Snow for the Weekend

Another snow maker moves into Central Indiana this weekend, and early next week.

Just the news you wanted to hear… more snow is on the way.  Let’s look at the bright side though… at least I’m not forecasting more ice!

Highs today will reach the upper 20s to around 30 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

Late tonight, snow showers are possible with a dusting, up to an inch falling through Saturday morning.  Saturday, highs hit the low 30s.

Another shot of snow moves in Sunday, we could pick up 1-2″ of snow from this system Sunday night through Monday.  With another 1-2″ of snow possible Monday- Tuesday.

As of right now, snow accumulations look light around Central Indiana with 3-5″ possible by early Tuesday (that’s total for all of the little snow makers). 

Join us starting at 6am Saturday morning on Sunrise, I’ll nail down the timeline better for you as each of these little snow systems get closer to the state.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Arctic Air Arrives

Bundle up! Today highs will only hit the teens, and with the wind chill, it’s not even going to feel that warm!

Is it too early to ask Santa for weather that’s 70 degrees and sunny?  I just want it warm enough to melt all of the ice! 

Highs today will only reach 18 degrees with sunny skies.  The wind chill will make it feel like -10 to 0, so please bundle up and be careful when you head out. 

Tonight, temps drop to around 0, again, wind chill will be in the subzero range.

Friday, we’re warming up, but not enough!  Highs will hit the upper 20s with mostly sunny skies.

A chance for snow moves in Saturday, right now we’re looking at 1-2 inches of snow accumulation.

Sunday, a rain snow mix is possible with highs in the mid 30s.

A bigger system is building for Monday and Tuesday.  It’s too early to say how much snow we’ll get right now, but stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Stuck inside!

I’ve been stuck at home, but never stuck INSIDE. Wednesday morning, I came all too close.

I’ve been stuck at home, but never stuck INSIDE. Wednesday morning, I came all too close.

My dogs wanted out in the backyard, but the back door wouldn’t budge. It was iced in. I tried pushing to no avail. I went to the front door and same thing. Stuck. Not good.

How about the garage? A neighbor advised me to leave it open a couple of inches to prevent freezing… thank goodness I listened. It opened and was able to get outside…but the dogs wanted out back.

I grabbed a hoe and clumsily climbed a back fence, nearly falling flat on my face. After 15 minutes of chopping, I had cleared enough to let my two lab mixes squeeze through the back door (without even a doggy kiss of thanks.)

I left for work thinking… wow, could have been a much longer morning. I wondered how many other people faced the same thing? It didn’t take long to find out. We quickly found one man who couldn’t get out the front door, but managed to get out the back. And soon we found Stacy – who found both of her doors iced shut. Stacy had moved to Indianapolis from Florida last summer, a chilly welcome. She said preparing for the storm was like preparing for a hurricane except she went out of her way to find firewood. Luckily, she still had power and several days worth of food. When asked if we could do anything, she said she’d be fine. She had no plans to go anywhere the rest of the day and her computer was on… she was connected to the outside world.

We found another woman who had just finished digging out. She said she had to remove the storm door window and salt the front, hacking away at the ice with a shovel until the door moved. It made shovelling six inches of snow look like scooping up cotton balls.

Everyone we encountered was good-natured. Misery loves company and yes, it could have been worse. It could always be worse. But this was winter, and like every other winter, this one would soon melt into spring…but I don’t think too many people would mind if the big thaw got an early start.

– Mary Milz

Winter Storm Not Done Yet

The freezing rain is gone… now our focus turns to snow and strong winds.

Hold onto your hats today!  Wind gusts up to 40mph are our main concern today.  The strong wind gusts will knock ice off of buildings, and could topple trees and power lines that are weighed down with ice.  More power outages are possible today.  Highs will hit the low to mid 20s, but will feel more like the single digits and teens.  The wrap around moisture from the area of Low pressure causing the windy conditions, will also whip around some snow.  We’re looking for up to an inch of snow for the Indy metro.  From Muncie to Lafayette, 1-3″ of snow is possible.

Overnight, a few flurries are possible as lows drop to the single digits.  We are watching for icy spots to remain because temperatures will remain well below freezing.

Thursday, highs only hit the teens with partly cloudy skies, and by Friday we’re in the low 20s.

Our next chance for snow comes for the weekend and the beginning of the work week.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Round Two of Ice Coming

Round two of a winter weather system will move into Central Indiana this afternoon, creating even higher ice totals and more dangerous conditions around the state.

The first round of icy weather is out of here… but now… we are bracing for round two, and it looks to pack a more powerful punch.  Icy roads will remain around Central Indiana today as temps remain below freezing.

This morning expect patchy freezing fog and patchy freezing rain, the heaviest freezing rain will arrive this afternoon into tonight.  This will create a significant ice event for central Indiana with up to 1.5″ of ice possible.  (That includes the ice totals from overnight).  South of Bloomington and Columbus, we are expecting an icy mix with rain.  Ice accumulation is still likely.  Wind gusts up to 40 mph are likely, and this will create dangerous conditions for ice covered trees and power lines, as they will become more likely to break.

After midnight, the freezing rain turns to snow and light snow accumulations are possible across Central Indiana, with about 1-3 inches of snow.  From Lafayette to Kokomo, higher snow totals are possible from 5-8+ inches.   Blowing snow will be likely Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday we are bone chilling cold, it will take a while for us to thaw out.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast