of hail reports – according to the National Weather Service. 

Unfortunately, we’re not done yet.  We could see another round of strong to severe storms tomorrow afternoon and evening with more storms possible Wednesday, and even isolated storms on Thursday.

Hang in there!

As always, we appreciate your weather reports to WTHR and the weather team via email, twitter, and facebook.  Keep ’em coming and stay safe!

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Take Care! -Meteorologist Chikage Windler
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Stormy Start to the Week

Keep the rain gear handy… thunderstorms aren’t leaving our forecast yet!

A lingering warm front will trigger showers and thunderstorms across Central Indiana today and tomorrow across Central Indiana.  Some storms may be strong to severe with damaging wind, hail, and very heavy rain that could create localized flooding.  Highs today will reach the mid 80s with increasing humidity.

Overnight, we should dry out as temps drop to the low 70s with winds out of the South up to 20mph.

Tuesday, highs will hit the low 90s with a chance for an isolated thunderstorm.  It will be hot and muggy.

Showers and storms are more likely Wednesday as a cold front pushes through the state.  Some storms may be strong to severe as cooler air behind the front tries to settle in.

After the stormy start to the week, check out the 7 day forecast… looks pretty good for the weekend.  Let’s think of it as a reward for what we’re dealing with now!

Happy Father’s Day!

More scattered showers and storms are likely across Indiana today, and some could be strong to severe.

Father’s Day doesn’t look like a washout, but you will need to dodge some raindrops!  Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible at any time today as highs hit the low to mid 80s.  Some storms for our viewing area may be strong to severe.  The biggest severe weather threats will be damaging wind, large hail, and isolated flooding from very heavy rainfall.  An isolated tornado cannot be ruled out today.

Overnight, a few showers and t-storm linger as temps drop to the low 70s.

Monday, highs push into the upper 80s with a lot of humidity, and a slight chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Most of the activity looks to be isolated in our Northern counties, but that could change.

Tuesday, hot and muggy!  Highs will hit the low 90s with a showers and thunderstorms developing for the late afternoon/evening.

Survive the heat, and you’ll be rewarded with temps in the 70s later in the week!  You’ll have to deal with a soggy Wednesday before the cool down arrives, a cold front will trigger numerous showers and thunderstorms.

Soggy Saturday and More Storms Possible Father’s Day

Puddles on Capitol Ave. in Downtown Indy Saturday Evening

So much for sunshine, right?  As expected, Mother Nature brought in scattered showers and storms for Central Indiana.  The first round moved through in the early morning hours.  The second room pushed through in the late afternoon and early evening.  The combination of both meant the month of June which HAD been below average for rainfall is now a third to half inch ABOVE average!

Rainfall totals were most impressive across far Southwest Indiana where parts of Knox County including Vincennes picked up 4″ or more of rain!  Flash Flood warnings were hoisted during the morning hours there as a result.  Then a quick half inch to inch of rain around 5-6pm in Indianapolis brought some minor flooding issues from Broad Ripple to Castleton to Lawrence.  Some of the areas impacted by some standing water in Marion County included the Keystone/Kessler area as well as 79th and Fall Creek Parkway.

Courtesy National Weather Service

Check out the huge contrast in rainfall totals from areas like Kokomo in Howard County which missed the storms and got little or nothing….to areas in Knox County with 3-4″+ totals! 

Courtesy National Weather Service

And even within Marion County, there was a big difference in how much rain fell with the heaviest pockets on the North and Northeast sides, and the lightest amounts on the South and Southwest sides.  Officially at Indinapolis International Airport, we picked up 0.02″ before midnight Friday night, and .50 during the morning Saturday, and another .49 during the late afternoon and evening.  That brought the total to 1.01″ for Indy.

We’re not done yet.  Father’s Day finds us yet again under a slight risk for severe – mainly from Indy points south and west.  And though it doesn’t look like a washout, it does look like scattered showers and t-storms will be possible here and there from sunrise to sunset.

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Happy Father’s Day! -Meteorologist Chikage Windler
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Strong to Severe Storms this Weekend

Strong to severe thunderstorms are likely this weekend across Central Indiana.

Periods of thunderstorms are expected across Central Indiana today.  Some storms may be strong to severe with damaging wind, large hail, and very heavy rain possible.  The very heavy rain could lead to localized flooding.  It doesn’t look like an all day rain event, but we will be dealing with showers and storms off and on through the afternoon.  Highs today will reach the mid 80s.

Overnight, scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible with temps dropping to the low 70s.

For Father’s Day… more showers and storms are expected at any time.  Again, severe storms are possible, with the same severe threats as Saturday.  Highs will push into the upper 80s.  By Sunday night, some spots could pick up 1-3″ of rain from the weekend storms.

The last day of full day of Spring is Monday… and for the rest of the week, temps go from hot and humid to a nice break in the 70s.

While there is nearly a daily chance for rain in the 7 day forecast… the entire week will not be a washout, there will be plenty of dry time!

Father’s Day Weekend Storms

It won't be a washout, but there will be periods of heavy rain. Courtesy HPC/NOAA

My guess is you have outdoor plans this weekend.  And while Mother Nature has been providing us with some beautiful warm and sunny weather the last couple days, that’s about to change. 

This weekend we could be dealing with pockets of heavy rain PLUS the threat of strong to severe storms both Saturday and Sunday.

Slight Risk of Severe Saturday. Courtesy SPC/NOAASlight Risk of Severe. Courtesy SPC/NOAA

I wish I could offer all Dads a nice weekend for Father’s Day, but for now, it looks like a good plan to bring the umbrella along!

Slight Risk of Severe. Courtesy SPC/NOAA

Have a great weekend and be sure to catch Nicole Misencik tomorrow and Sunday on Sunrise and me on the Nightbeat this weekend.  We’ll keep you informed of any severe storms on twitter and facebook as well.  If you’re not already following the weather team and WTHR, here’s how:

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Happy early Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Chikage Windler Meteorologist
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Stormy Weather for the Weekend

Heat… humidity… and storms are in the forecast through the weekend.

I hope you enjoyed Central Indiana’s “cool” streak!  The heat and humidity returns today with highs pushing into the upper 80s.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms will likely develop after noon today.  Widespread severe weather is not expected.

Overnight, temps only drop to the low 70s with scattered showers and thunderstorms.

For the weekend, keep your eyes on the forecast.  Both Saturday and Sunday strong to severe thunderstorms are possible as highs push close to 90 degrees.  Both days all of Central Indiana is under a slight risk for severe storms.  We will be tracking the potential of damaging wind and large hail as the primary threats.

The heat continues for the beginning of next week, with a little cool down coming by Wednesday.

Summer officially begins Tuesday!

Rain Chances Increasing for the Weekend

More hot, humid, and stormy weather is headed our way.

Today may be one of the best days out of the next seven!

Highs will reach the low 80s with a slight chance for an isolated thunderstorm.  At this time, most spots look to stay dry.  Winds will gust up to 25mph, so get ready for a breezy day.

Overnight, lows drop to the mid 60s with partly cloudy skies.

Both Friday and Saturday scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible.  Some storms could be strong to severe both days, so we’ll keep a close watch on any storms that pop up.

For Sunday, a chance of t-storms will stick around as highs hit the upper 80s.

Monday will be hot and humid as temps track closer to 90 degrees, with more stormy weather returning Tuesday.

Father’s Day of Fools

I’m glad my feelings about my Dad can’t be summed up in a greeting card! If they were… you’d question if he was even a parent.

Father’s Day is quickly approaching… are you scrambling to buy the perfect card for dad?

I’ve been looking for a good one, but can’t find exactly what I’d like.  Am I being too picky?  Nope, I don’t think so.   I don’t think our standards for Father’s Day cards are high enough.

Where am I going with this? 

Well, according to the cards I’ve seen, dad’s only drink beer, control the remote while sitting in their favorite chair, BBQ, cut the grass, or golf.  I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot more to my dad than those stereotypes.

Father’s are not the doofus’ American culture has made them out to be.  They are not the incapable characters many TV shows have created.  They are not another child that a woman needs to parent.  Fathers are equal parents who are just as loving and just as responsible for kids as mothers.

Can you imagine what would happen if Mother’s Day cards featured vacuums, women cooking, washing the dishes, folding laundry, and cleaning the house?   That wouldn’t fly… would it?  So, why is the dad stereotype allowed to continue?  Gender roles fluctuate with couples, after all, marriage and love is about a partnership.

My dad is awesome.  Sure, he cuts the grass, has an occasional beer, and we fight over the remote, but is that all he is? 

No, he’s a role model who’s always there for me.  When I think of my Dad, I remember childhood ski trips, 100 mile bike rides together, and his love, support, and encouragement. 

So, Dad, Happy Father’s Day… I’m glad a greeting card doesn’t begin to describe your parenting!

Stormy Wednesday

So much for the 70s and sunshine… today showers and thunderstorms are likely across Central Indiana

Highs today will reach the mid 70s across Central Indiana with scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Some isolated storms may be strong to severe.  Very heavy rain will be likely in some thunderstorms as well.

Overnight, scattered showers and thunderstorms are still possible as lows drop to the low 60s.

Thursday a few showers and storms are sticking in the forecast as highs push closer to 80.

We can’t rule out a pop up storm on Friday, but for now, the day doesn’t look like a washout.

More showers and storms move in for the weekend as highs hit the mid to upper 80s.  It’s too early to nail down the timing of the systems yet, but we’ll keep you posted as we get closer to the weekend!

Temps push closer to 90 as we head into early next week.  Get ready… the official start to summer kicks off Tuesday!