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Warm Up, then Big Temperature Crash.

Posted By · November 19, 2010 at 7:03 am

Let’s admit it, we’ve been spoiled.  Temps have been running above average, and for the most part, we’ve had beautiful sunny days to enjoy.

It looks like that streak will continue through the weekend, then, get ready for a big change!

Highs today will reach the mid to upper 40s with a mix of sun and clouds.  Looks to me more clouds than sunshine for today.  It will be breezy with winds gusting out of the SW up to 25mph.

Saturday, temps look to hit near 60 degrees, and for Sunday, the mid 60s!

Monday we stay “warm” with highs in the low 60s, but we add a chance of rain.  The rain looks to stick around through midweek.  We’ll be following this system closely for you, especially if you have holiday travel plans.

Highs are cut in half by Thanksgiving Day!  Get ready for highs in the 30s with flurries.

Black Friday shoppers, overnight lows look to be in the 20s.  We’ll keep updating you as we get closer to the huge shopping day!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Warm Up Set to Return

Posted By · November 18, 2010 at 7:20 am

Today highs will hit the mid to upper 40s across Central Indiana with a mix of sun and clouds for the afternoon.  Light rain was falling early this morning south of I-70, but that should exit by lunchtime!

Overnight, temps drop to the low 30s with partly cloudy skies.

Friday, we’ll get in on a Southwest breeze up to 20mph that will send temps into the mid 50s with sunshine.

The weekend looks just as nice, dry and warmer than our average temp of about 50 degrees this time of year.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving we’ll be watching for rain early next week, and a blast of cold air that could come just in time for the turkey dinner!  We’ll keep you posted, especially if you have any travel plans for the upcoming holiday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Dry Wednesday

Posted By · November 17, 2010 at 4:32 am

Highs today will reach the low 50s with partly cloudy skies.  The morning fog will burn off as the sun pops up.

Here’s a look at Tuesdays’ rain totals:

Lafayette:  Trace

Indianapolis:  .48″

Bloomington:  .70″

Muncie:  .87″

Shelbyville:  1.16″

Tonight, a quick moving system will push into the state bringing  a 30% chance for scattered showers.  Overnight lows will drop into the mid 30s, so we shouldn’t see any winter precip.

Thursday, a few showers may linger for the morning, but we’ll eventually see the clouds break with a high in the mid 40s.

Friday, we start a gradual warm up into the weekend.  Enjoy!

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Rainy Day Setting Up

Posted By · November 16, 2010 at 3:55 am

A rainy chilly day will develop across Central Indiana today as highs struggle to hit 50.  There’s a chance of rain before noon, the best chance for rain moves in this afternoon.  Wind gusts up to 20mph will be possible too.  The heaviest rain looks to fall Southeast of Indianapolis, where up to 1″ of rain is possible in some isolated spots.

Overnight, the rain comes to an end as temps stay nearly steady in the upper 30s.

Wednesday, highs hit the low 50s with partly cloudy skies.  The day looks dry, but rain looks to move back in late in the evening. 

Lows will drop to 40 degrees Wednesday night, and the rain continues through early Thursday afternoon.

Temps remain seasonal through Friday, with a warm up on the way for the weekend.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Seasonal Week in the Works

Posted By · November 15, 2010 at 5:11 am

Highs today will reach the mid 50s with partly cloudy skies around Central Indiana. 

Overnight, temps only fall to the mid and upper 30s under partly cloudy skies.

Tuesday, we’ll see a chance of rain move into the state, especially for the afternoon.  We’re watching a developing low pressure system from the Gulf that will be moving towards the state bringing us precipitation.

Wednesday, another shot of rain moves in late in the day.

Temps cool to the 40s starting on Thursday, with a warm up on the way for the weekend.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Facebook Etiquette

Posted By · November 14, 2010 at 7:07 am

I was one of the last people to get on Facebook.  Yep, I resisted.  I was tweeting for at least a full year before I started with Facebook updates.  I’m now “hip” with the times… which I will say isn’t very “hip” of me to say.

Bottom line… why did I wait so long?  I like it!  I get to post weather info, and you get to see a different side to me than you see on TV, plus, the behind the scenes pics we share can be fun!  I also like being able to talk “to” you instead of talking “at” you through the TV.  I’ve gotten to know some really nice people!  Plus… talking to friends during a newscast is fun!

Nonetheless, I find myself getting annoyed.  Why?  It’s the wall posts that get to me.  I don’t like the quizzes that are posted… or the wall posts that are posted on my page that generally have nothing to do with me.  Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate the thought!  But, if you want to have a conversation, shouldn’t that be posted in a message, then I can respond?  If I am totally off base here… please let me know!  Again, I’m learning the ropes as is everyone… as this media evolves!

What I absolutely cannot stand:  Petty arguments and rude comments.  I see people getting in fights on threads that are supposed to start “thoughtful” conversations.  Has our ability to be as anonymous as we want completely thrown common sense out the door?  I never post anything on Facebook that I wouldn’t say to someone’s face… then again… I’m not using it as a tool to hurt people.  You shouldn’t hurt people’s feelings just because you can.

Something else to consider… we are typing!  Before you react… think about how something might be *said*.  Sometimes, people are trying to be sarcastic… not hurtful… there’s a difference.

Is anyone else with me on this?  Maybe it’s my OCD talking… I like to have everything neat and orderly and just how I designed it on my wall. 

What are your top Facebook pet peeves?

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Cooler Temps Move In

Posted By · November 14, 2010 at 6:22 am

Highs today will reach about 50 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds.  It will feel much cooler than yesterday, especially with a wind out of the West up to 15mph.

Overnight, temps drop to the low 30s, so patchy frost is possible.

Monday, sunshine and highs in the mid 50s.

Our next chance of rain moves in Tuesday and Wednesday with temps dropping into the 40s by Thursday.

Indianapolis Seven Day Weather Forecast

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Indian Summer

Posted By · November 13, 2010 at 5:21 pm

Have you loved the 70s?  Well… we tied a record with above average warmth.

The following weather record information was prepared by the Indianapolis National Weather Service.

At noon Saturday we squeaked out one more consecutive day with high temperatures of 70 degrees or higher when the temperature hit the 70-degree mark on the dot.  The reading was very short lived, falling back down to 68 within 15 minutes time.  Gusty southerly winds and enough sunshine occurred before widespread cloud cover moved in.  The last glimpses of blue sky were disappearing as the 70-degree reading occurred.  Rain showers held off just long enough to prevent evaporative cooling.  Temperatures in western Indiana at noon were in the mid-50s.

Today marks the 6th and final consecutive day with a high temperature of 70 degrees or higher.  This ties the old record for longest stretch of 70-degree weather after November 7th.  This event last occurred during the period of November 14–19, 1953.  At noon today a cold front was entering far western Indiana.  It will reach the Indianapolis area by early this evening then push into Ohio late tonight.  High temperatures for Sunday will be in the lower to middle 50s across central Indiana.

Weather records began at Indianapolis in February 1871.

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