Tuesday Afternoon Severe Weather Update

Severe storms are still likely to develop as we head into this evening and tonight.

After a morning filled with heavy rain and thunderstorms… more storms are likely for this evening.  One to three inches of rain has fallen across Central Indiana and more is on the way.

A tornado watch is in effect for portions of Illinois until 10pm… the line of storms that will pop there… will then move into Central Indiana.

This evening into the overnight, we will be watching for the potential of strong to severe thunderstorms for all of Central Indiana.  The main threats will be damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail, and more flooding.

The storms look to exit Central Indiana by 2am.

Chief Meteorologist Chris Wright and I will be tracking the storms this evening and tonight.  We will keep you posted on any changes in the forecast and any watches and warnings that pop up.

You can follow watches and warnings here.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

A week without wheels

Maybe it’s time to think about alternate modes of transportation.

The author in her high school days.

Whenever gas prices spike, I start to do the math. “If I average 20 mpg and commute 10 miles a day, I’m spending how much more getting to and from work?”

Maybe it’s time to think about alternate modes of transportation.

I could take the bus, carpool, bike to work or even on ambitious days, run.

I’m lucky.  According to the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the average commute in Central Indiana is eight miles.  Mine is five.  The MPO also says the average commuter spends 22 minutes in the car.  I spend maybe 15?  So, why’s it so hard to consider a new way of getting to work?

I asked a few people that same question Monday.

Anthony Steward, who lives in Noblesville said, “Proximity. It’s not for me.  I live 20 miles north.”

I caught up with Sarah Murray and Katie Toy as they walked the Monon Trail.  They’re both nursing students at Marian University.

Sarah said she’d thought about biking, but “I don’t live near trails where it’s safe to get to work on.”

Katie added, “Our schedules are busy. We have 12-hour days, so that’s hard too.”

When I asked what might make taking the bus more attractive, Sarah said, “Being cheap and easy.  I know that sounds lame but when I was in college, the bus practically came to the door and you could ride it for free.”

Let’s face it. Indianapolis isn’t exactly known for embracing alternate modes of transportation.  We get in our cars and stay in them.  Yes, we have congestion, but it’s nothing compared to say, Chicago.

Sara Anderson of Indianapolis told me, “I have no choice but to drive. I’ll carpool, but the bus?  If I have to I guess, but I’ve never taken it before.”

Throughout my life I’ve traveled to school and work in a variety of ways.  In high school, I carpooled.  When my mom drove it was five girls and a guitar in her VW Beetle.  That was before things like mandatory seat belts and bike helmets, so no, I would not recommend doing that today (and nor would she, if she were still alive.)

I often walked to my job at Happy Foods, a small neighborhood grocery a little less than a mile away and I rode my bike to a job in downtown Evanston while on summer break from college.  I also took the El and the Chicago and North Western commuter train to my first full-time job after college, which was in downtown Chicago.

I never minded those alternate modes, except when Cathy O’Grady actually tried to play her guitar in my mom’s Volkswagen.  Okay, not really, but I liked being able to read on the el and loved the exercise I got riding my bike to work.

But truth be known, I haven’t commuted much since then.  Okay, not at all, unless you count the Bike to Work stories I do each year.

Why?  The extra time, too much planning, walking to the bus stop, riding or running in rain, sleet and snow, my love for hitting the snooze button…I’ve got the excuses covered.

Having said that I’m ready to look at things anew and explore my options.

Tuesday, I plan to take the bus.  I will also carpool, bike and walk or run to work this week.  I realize it’s not a commitment, not the same as carpooling every day, but I hope to get a feel for the pros and cons.  And just maybe I’ll say, why didn’t I do this earlier?  I’ll only know by trying.

– Mary Milz

Tuesday’s Severe Weather Outlook

Keep your eyes and ears tuned to the forecast today, strong to severe storms could develop as we head into the afternoon and tonight.

All of Central Indiana is under a “moderate risk” for severe weather today.  This means that strong to severe storms are likely, and paying close attention to the forecast is a must. 

A severe thunderstorm is possible at any time today, but the best time for severe storms will be this afternoon as a warm front lifts through the state, and again tonight as a cold front pushes through Indiana.

At this time, tornadoes, damaging wind, large hail and flooding are all threats.  An additional 2-3 inches of rain is possible on top of what we received overnight.  We will be tracking anyand all changes in the SkyTrak Weather Center today and tonight.

Wednesday, will be quiet with cool temps and highs in the mid 50s.

Thursday, more sunshine and temps warm into the upper 50s.

Thursday night through Sunday more showers and storms develop.  It’s too early to tell if any of these could be severe.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Severe Weather Risk Increases Tuesday

It’s going to be a stormy week across Central Indiana with severe weather possible Tuesday. The timing and details of what to expect are all included in today’s weather blog.

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 60s with a chance of a spotty shower or isolated thunderstorm as we head into the afternoon.  Winds will gust out of the west up to 25mph.

Tonight, lows drop to the 40s with thunderstorms.  At times, the rain may be very heavy, creating localized flooding.

Tuesday, temps look to hit the low 70s.  More thunderstorms will develop for the afternoon, and some storms are likely to turn severe.  All of Central Indiana is under a moderate risk for severe storms Tuesday into Wednesday morning.  Tornadoes, damaging wind, and large hail are all likely threats from any thunderstorm that turns severe.

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, the risk for severe weather will remain across Central Indiana.  We will once again be watching for thunderstorms that turn severe to produce tornadoes, damaging wind, and large hail. 

We will be in the SkyTrak 13 Forecast Center, tracking any and all storms that develop all hours of the day and night. 

Flooding will be another concern.  One to three inches of rain is possible from these storms, and some areas may pick up even more than that by Wednesday morning.

The chance of t-storms sticks around until midday Wednesday, with a break from the rain coming on Thursday.

More thunderstorms will be just around the corner Friday, but it’s too early to tell if those will be severe.  We will keep you posted.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More Showers and Storms Targeting Indiana

Today is going to be one of the best days out of the week!

Enjoy today while you can… because a stormy weather pattern is setting up for the work week.

Highs today will reach 60 degrees with increasing clouds.  Winds will be gusting up to 20 to 30 mph.

Tonight, scattered showers move into the state.  Overnight temps will drop to the upper 40s.  Most of the rain should be off the radar by the morning commute.

Monday, we see some dry time as temps push into the low 60s, however, for the afternoon… more rain moves in, and some thunderstorms are possible Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, highs are back in the 70s, but we’ll be watching the radar closely Tuesday afternoon and Tuesday night.  It’s during that time frame that severe storms are possible.  At this time, tornadoes, damaging wind, and large hail will be possible with any thunderstorm that turns severe.  Stay tuned to the forecast, we’ll keep you updated as we get closer to this possible severe event.

More showers and storms are in the forecast this week… get ready to keep the rain gear handy!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Chilly…. Windy… Rainy Saturday

The heaviest rain is gone, but the chance for scattered showers still remains around Central Indiana.

Keep the rain gear handy today!  Temps will remain steady around 50 degrees for the day, with scattered light showers.  Wind gusts up to 35 mph will be possible, so it will be a very breezy day.

Tonight, we dry out as temps drop to the upper 30s, again, wind gusts up to 30mph will be possible, so it’s going to feel much cooler.

Sunday, the sunshine returns, and we add 10 degrees to the high to top out around 60 degrees.  We will still be dealing with a brisk breeze up to 25mph.

Starting late Monday, the chance for showers and thunderstorms return as temps slowly warm into the 70s later this week.

All the details are in your 7 day forecast below!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Stormy Friday

If April showers bring May flowers, then the month of May should be beautiful in Indiana.

If April showers bring May flowers, then the month of May should be beautiful in Indiana.

Look for periods of rain and thunderstorms today around the state. We could see an inch or close to it, in Indianapolis and some computer models suggest that Eastern Indiana, around Richmond, could receive 3 inches of rain.

If you are headed downtown for the Race For The Cure Saturday, dress for a cool and damp day. There is a chance for a couple of periods of drizzle and light rain and temperatures will hold steady in the upper 40s during the event. We will bring back the beautiful April sunshine Sunday!

– Chuck Lofton

Sunny Today… Heavy Rain & Storms Friday

Get the most out of today’s weather… a huge change is right around the corner. Today looks to be the best day out of the next five!

Highs today will hit close to 70 degrees with mostly sunny skies.  It’s going to be a great day!  Get out and enjoy it while you can!!!

Overnight, the wind picks with gusts up to 25mph as lows drop to the mid 40s.

Friday, highs only hit the low 60s and showers and scattered thunderstorms develop for the afternoon.  Heavy rain is likely into Friday evening and night.  A few storms could be strong to severe, and some spots could pick up, up to 2″ of rain.

When you’re up bright and early for the Komen Race for the Cure, grab layers and rain gear.  A few scattered showers are expected Saturday morning and temps will be in the upper 40s for all of the festivities.

Highs on Saturday will only reach the low 50s with scattered showers, so we’re not moving much in terms of a warm up!

Temps stay cool on Sunday and Monday, but sunshine returns… before more rain comes back by Tuesday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Soak in the Sun

The sunshine is back, and we’ll be getting warmer temperatures to go with it!

Now, this is spring!  Highs today will hit the mid 60s with mostly sunny skies and light winds.

Overnight, we cool into the low 40s.

Thursday, we add a few clouds into the forecast, but the temp looks to hit 70!

Friday, showers and thunderstorms will likely develop, especially for the afternoon as highs hit the mid 60s.  The rain will continue into Saturday morning.  Right now, it looks like up to an inch of rain will be possible when this system passes through.

We are keeping a close eye on your Saturday morning forecast, as thousands of people will hit the streets of downtown Indy for the Komen Race for the Cure.  Right now, plan on scattered showers and temps in the upper 40s to start your walk/run.  The timing of this could change, so check back often for your forecast!

The rest of the numbers are in your 7 day outlook below:

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast