Cold Sunshine… Make Any Sense?

The sunshine is back today, but temps won’t rebound out of the teens. On top of that, we’re tracking another chance of accumulating snow!

Sunshine is back for Central Indiana today, the only problem is, with arctic air in place, we won’t be warming up much!  Highs will only hit the upper teens this afternoon.  The good news about today’s forecast?  The wind gusts are gone!  We’ll see winds out of the West up to 10mph.  A few flurries are possible this morning as lake effect snow continues to churn to our North.

Overnight, brutal cold settles in.  Clear skies, snow pack and arctic air equals single digit temps below 5 degrees. 

Wednesday, clouds increase throughout the day… and late in afternoon/evening our next chance for snow moves in.  At this time, it looks like we’ll see all snow here in Central Indiana, but in Southern Indiana, ice is possible, so we are watching this system closely.  The snow continues through Thursday, so Thursday morning’s commute could be slick.  At this time, we are looking at 1-3″ of snow across the viewing area.  That could change if the storm track changes, so check back with us often!

Highs struggle to rebound for the weekend, but at least we’ve got some sun… right?  Let’s think of this as our glass half full!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Dangerous Wind Chills

For the most part, the accumulating snow is over. Portions of the state could pick up, up to an inch of snow, but now we’re left dealing with 40mph winds.

Official storm total for Indianapolis is 4.4″!  Yesterday we picked up 4.1″ breaking the previous record of 3.5″ in 1898!  Most spots picked up 2-5″ of snow with isolated areas picking up 6″.

Wind gusts up to 40mph today will create blowing and drifting snow that will keep many roads snow covered across Central Indiana.  Up to an additional inch of snow is possible, but the winds are really the big concern.  Temps will hit the teens, but most spots will feel like temps in the subzero range thanks to the wind chill.

Overnight, flurries are possible, but again, the story is wind.  Wind gusts up to 25mph are possible with lows dropping to the single digits.  Again, it will feel like -10 to 0 early Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, highs reach the upper teens with partly cloudy skies, and a mini-warm up begins!  (Just not as much as you’d probably like!)

Wednesday highs hit the mid 20s with increasing clouds.  Light snow showers are possible late Wednesday into Thursday.  We’re keeping our eyes on this next snow maker.

Ready for some sun… check out the weekend in the 7 day forecast!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Winter Weather Advisory

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for Central Indiana until tomorrow, get ready for accumulating snow, wind gusts up to 40mph, and dangerous wind chills!

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for all of Central Indiana until tomorrow.

Today, highs only reach the mid 20s with snow showers moving in.  The best time for heavy accumulating snow will be after 12pm through tonight.

The metro area and our southern viewing area could see 2-4″ of snow.  The further south you go the metro, the less snow is expected.  North of the metro, some spots could pick up 4-6″ of snow.  Click here to see what to expect in your town.  The heavier snow is expected north because of lake effect snow showers that should set up this afternoon into tonight.  Wind gusts up to 40 mph will create very hazardous travel conditions this afternoon and tonight.  Blowing and drifting snow is likely.  Wind chills will fall into the single digits this afternoon… tonight it will feel like -10 to 0!

Monday light snow showers will continue, with lake effect snow bands still likely to impact our northern counties.  Highs will only reach the mid to upper teens, but wind chills will likely be in the subzero range.  Again, wind gusts up to 40 mph will create blowing and drifting snow.

We’re already tracking our next chance of snow for Thursday… check out the 7 day forecast!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Weekend Storm Starts with Rain

Get ready for a soggy start to the weekend, with very cold, snowy and windy conditions to wrap it up!

Highs today will reach 40 degrees with rain showers developing as we head into the afternoon.  Up to 1/2″ of rain is possible, so this afternoon will be soggy!

After midnight, the rain changes to snow and the wind kicks up out of the Southwest up to 25mph.  Light snow accumulations are possible by the time you wake up early Sunday morning.  The heaviest snow is likely Sunday afternoon.

Highs Sunday, only reach the low 20s, and snow showers are expected.  Two to four inches of snow is possible for the Indy metro, with less snow south, and the possibility for higher totals in our Northern viewing area.  Lake effect snow showers will enhance the likelihood of higher snow totals in Northern Indiana.  Even though we are expecting light accumulations Sunday, travel will be hazardous.  This is because winds will gust up to 20-40 mph.  That will create blowing snow and reduced visibility.

The snow winds down early Monday, with flurries expected the majority of the day.  Highs Monday will only reach the teens.  Check out the 7 day forecast frigid morning starts!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Weekend Storm Building

We’ve been talking about a big storm for days… now things are coming together and we can finally nail down what’s expected for Central Indiana.

Let’s cut to the chase… get through today’s forecast and talk about the weekend!  Highs today will reach the upper 30s with sunshine for the afternoon.  Tonight, expect partly cloudy skies and temps in the upper 20s.

Okay… drumroll please… your weekend forecast!

Saturday starts off dry and highs hit the low 40s.  Clouds increase during the day, and after noon, the chance for rain greatly increases.  At times it looks like pockets of rain could be heavy, and some spots may pick up 1/2″ of rain before it turns to snow after midnight. 

Remember when we first started talking about this storm, and the two tracks.  If the low went south we’d be in a heavy snow zone, if it popped north, we’d be talking rain and lower snow amounts?  Well… as of right now, it’s tracking north, so our snowfall totals will not be excessive. 

Early Sunday morning (after midnight), the rain looks to turn to snow.  Snow showers are expected off and on throughout the day on Sunday.  Add to that wind gusts 30-40mph, and it’s going to be a nasty day.  So, what are we looking at for snowfall totals?  I’d say 1-3″ of snow for the metro is safe… with areas north and northeast picking up 2-4″ of snow.  This could change before Sunday, so make sure to check back.  Temps Sunday only reach 20 degrees, so roadways will be slick, and blowing snow could be a concern.

Very cold arctic air moves in for the beginning of the week… you can check it out in the 7 day forecast.  And, if you missed Chris’ snow prediction yesterday… here it is!  For each of those to count… it has to snow at least one inch.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Tracking Two Possible Storms

We’re tracking a warm up in temperatures, and two possible snowmakers for Central Indiana in today’s weather blog.

The talk is snow… but before that gets here, a slight warm up is coming our way.

Highs today will reach 30 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. 

Overnight, temps drop to the mid to upper 20s, this will be warm compared to what we’ve been experiencing!  Light snow is possible tonight with up to one inch of snow possible by Friday morning.  Some slicks spots are possible for the morning commute.

Friday, a mix of sun and clouds is likely with highs in the mid to upper 30s.

Saturday, the “big” storm everyone is talking about starts to move in.  Highs will reach the mid to upper 30s.  The system looks to start off with rain Saturday.  It looks like we could see a rain/snow mix Saturday night.  As temps tumble, the rain/snow could turn into accumulating snow Sunday.  How much?  Still too early to tell.  I know you want answers, but right now the weather models are still up in the air about this system.  If the area of low pressure stays north, we’ll get rain.  If the low heads to the south we will be in the snow zone.  Keep checking back with the blog… we’ll keep you up to date.  One thing is for certain… Sunday when it’s cold enough for all snow, it will be very windy.  So, visibilities could be greatly reduced.

Monday, flurries are possible and another shot of reinforcing arctic air will dominate our forecast.  Look at the cold temps in the 7 day!

Plus… join Chief Meteorologist Chris Wright tonight at 5pm… he’ll have his annual snow prediction!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Bitter Cold & Snow Chances

The bitter cold continues, and while a quick break is coming up, our chance for two winter storms is increasing.

Temps in the single digits this morning… that’s a bigger wakeup call than a 36 oz coffee!  Brrr!  We’ll get a break from the frigid temps coming up, but it will be brief, and we’re watching for accumulating snow too.

Highs today will only reach the low 20s with partly cloudy skies.  Same old, same old, wind chills in the single digits!

Tonight, skies remain partly cloudy and temps drop to the single digits again.

Thursday, we’ll see a bit of a change.  Clouds increase throughout the day as temps “warm” into the low 30s.  Thursday evening into Friday morning a quick system will move through.  Precip could start out as a rain/snow mix then turn to all snow with accumulation of up to an inch.  Temps stay steady overnight into Friday morning in the upper 20s.

Friday will feel great!  Highs will return to near average in the upper 30s.

Now, the game changer.  Saturday it looks like we’ll see a rain/snow mix during the day… turning to all snow by Saturday night and into Sunday.  At this time, significant snow accumulation looks possible.  We are watching this system closely, because any slight movement in the track could produce all rain, or all snow. 

After this winter blast moves through… another reinforcement of arctic air moves in for next week.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

More of the Same… Cold!

Cold, cold, and more cold, and another chance for accumulating snow. It’s all in today’s blog!

Okay… who’s sick of the cold already?  The average temp this time of year is about 40 degrees, so we are well below the average.  Not that’s a comfort or anything!

Highs today will reach the low 20s with partly cloudy skies and a chance of flurries.  Winds out of the NW up to 15mph will produce a wind chill of -5 to 10 throughout the day.

Overnight, expect partly cloudy skies, and lows in the single digits.  It looks like the metro will drop between 6-8 degrees, and yes, a subzero wind chill is to be expected.

Wednesday, low 20s again with partly cloudy skies.  I know this sounds like a broken record, but we’ll see chilly wind chills again!

Thursday we’ll see clouds increase and a chance for a rain/snow mix, especially in the late afternoon into the evening.  This could turn into all snow overnight into Friday morning, but this system looks pretty weak and dry right now.  So, we could be talking light snow accumulation… it’s too early to tell.

Friday is dry with highs in the mid 20s… and then wait for it… a winter storm is shaping up for the weekend.

Keep in mind we are still far away from the weekend in terms of “weather time.”  That means that things could change by then.  Right now we are looking for a rain/snow mix on Saturday… turning into all snow Saturday night into Sunday.  Some weather models that we look at are hinting that this could be another accumulating snow event for Indiana.  Just keep your ears tuned to the forecast as we continue to analyze the latest info to bring you the most accurate forecast!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Wind Chill… Brrr!

The rule for this week, bundle up as much as you can!

It’s cold.  There, plain and simple, there’s no other way to say it!

Highs today will only reach the low 20s, but with winds out of the Northwest up to 25mph it will feel like -10 to 10 degrees today.  There’s a chance for flurries as lake effect snow from Lake Michigan continues to generate and move our way.

Tonight, we will see partly cloudy skies, that means temps in the single digits again with subzero wind chills.

Tuesday, we again find ourselves only in the low 20s with wind chills -10 to 10.

Wednesday we warm up to the upper 20s, and even get into the 30s on Thursday and Friday.

Our next winter weather system moves in on Thursday.  We could see a rain/snow mix.  Right now, all eyes are on Saturday afternoon into Sunday, we could see more accumulating snow then.  We’ll keep you posted.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

Arctic Blast Hits Indiana

Accumulating snow is over for Central Indiana (for now), but now we’re tracking bitterly cold temperatures for the work week!

Highs today will only hit the upper 20s with mostly cloudy skies.  Flurries or light snow showers are possible, but little to no accumulation is expected.  What’s going to be more of an issues is the wind.  Wind gusts up to 25mph out of the NW will make it feel like 10-15 degrees this afternoon.  It’s time to find a way to stay warm!

Overnight, the temps really drop!  We’ll see mostly cloudy skies with temps dropping to the single digits in some spots, with the metro area dropping to 11 degrees!  A few flurries are still possible overnight and into Monday.  Wind chill will be a concern again tonight.

Monday, highs only hit the low 20s, and with wind gusts up to 20mph, we’re once again tracking wind chill.  At times it will feel like the single digits!

Check out the 7 day forecast for the cold temps, and our next chance for snow!

Please click here to see Saturday’s snowfall totals!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast