A Life on the Line

It was a slow Sunday morning. Cold, but sunny. A typical day in mid-January

It was a slow Sunday morning.  Cold, but sunny.  A typical day in mid-January.   And at 9:00am it was a routine traffic stop.  The next two minutes would change everything..  That’s when the first of four 9-1-1 calls came in to city dispatch …residents of a northeast side neighborhood who heard gunfire…and at least one who saw an IMPD officer  on the ground..

That officer, 29-year old David Moore had a minute earlier typed in license plate information for a ’98 Gold Camry he’d pulled over.  Information had come back that car was reported stolen.  But before the 6-1/2 year veteran had a chance to radio in…the driver of the car, shot him. 

Trauma surgeons say preliminary tests showed the bullets miraculously missed  (by millimeters) his vital brain stem and spinal cord.  Hitting instead  a vertebrae and blood vessel.  But that more tests were needed…Tthe next 24-48 hours were crucial to this young man’s survival.

Police shootings are rare.  But the possibility–is part of the daily life of the 1600 men and women who protect the streets of Indianapolis.  They are in the underappreciated, often criticized business of public safety.    A duty they gladly accept.  A service we barely comprehend.

While we celebrate and salute our men in women in military uniform (rightfully so)–hailing them heroes who serve overseas –we are more inclined to look down on the city soldiers–who fight for our safety right on our very street corners.  Whose mere presence in many cases will keep the bad guys away.  And who would proudly uphold the law–even if it means putting their own lives on the line.

David Moore is one of those soldiers.  He joined IMPD in July of 2004, fulfilling a lifelong dream to follow in the footsteps of his parents, both IMPD veterans. 

Now he fights for his life. 

Just a routine day on the job. 

IMPD Officer David Moore Shot 4 Times During a "Routine" Traffic Stop

Kris Kirschner

Light Snow… Again

Light snow is possible across Central Indiana today, it will be enough to slick up the roads.

Here we go again, more snow.  Today’s snow is light, we’re on target for a dusting up to an inch.  It will make everything just slick enough to cause a few problems.  Highs will eventually hit the low 30s today.  Some spots may see light freezing drizzle as the temps moves up to the freezing mark.

Overnight, temps drop into the low 20s with a few flurries.

Tuesday and Wednesday we are dry, with a chance for snow again on Thursday and Saturday.  Another blast of cold air moves through Sunday, leaving highs only in the teens.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Mainly Dry Today… Light Snow This Week

Today we’ll see mainly dry conditions across Central Indiana, with more chances for light snow moving in as early as tonight!

Highs today will reach the low 20s with mostly cloudy skies.   A few flurries are possible today.  Wind chills will stick in the single digits until midday.

Overnight, a system from the west tries to move into the state.  We could see some light snow showers.  A quick dusting may be possible, but for now the snow looks very light.  Overnight lows only drop to the mid teens.

Monday, more snow develops by the afternoon as another quick moving disturbance passes through the state.  Highs will reach the low 30s, with a chance of snow.  Snow is likely for the drive home, so a few slick spots may be possible on the roadways… we’re looking at accumulations of less than an inch.

Tuesday, another shot of light snow moves in.

We get a break Wednesday through Friday, but another chance for snow is already in our targets for Saturday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Sometimes it’s not what’s over it, but the rainbow itself

As we were all digging our way out of yet another winter storm, the snow weighing heavily on our shovels and hearts

 As we were all digging our way out of yet another winter storm, the snow weighing heavily on our shovels and hearts…a sign that perhaps there is a light at the end of this dismal tunnel.  Friday morning, about 8:30am, as I was driving my two youngsters home after picking up our drive-thru breakfast, I saw before me a vision.  A beautful rainbow that dimly hovered above the frosty horizon.  I’d never seen a rainbow in winter..and felt compelled to mark the moment with a photo.   So I pulled over the car  (safety first!)  and snapped away.  (see photo above).   

While my kids and I had fun wondering if the rainbow ended at our house…I got the feeling that colorful anomaly was there for a reason.  To remind us that even in our darkest (and coldest) times…there are moments of brightness and beauty…and when it comes to winter, this too shall pass.

Kris Kirschner

Chilly Weekend & More Snow

The cold lingers across the state, and more chances of accumulating snow are already in view.

Flurries and snow showers are possible in Central Indiana today.  A dusting of snow will be possible for your Saturday as highs reach the low 20s.  Subzero wind chills are likely through midday.

Tonight, the clouds break and lows drop to around 9 degrees in the metro.

Sunday, we start off with sunshine, but clouds build as we head into the afternoon.  Highs will reach the low 20s.  Late Sunday night, our next snow maker moves in, and Monday morning’s commute looks to be slick.  An early projection of 1-3″ of snow is possibly by Monday night.

In the extended forecast, temps remain chilly with more snow possible by the end of the week.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Frigid Friday

The snow is gone, but brutal cold has settled into Central Indiana.

Thursday we picked up 3.6″ of snow in Indianapolis.  That puts us at 27.2″ of snow so far this winter.  On average, a typical winter season brings us 27.1″ of snow… so yes… we’ve already met that!  We’ve had eight days with at least one inch of snow. (Our seasonal average is nine)  We’ve had five days with at least three inches of snow. (Our seasonal average is five)  December 2010 was our 3rd snowiest December with 16.6” of snow.   So far this month we’ve 10.6”.  We need another 6.5” to make this the 10th snowiest January on record.

Now, today’s forecast.  One word… brr!  Highs today will only reach about 13 degrees.  Subzero wind chills will be with us most of the day.  Expect temps to feel like -15 to 0.

Overnight, temps drop to about 9 degrees with a chance for light snow.

Light snow is possible Saturday with highs in the mid 20s.  No major accumulation is expected with this system.  We could see up to an inch of snow.

Our next chance of a few inches of snow could come Monday and Tuesday.  There’s no break from this winter blast!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Snowy Thursday

We’ve been talking about accumulating snow all week, and it’s finally here.

Snow showers are expected throughout Central Indiana today.  So, how much snow are we expecting to pick up?  A good call is 2-5″ of accumulation by this evening.  The heavier snow amounts will be south of I-70 around Bloomington to Columbus south.  Your morning and afternoon commutes will be slick.  A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for nearly the entire viewing area through early Friday morning.

Tonight, the snow ends, and the clouds break.  With snow on the ground, this will mean very cold temps in the single digits around 5.

Friday, we’re dry, but cold with highs only in the teens.  Wind chill values will more than likely be in the subzero territory all day.

Saturday, another chance for light snow with temps only reaching the low to mid 20s.

If you love snow, the extended forecast will make you smile, more chances arrive early next week. 

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Even Police Have a Sense of Humor

Although they do look official, (and perhaps even intimidating) in uniform

…I often get the priviledge of seeing the more humorous side of police officers.  Today I had what we call in the biz a “beat day”.  It’s a chance to check in with my contacts, usually over lunch or coffee, and hopefully come away with a story lead or two.  (Some people call it networking).  It’s something that, quite frankly, is my achilles heel.  I’m just not great with small talk.  Which is why I appreciate the levity of a police chief who for Christmas received a computer game –that he gladly shared with me during my visit.  It’s not the kind of game you actually play on your computer (like Solitaire or Tetris )–but rather one you control from your computer.  The device on the desk of Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher was a miniature machine gun of sorts–that shoots nerf-like darts from the command of his computer.  He could navigate it in any direction–and fire at will.   (His deputy chief displayed a cannon that shoots out circus people–same concept–see link below).


Don’t get me wrong…I don’t want you to think it’s something they spend the day playing with rather than fighting crime.  But it’s a great outlet for a job that is certainly stressful.  And it made for a wonderful ice-breaker for someone who feels more comfortable asking questions with a microphone in her hand than those of a more personal nature.

Police are human (and humorous) too.

Kris Kirschner

Facebook fun

One of the fun things about managing WTHR’s Facebook wall is checking out all the creative stuff our viewers like to post.

One of the fun things about managing WTHR’s Facebook wall is checking out all the creative stuff our viewers like to post.

Sue Huffman posted this pic today:

Sue Huffman posted this pic to our Facebook wall today.

The picture itself was amusing, but Chuck Lofton’s response was even better:

“Is your cat a female? Just wondering because that is the usual reaction I get from most women when I try to make a point!”

Icy Spots Early Today… Accumulating Snow Thursday

Get ready for another round of winter weather to move into Central Indiana!

Freezing drizzle is possible north of I-70 this morning, especially along I-69 travelling north.  Icy spots are likely… be careful of black ice!

Today, we will see mainly dry weather with mostly cloudy skies and highs around 30 degrees.

Our forecast focus is on Thursday.  Early Thursday morning snow is expected to start falling, sticking with snow showers through the evening.  Winter weather advisories, watches and warnings will be in effect Thursday.  Click here to see what kind of advisory your county is under.  Both rush hours look to be messy with slick spots and snow covered roads.  By Thursday evening, snow totals will range from 3-6″.

Since December 1st Indianapolis has picked up 23.6″ of snow.  That’s almost 12″ above average!

A big arctic chill moves in for the end of the week… with the chance for more snow by the weekend.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast