Foggy Start… Nice Finish

Dense fog is likely across Central Indiana this morning… but by this afternoon… the sun will be shining!

Happy Mother’s Day!

After a foggy start, highs will hit the low to mid 70s with partly cloudy skies.  There’s a slight chance of an isolated shower or thunderstorm, but it appears that most spots remain dry.

Overnight, temps drop back to the low to mid 50s with partly cloudy skies.

Monday… highs push close to 80 degrees with a chance of showers and storms late in the day into the evening.

A daily chance of showers and storms will stick in the forecast… but look at the extended forecast below to see a HUGE warm up!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Severe Thunderstorm Watch

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 11pm for most of Central Indiana.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect until 11pm for most of Central Indiana.

Click here to see all of the counties under the watch.

Damaging wind, hail, and even an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

Thunderstorms are expected to pop up through late afternoon/early evening.  There is enough instability, that a pop up thunderstorm could turn strong to severe.

Rainy Saturday… Nice Sunday

Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms will move into Central Indiana today.

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s with scattered showers and the chance for an isolated thunderstorm.  Severe weather is  not expected.

Overnight, the rain comes to an end and the clouds break.  By early Sunday morning, temps drop into the low to  mid 50s.

For Sunday, Mother’s Day, highs will hit the low to mid 70s with partly cloudy skies.  Right now the forecast appears mainly dry… there’s a 10% chance of an isolated shower.

By early next week temps soar into the 80s!  There’s a daily chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm Monday and Tuesday… the better chance for showers and storms moves in starting Wednesday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Weekend Outlook

Today won’t be a washout, but spotty showers are possible this morning. They’ll become more isolated as we head into the afternoon.

Today won’t be a washout, but spotty showers are possible this morning.  They’ll become more isolated as we head into the afternoon.  Highs will reach the mid to upper 60s across Central Indiana.

Overnight, lows drop to around 50 degrees with partly cloudy skies.  That will be the starting temp for the Mini Marathon!  As of right now, it looks like a mainly dry start.

The later we go into Saturday, the better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms with highs in the upper 60.

Mother’s Day looks mainly dry with temps in the low to mid 70s… we’re watching closely for the possibility of a shower or two.

Temps warm up next week… but shower and storm chances go up too!  We’re not looking at washouts right now, just a typical spring rain/storm pattern.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

It’s Getting Warmer

Temps are warming up, but rain chances are going up again as well.

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s across Central Indiana today.  Clouds will increase as we head into the afternoon.

Overnight  temps drop into the upper 40s, and there’s a chance for rain through the morning rush hour. 

Light rain is possible for your morning commute, but we look to dry out late morning Friday.  Then, we’ll introduce the chance of an isolated thunderstorm for the afternoon as highs hit the upper 60s.

Early Saturday morning, temps will be around 50 degrees.  If you’re running the Mini Marathon, that will be your starting temperature.  At this time a spotty shower cannot be ruled out.  Especially because more rain and thunderstorms are expected as we head into your Saturday afternoon.  Highs will reach the upper 60s.

Mother’s Day looks pretty nice… highs will return to the 70s, but we can’t rule out the chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm.

Want warmth?  By next Tuesday and Wednesday we could be talking the 80s!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Sunshine Returns!

Woo-hoo! Today will be dry… and the sunshine returns across Central Indiana.

After the the possibility of a few sprinkles this morning, dry weather is back!  I know… I know… it’s about time… right?

Highs today will reach the upper 50s with a mix of sun and clouds with a cool North breeze.

Overnight, patch frost is possible as lows drop into the upper 30s.

Thursday, more sunshine!  Highs will reach the mid 60s with a chance for a spotty shower or thunderstorm Thursday night.

Friday, scattered showers will move in as highs hit the mid 60s again.

Saturday scattered showers and storms are possible with highs in the upper 60s.  For Mini-Marathon runners, scattered showers are possible with temps in the upper 40s.

More scattered showers and possible for the weekend.  I know… it’s not what you wanted to hear!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast


April’s Weather Wrap Up

We’ve already started the month of May, but here’s a wrap up of the 4th wettest 16th warmest April on record!

April 2011 was the 4th wettest on record, and the 16th warmest!

The following information is compiled by the Indianapolis National Weather Service, you can find the original article here.

The roller coaster ride of temperatures from March evened out more during the month of April, leaving the month warmer than average across the area, with most areas averaging 3 to 4 degrees above average for the month.

The month started on a cold note, with many areas seeing the coldest temperatures of the month on the first of the month. Up and down temperatures continued for the first week of the month, then a substantial warm spell occurred for the second week. Highs reached the lower to middle 80s on the 10th, with average daily temperatures about 20 degrees above average for the date.

Most of the remainder of the month saw near or above average temperatures. Cold air did return on the 21st, giving some areas another freeze.

Site April 2011 Avg Temp April 2011 Difference from Normal Highest


Lowest Temperature
Indianapolis 55.8 +3.8 83 on 10 30 on 1
Lafayette 54.5 +4.4 84 on 10 25 on 1
Muncie 52.5 +2.5 84 on 10 23 on 1
Terre Haute 56.3 +3.7 81 on 10 31 on 21
Bloomington 56.7 +4.0 83 on 10 31 on 21
Shelbyville 56.2 +4.1 85 on 10 28 on 1
Indy – Eagle Crk. 55.5 +3.5 82 on 10 30 on 1


At Indianapolis, there were 7 days with below normal average temperatures, 21 days with above normal average temperatures and 2 days with normal average temperatures.



Central Indiana saw a very wet month, with more than half of the days of the month receiving at least a trace of rainfall.  Much of the southern half of Indiana received over 10 inches of rain for the month, which caused extensive flooding along rivers and streams.

The rain was caused by fronts that stalled out in our area, allowing thunderstorms with heavy rain to move repeatedly across the same areas. On the 19th, numerous thunderstorms with heavy rain moved through, giving many sites their wettest day of the month. On that day areas around Indianapolis and Shelbyville received over 3 inches of rain. The average rainfall for the entire month of April is around 3.5 inches, meaning that some areas saw nearly the average monthly rainfall in a single day.

The longest dry stretch during the month was only 3 days, which gave the ground little time to recover from the rain. This meant that the heavy rain from thunderstorms ran off quickly into streams and rivers, causing extensive flooding. Major to near record flooding of rivers occurred across the area, with the worst flooding across the southern half of the state. Flooding was the worst since 2008 in many areas, with southwest sections of the area seeing the worst flooding since January 2005.

Site April 2011 Precipitation April 2011 Difference from Normal Wettest Day Longest Dry Stretch
Indianapolis 7.98  +4.37 3.06 on 19  3 days 5-7 and 12-14
Lafayette 7.89  +4.32 1.86 on 27  3 days 12-14
Muncie 6.53  +2.93 1.47 on 19  3 days 12-14
Terre Haute 11.01  +6.89 2.49 on 19  3 days 5-7 and 12-14
Bloomington 11.14  +6.85 1.94 on 19  3 days 5-7 and 12-14
Shelbyville 11.13  +7.19 3.37 on 19  3 days 12-14
Indy – Eagle Crk. 8.07  +4.46 3.26 on 19  3 days 5-7 and 12-14


Severe Weather

Severe weather impacted many areas in Central Indiana during the month of April. Four tornadoes touched down during the month, with 3 of the 4 happening on the 19th.  On that day a strong storm system moved through the area, bringing multiple lines of strong to severe thunderstorms. Widespread wind damage also occurred, in addition to the 3 tornadoes.

 The fourth tornado touched down on April 23 when additional strong to severe storms were moving across the area.  Strong storms moved across the area at times during the last week of April as well, with wind damage occurring across southern sections of the area on the 28th.

 Severe weather occurred on 9 days during the month across Central Indiana. 

 May 2011 Outlook

 The official outlook for May 2011 from the Climate Prediction Center indicates an equal chance for above normal, normal, or below normal temperatures for central Indiana.  At Indianapolis, the average temperature for the month is 62.6 degrees. The outlook also calls for an equal chance for above normal, normal, or below normal precipitation across central Indiana. The average precipitation for May at Indianapolis is 4.36”.

Thoughts on the governor’s race

There are a lot of very interesting political stories looming on the horizon.

There are a lot of very interesting political stories looming on the horizon.

First and foremost will Governor Mitch Daniels run for President? For the longest time he has said he would not make any decision until after the legislative session. Well, now it’s over and you can certainly see why he wanted to wait.

Lawmakers have given him the perfect platform to campaign on. A $1.1 billion budget surplus, education reform and the strictest abortion law in America. Now Gov. Daniels is asking the far right in his party to take another look. He can no longer be written off as the man who called for a truce on social issues. Now he is the man who acted, on the budget, education with charter schools, vouchers, early graduation scholarships and incentives for teachers and last but not least on abortion.

“It’s the economy, stupid” still fits. But now he has a more complete resume. Now he needs to circulate it to see if there are any takers. I think that is what he is currently doing.

When it comes to the governor’s race, I think Republicans and Democrats will want to keep the number of candidates down to keep interest and donations up. Rep. Mike Pence will announce by the end of the week on the Republican side. John Gregg appears to be the front runner on the Democratic side. If this proves to be reality this will be one of the most interesting races to cover in a long time – a conservative Republican against a right-to-life Democrat.

Mike Pence will have to overcome his Washington, DC success, which doesn’t always play well with the locals, and John Gregg is as old boy local as you can get. Gregg, on the other hand, will have to reintroduce himself to the voters while Mike Pence has kept his name out there all across the state.

Both have extensive media experience and are very comfortable in front of the media and big crowds. I expect money to flow to both candidates for television but one on one campaigning might be the difference here. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to these possibilities. Let’s get on with it!

Rainy & Cool

You guessed it, more rain is in the forecast. The good news? Sunshine returns Wednesday!

More rain is expected across Central Indiana today.  Highs will only reach the low 50s with cloudy skies and scattered showers.  The rain is expected to become more isolated this afternoon.  Since April 1st, Indy has picked up nearly ten inches of rain!

Flood Watches and Warnings remain in effect along and South of I-70.

Tonight, the rain comes to an end…  but it turns pretty cold!  Temps are expected to drop into the mid to upper 30s by early Wednesday morning!

Wednesday, the sunshine returns, but highs only reach the upper 50s. 

Thursday looks mainly dry with a chance of t-storms in the afternoon as temps get into the mid 60s. 

More rain moves in for Friday and Saturday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More Rain for the Work Week

Nice sunny days are sprinkled in the 7 day forecast, but more rain than sun is expected.

It sure won’t feel like Spring today.  Highs will only hit the mid to upper 50s with scattered showers.  The light rain should taper off to give us some dry time, but tonight another wave of rain moves in.

Overnight, rain is expected with lows dropping to the low 40s.

Tuesday, rain is likely as highs struggle to make it into the low 50s!  By Tuesday, up to 1-2 inches of rain is expected south of I-70, so flood watches and warnings are posted.

Wednesday, we dry out as highs make it back into the low 60s.

Thursday, looks mainly dry with highs in the mid 60s.  Showers and storms are likely to move in late and stick around through Saturday.  We’ll keep you posted on what the conditions look like throughout the week, I know thousands are depending on a good Saturday forecast for the 500 Festival Mini Marathon!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast