Cool Temps Return… And Snowflakes?

Well, that taste of summer was just a teaser! A big cool down is coming to Central Indiana, and yes, a few snowflakes could be part of that forecast!

Highs today will only hit 60 degrees with mostly sunny skies and a cool North breeze up to 15mph.

Tonight, the stars will be visible, and a crisp cold night is ahead with temps in the upper 30s.

Wednesday, we start a warming trend and highs pop into the mid 60s with plenty of sunshine.

Thursday, highs hit around 70 degrees… and as of right now… it looks like showers and isolated thunderstorms move in late in the evening.

The chance for showers and t-storms stays through the day Friday, and a few rain showers could linger for Saturday morning.  An early look at your Komen Race for the Cure forecast shows scattered showers, and temps around 40 degrees for the start of the event.

Saturday, highs will only reach the upper 40s with a chance for scattered showers.

Saturday night into Sunday morning… a few wet snowflakes could mix in with the rain.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Soggy Start to the Week

Showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely today as temps fall into the 50s by the evening.

So long 80s!

Highs today will fall from the 60s in the morning, to the 50s by the evening with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.  It’s going to be a soggy day with up to .50″ of additional rainfall.  That number is especially true in our Southeastern counties.

Overnight we dry out with temps in the low 40s and wind gusts up to 20mph.

Tuesday, sunshine makes a return as we hit the low 60s.  By Wednesday, we’ll be shooting for a high in the upper 60s.

Showers and thunderstorms return Thursday and Friday.

And, we’re tracking a cool down for Saturday with temps only in the 50s and a chance of rain.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Showers… Storms… & Weekend Heat

Strong to severe thunderstorms are in the forecast this weekend, as well as near record breaking heat!

Highs today will reach the mid 70s with scattered showers and thunderstorms.  T-Storms are likely through midday, and some storms may be strong to severe.  A slight risk of severe weather is in effect along and South of I-70.  Damaging wind, large hail, and very heavy rain is likely from any strong to severe storm that develops.  As we head into the afternoon, the activity will become more isolated, but the chance for a pop up shower or storm will stay in the forecast.

Overnight, we dry out with partly cloudy skies and patchy fog.  Temps will only drop to the low 60s.

Sunday, looks like a summer day.  We should remain dry with highs in the low 80s.  The record high for Sunday is 84 set back in 1930, so near record breaking heat is possible.

Sunday night into Monday morning a strong storm system will push through the state.  Once again, we are tracking the potential for severe storms.  Damaging wind, hail, and heavy rain are the primary threats.

We dry out and cool down Tuesday, with more showers and storms for the end of the week.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Storms & Heat for the Weekend

Temperatures are going up, and so are rain chances as we head into the weekend.

Highs today will reach the upper 60s in Central Indiana with scattered showers and the chance for an isolated t-storm.  From Bloomington to Columbus south, there’s a chance that a t-storm may be strong or severe.  We’ll keep an eye on the radar throughout the day.

Overnight, the rain ends and temps drop to the low 50s.

Saturday, isolated thunderstorms are possible as temps hit the mid to upper 70s.

Sunday, huge warmth surges into Central Indiana with highs topping out in the low to mid 80s!  We will be watching the forecast closely on Sunday.  As of right now, it looks like strong to severe storms will be possible Sunday evening through early Monday morning.  This timeline is likely to change as we head into the weekend, so please check back with the blog and our forecast so you stay up to date!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Rain Chances Going Up

Rain chances enter the forecast today, and look to stick around through the weekend.

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s with increasing clouds and an East wind up to 10mph.  This afternoon into tonight, rain chances will build across Central Indiana and overnight scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely. 

Tonight, lows only drop to the low 50s.  Rain is likely, with scattered storms.

I’ll let you check out the 7 day for the rest of the thunderstorm chances… as we have them each and every day through early Monday morning. 

The good news?  Temps go up close to 80 degrees by Sunday.  The SkyTrak Weather Team is watching the forecast closely, some storms may be strong to severe Saturday and Sunday afternoon into Monday morning.  We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to this system impacting the state.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Temperature & Rain Chances Going Up

Temperatures will hit the mid 60s, but we can’t get rid of the wind gusts!

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s with partly cloudy skies.  Today will be another breezy day with wind gusts up to 35mph.

Tonight, temps only drop to the upper 40s, but we stay dry.

Thursday, highs hit the upper 60s with increasing clouds and a chance for rain beginning in the afternoon.

As we approach the weekend, highs warm into the 70s with a daily chance for scattered thunderstorms.  We’ll be watching the forecast closely, because some storms look like they could be strong to severe Sunday afternoon or into the evening.  Stay tuned to the forecast and blog for more details.

Until then… almost everything is summed up in the 7 day!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

What a Difference a Day Makes

This morning, temps are running at least 30 degrees cooler than yesterday!

What a difference a day makes!  Say goodbye to the 70s (for now)… highs today will only reach the low 50s with partly cloudy skies, and wind gusts up to 25mph.  The good news?  It will remain dry… Indy picked up just over an inch of rain Monday.

Overnight, we remain dry, but the wind sticks around.  Temps will drop to the upper 30s by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, we remain dry, and temps will rise to the mid 60s.

Starting Thursday… a nice warm up begins.  By Sunday, highs could hit the upper 70s!  However, with the increased temps, there’s also a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms as an unsettled pattern parks itself over the state.

We’ll keep you updated if any storms look strong or severe.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Thunderstorms Likely Today

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely across Central Indiana as we head towards daybreak. Some storms may be strong to severe with damaging wind and hail.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are likely across Central Indiana as we head towards daybreak.  Some storms may be strong to severe with damaging wind and hail.  These storms are expected to last through midday as temps drop from the 70s this morning… into the mid 40s by the afternoon.  Winds will continue to gust up to 35mph. 

Tonight, the rain comes to an end, but temps drop to the low 30s.  Add a 30mph wind to that, and it’s going to be a cold start to your Tuesday morning.

Tuesday is dry, but highs only hit the low 50s.

Wednesday looks to be one of the best days of the week with sunshine and highs in the mid 60s.

Starting Thursday, there’s a daily chance of t-storms through the weekend as highs push into the 70s.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Butler captures the country’s imagination

I thought this vacation to the sunny southwest would regenerate my battery after five weeks of watching and listening as politicians blamed each other for the lack of activity at the Indiana Statehouse. But for the second year in a row my plans were thwarted.

As the golf cart motored by the cottage in Sun Lakes, Arizona, you could hear the exchange over the hum of the battery powered cart.

“I just like Butler. They seem to never quit.”

I thought this vacation to the sunny southwest would regenerate my battery after five weeks of watching and listening as politicians blamed each other for the lack of activity at the Indiana Statehouse. But for the second year in a row my plans were thwarted.

A year ago I didn’t even want to go the beach in Florida because I was missing out. While I was supposed to be sunning myself everyone back home in Indiana was basking in the sunlight of Butler’s improbable run and I was missing out. How was I supposed to know that Spring Break meant Butler Basketball?

You would think I would have learned my lesson. Now one year later I am visiting with my in-laws, sitting along the 7th hole, experiencing a strange deja vu. It is not the first time an underdog has captured the imagination of the country.

During another recession, in fact an actual depression, a small horse with a big heart ran the race for the common man. There is a great line in the movie Sea Biscuit where the trainer tells the jockey to slack off coming around the second turn to let the horse look into the eyes of its competition. Then hold on. For some reason that I was I think of when I watch Butler.

There wasn’t supposed to be a thoroughbred in the bunch except for Shelvin Mack, but he didn’t start that way. He willed himself that way. Matt Howard carries the hopes of the town of Connersville, Indiana and every other small town in America – where people know and like their mailman enough to make sure he has the ability to take his family to watch his son deliver.

You feel good about yourself when you see the shot of the Howard family watching the game. Hard work makes good. Family makes right. Matt Howard is the one I think of most when I remember that line from the movie Sea Biscuit. Just slack off a bit and let him look in the eyes of his competition. Then hang on. We are all hanging on.

From the world of politics, from the golf courses across America, to a lot of folks going out to pick up their mail. All rooting for a team of unlikely basketball players who haven’t realized they are not supposed to be able to do this. Certainly not two years in a row. They may not win Monday night either, but for a lot of their fans it is not always about surviving. Monday night it will be about thriving again.

Looking into the eyes of that thoroughbred next to you and then taking off. What does that popular television commercial say? It’s just my way of sticking it to the man. I can’t wait until Tuesday morning. I can almost hear it now. Just over the hum of the passing golf cart, or on the mail route in Connersville. “I knew they could do it” someone will say in a tone that belies what that really implies. I can do it too. Just let me at ’em.

Covering the Final Four…is a blast in Houston

I’ve covered two Winter Olympic games, the Rose Bowl, the NBA Playoffs, but I’ve never had as much fun covering a sporting event than I have here in Houston for the Final Four.

And some of the best moments happened behind the camera.

On game night–when the Butler Bulldogs took on the Virginia Commonwealth Rams–my role was two-fold.  Get photos and provide updates for social media and during the game…and then act a “runner” for our sports team after the game.

My media credentials offered me access to the game floor–a wonderful view of the action on the court–plus a chance to get some pics of the “moments” during the game.  (see below).  I’ve certainly watched these games on t-v as Butler has progressed in the tourney this year and last–but being there–among the record 75-thousand fans–the electricity in the air–unsurpassed.

I ran into Charles Barkley–who stopped for a photo op and a little conversation.  (WTHR  photographer Matt Whisner met former President George H.W. Bush–now a Butler fan!)

During the second half,  I kept tabs on the action from the Media Center in Reliant Stadium–a room full of sports and news teams from all over the country covering the game.  Even after more than 20 years in this business, being included among them seems unreal.

While the competition is certainly intense on the court–it’s also “game-on” for reporters.  We want to have the best coverage–and if possible to have it first.  Our game plan was this–Eric Yutzy interviews the players and coach inside the locker room.  Dave Calabro broadcasts live for our special coverage after the game from the live location outside Reliant Stadium.   Matt  and I would relay the video from one to the other. (we figured it was about a quarter mile from the locker room to the live location)

Because of NCAA rules for coverage –unless you’re the network airing the game–television affiliates are not allowed to show highlights until both games were finished.  

(And they’re serious about this rule.   A  CBS affiliate thought they’d be ok to get reaction from the Butler team on the court right afte the win.  But according to the photographer shooting the video the NCAA  ordered them to erase what they shot)

So the buzzer sounds…and we’re off.   My role afforded me access to the locker room after the game.  A new experience for me.  Right after the team enters–a hoard of reporters, and cameras move in like cattle.  Everyone vying for the great interview.  I stay close to Eric and sports photographer Matt Wilkening.  A team who work so well together it’s as if they choreograph their every move.  I know I work with some talented people..but to see them in action is a thing of beauty. 

Eric first approaches one player…gets a few questions in..then it’s off to the next.  Once that interview wraps up Matt Whisner takes the SD card and literally runs it from the locker room to the satellite truck so that Dave can “pitch” to it on air.

Meantime, Eric continues with more interviews..then I get the SD card and I start running.  (It’s at this point I realize two things–1) I should have packed sneakers 2) I am really out of shape!)

I meet Matt half way and pass off the card like a baton in a 100 meter relay.

We do this three or four more times–it comes off flawlessly on the air (Dave’s a pro)–and our viewers are able to hear from the players right after the game.  None the wiser.

In the middle of it all, I just thought to myself–“this is so fun”.  It’s quite an adrenalin rush.  I love being “on-air”–but being part of this team–doing my part to cover this amazing Butler story was a thrill as well.

And the best part is, I get to do it all over again Monday night.

Go ‘Dawgs!

Kris Kirschner