Ice / Snow Storm Brewing

A major winter system is headed towards Central Indiana. Power outages may be possible, and travel could be halted.

Highs today will reach the upper 20s with increasing clouds.  We’re looking for increasing clouds with a slight chance of a light wintry mix for the drive home.

Tonight, freezing rain will develop across the state.  Up to .10″ of ice is possible tonight.  Snow will develop around Lafayette and Kokomo.

Tuesday, more moisture surges into the state, and as of right now, ice accumulation is likely.  Up to one inch of ice will be possible around Central Indiana, especially along and south of I-70.  Heavy snow will develop in Northern Indiana, and towards the NW.  Chicago could pick up, up to two feet of snow!

Tuesday night, freezing rain continues, and will eventually turn to light snow on Wednesday when the area of low pressure causing this mess moves to the East.

This weather forecast needs to be taken seriously… power outages are possible, and travel may become impossible.  Please, stay tuned to the forecast and stay up to date on the track of the storm.  If it shifts, that could mean a different outcome for the state.

Thursday and Friday are dry and cold.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Major Winter Storm Brewing

Snow, freezing rain, ice, and just plain rain, it’s all in the forecast this week, and it could create very dangerous conditions around Central Indiana.

Highs today will reach the low to mid 30s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Overnight, temps in the teens with mostly cloudy skies.

Now, for the meat in this forecast.  Monday morning’s commute will be dry… we are looking for freezing rain/sleet/snow to develop during the afternoon for Central Indiana.  A light wintry mix will be likely Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday through Wednesday the National Weather Service has already issued a Winter Storm Watch for the viewing area, and this will more than likely be upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning, and more specific warnings as the track of the storm becomes more apparent. 

Bottom line Tuesday through Wednesday, freezing rain/ heavy snow/ sleet are likely.  The track of the area of low pressure will be key with this system.  Any movement North or South by as little as 30-50 miles will change the outlook for your neighborhood.  Ice accumulations may be possible, and this could cause power outages and hazardous travel weather. 

For now, along and South of I-70 looks to see freezing rain and ice, heavy snow could set up around Lafayette and Kokomo.  Remember, a change in the track of the low pressure would change this outcome. 

As far as snow totals, it depends how much wintry mix comes before everything turns to snow on Wednesday.  Blowing and drifting snow will be a concern Wednesday afternoon into Wednesday night.

I’m not trying to sound like doom and gloom, but be prepared for a significant storm through Wednesday night.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Quiet Weekend… Messy Week Setting Up

Enjoy the weekend, it looks to be the best 2 days in the 7 day forecast!

Highs today will reach the mid 30s with a mix of sun and clouds.

Overnight, a few flurries may work in, but no snow accumulation is expected.  Tonight lows drop to the mid 20s under mostly cloudy skies.

Sunday, partly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 30s!

I hope you enjoy your weekend, because big changes are coming for the work week.

Keep in mind, the timing of what I’m outlining could change… and we are watching everything closely because any movement of the area of low pressure could mean more snow or ice for Central Indiana.

Late Monday, a wintry mix is expected in Central Indiana.  Tuesday, we could see a freezing rain/ snow mix.  Depending where the storm track sets up, ice may be possible for portions of Central Indiana, while heavy snow is in the forecast too.

By Wednesday, all wintry precip turns to snow.

Again, stay tuned to the forecast as we continue to watch how this winter weather system will effect your neighborhood.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Students for Mitch Daniels

A group called Students for Mitch Daniels is putting this ad on the air in Iowa during the Pro Bowl coverage this weekend:

A group called Students for Mitch Daniels is putting this ad on the air in Iowa during the Pro Bowl coverage this weekend:

“So I met this guy a couple of years ago. He told me he was different. He bought me a car. He even subsidized my medical insurance. Everything was perfect until I got my credit card bill. It turns out he was spending all of my money. Now there’s a new man in my life. Mitch Daniels. He doesn’t need to rely on fancy rhetoric or empty promises. You know what he’s all about? Fiscal responsbility.”

They intend to also run the ad in New Hampshire and here in Indiana. The group adds that the governor has not approved the message but the ad says, “Tell him to [approve it].”

Mainly Dry Friday

A few flurries are possible today, other than that, expect a mainly dry Friday! Yippee! It’s Friday!

Flurries and patchy freezing fog are possible for the morning commute.  Highs today will reach 30 degrees this afternoon with cloudy skies.

Indy picked up .6″ of snow Thursday night/early Friday morning.  Spots to the North received about an inch of snow.

Late tonight/early Saturday morning light snow is possible.  Most spots will pick up a dusting by 11am Saturday, but up to an inch is possible.

Sunday is dry, with highs in the mid 30s.

Monday… well… look at the 7 day forecast.  We’re watching a developing system that could pack a punch for Central Indiana.  It’s too early to tell the exact timing, or snow fall totals.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More Light Snow on the Way

More light snow is on the way for Central Indiana, and it’s not the only chance over the next 72 hours.

Get ready for more snow.  Another quick moving system is headed towards Central Indiana. 

Highs today will reach 30 degrees with cloudy skies with a chance of flurries.  Late this afternoon/early evening light snow is possible North of I-70. 

The snow will continue overnight, but because it won’t stick around long, we’re looking at totals of about 1″ by Friday morning.  Areas North and East of the metro could pick up between 1-2″ of snow.  Roads may be slick for your Friday morning commute, but we’re not looking for a major snowfall.

Friday, a mix of sun and clouds is likely with highs in the low 30s.

Early Saturday morning, another quick shot of snow moves in, leaving a light coating to about an inch.

Sunday we are dry… then our focus turns to a developing system for Monday and Tuesday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

VP Biden makes several gaffes at Greenfield plant

There’s a difference between Ener1, a local lithium-ion battery maker for electric cars, and Enron.

 Vice President Joe Biden was in Greenfield Wednesday at the new Ener1 facility touting  advanced technology vehicles.  The employees at the plant assemble the lithium-ion batteries that power the Think City electric car going into production in Elkhart.

He didn’t waste any time endearing himself to the audience when he mentioned a number of local dignitaries, but one may wish he hadn’t.

 The VP said, “I understand State Senator Gard is here.  I want to recognize him.  I was told he as here.”  She was.  No word yet on what State Senator Beverly Gard thought of his pronouncement, but he didn’t stop there.

 As I mentioned he was visiting Ener1, which he happened to interchange twice with Enron1.  It is understandable but there is quite a difference there.

Cloudy & Cold

We won’t get much sunshine across Central Indiana today, but we will see dry conditions. It’s a give and take… right?

Highs today will only reach the upper 20s with mostly cloudy skies.  In our extreme South and Southeast viewing areas light snow is possible.

Tonight, lows drop to the low 20s.

Thursday, the clouds stick around, and snow chances develop the later we head into the day.  Light snow is possible Thursday night too with accumulations of about an inch. 

Friday, light snow showers or flurries are possible with highs only in the mid 20s.

Saturday, a heat wave!  Highs will hit the mid 30s!

It’s too early to start talking snow totals, but we are watching a developing system that could bring potential snow to Central Indiana Monday.  We’ll keep our eyes on it and keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

A Little Relief

If you’re sick of snow, you may get a little relief from this forecast!

It’s sad to say, but Monday’s high in the mid 30s felt warm!  That’s average for this time of year.  Today, highs around Central Indiana will hit the low 30s with mostly cloudy skies.  The silver lining in this is that we stay dry, no snow in the forecast today.

Overnight, temps drop to the mid to upper teens with the clouds sticking.

Wednesday, some sunshine is possible with temps in the upper 20s.

Thursday, a quick clipper system eyes the state.  Late in the day and into Friday morning light snow will be possible.  At this time totals will be very similar to what we experienced Monday, a dusting up to an inch.  We’ll keep our eyes on this and keep you updated as we get closer to the clipper moving into the state. 

Another blast of arctic air moves in Sunday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Thoughts on Mike Pence

There is speculation that Congressman Pence may announce that he is not running for president but not directly address a possible gubernatorial bid.

Indiana 6th District Congressman Mike Pence says he will announce a decision by the end of this month about his political future.  Speculation has him considering a run for governor or president. 

When asked, Pence has never wavered in his response.  He says he is prayerfully considering his options with his family and appreciates all the feedback he is currently getting here at home and all around the country.

But the announcement we are all anxiously anticipating within the next week may not answer all of the questions.   There is speculation that Congressman Pence may announce that he is not running for president but not  directly address a possible gubernatorial bid. 

New state law that forbids fundraising during a budget session of the Indiana legislature may have a hand in that, although no one seems to know for sure how that law applies to a potential run for governor by a sitting congressman.

Obviously the only one who truly knows is the Congressman.  Hopefully we will all know the answers to both questions within the next week. 

Gov. Mitch Daniels has already announced that he will not make any announcement about his political future until after the current legislative session.  He may not be the only one.